SDCC 2011 Exclusives:
Official Images from Mattel

Since Attack of the Show's strangly decided not to focus on the He-Man items last night, it fell back to Mattel to give us our first good look at the 2011 exclusives. They've come to our aid early this morning with images and information on the upcoming San Diego Exclusives for MOTU Classics, DC Classics, Voltron, etc.

ItsAllTrueReview: DCUC11 Green Lanterns: Kilowog, John Stewart, & Katma Tui

We're still a little backed up so instead of our usual two-at-a-time reviews, we're attempting a rare three-at-a-time DCUC11 review to catch up. We're pretty sure we can pull it off. We're trained professionals (bwa-ha-ha-ha) and we've been working hard and ordering in all weekend.*

* - If working hard means playing video games and being glued to the internet for Gallery 1988 MOTU pictures, then we were definitely working very, very hard.

We're kicking things off in a big way with the three Green Lanterns from Wave Eleven: John Stewart, Katma Tui, and the big guy himself, the Collect & Connect Kilowog!