ItsAllTrueReview: DCUC11 Green Lanterns: Kilowog, John Stewart, & Katma Tui

We’re still a little backed up so instead of our usual two-at-a-time reviews, we’re attempting a rare three-at-a-time DCUC11 review to catch up. We’re pretty sure we can pull it off. We’re trained professionals (bwa-ha-ha-ha) and we’ve been working hard and ordering in all weekend.*

* – If working hard means playing video games and being glued to the internet for Gallery 1988 MOTU pictures, then we were definitely working very, very hard.

We’re kicking things off in a big way with the three Green Lanterns from Wave Eleven: John Stewart, Katma Tui, and the big guy himself, the Collect & Connect Kilowog!

DCUC11 seemed to ‘invade’ a few different ways between Christmas and New Years. My set came from BBTS when it was available on Dec 23rd. Vault’s and Rant’s were ordered from MattyCollector on the same day. And while we were being tortured by UPS and their suspension of ground services during the holidays, we all found them at Wal-Mart too! Sadly, we had to pass on those sets and wait until early last week for the sets we ordered to finally arrive. It was especially fun for Vault and Rant as our UPS hub (where their toys set for a week) and one of the Wal-Marts are about three-quarters of a mile apart giving new meaning to the term “so close, yet so far”. Sorry, guys I had to rub it in. At least mine were stranded in Minnesota over the long holiday break! Okay enough screwing around, we’ve got three figures to do…

John Stewart

John Stewart is the Green Lantern that gets crapped on a lot. He first appeared in the early 70s as a backup to Hal Jordan. As a backup, his life is pretty uneventful. But when he’s thrust into the spotlight, all the stuff writers can’t do with Hal they do with him. Over the years, John Stewart has been married, widowed, lost his ring, accused of murder, tortured by foreign governments, got his ring back, fallen in with terrorists, responsible for a planet’s destruction, become a Guardian of the Universe and got his wife back, lost his job and became a widow (again), became a Darkstar, was paralyzed from the waist down, got his legs back, got his ring back, and been in and out of the Justice League a few times during his whole life. Did you get all that? John was also featured prominently in the JLU cartoon as the main Green Lantern in the mid-00s, but that hasn’t translated to much face time in the comics. Even in the mega-event Blackest Night, John Stewart hasn’t really had a chance to do anything yet. Sadly, he’s a major Green Lantern with very little screen time in the biggest GL crossover ever. I hold out hope that he’ll get his moment to shine before Blackest Night ends early next century.

Oh yeah, you’re here about the figure, right? John Stewart is an example of the buck system at its finest. He has a new head, new forearms, and a new ring hand on the standard body. Between the paint and the sculpt, the head is excellent. It’s one of my favorites out of the entire line. The new ring hand and forearms capture his GL costume details easily. The ring is a lantern shaped version instead of Hal’s round ring and the gauntlets look great in metallic green. I kinda wish all the GLs were all done in a metallic color scheme, but it’s not to be. The other handful of green paint apps and the symbol are all clean and it makes what would normally be a simple figure very striking.

John Stewart included two ring constructs, a military gun and a giant fist. I was impressed by these accessories because they fit over the hands snugly and stay on for the most part. I love the energy bursting out of them where they attach too. The detail on both pieces is great, and the best part, since the line is about interchangeable parts, Hal can finally have his giant fist that he’s been lacking! John Stewart is fully articulated except for his blocked/swivel head which is currently ‘standard’ for the line.

Katma Tui

Katma Tui hails from the mid-60s. She’s from the same planet as Sinestro, so her own people sorta hated her, but that’s not the worst of it. She’s the aforementioned wife of John Stewart, so she’s been on a life and death roller coaster for the last twenty years. She most recently appeared as a Black Lantern in Blackest Night. Sad day, right?

The best thing about the Katma Tui figure is readily apparent when you pull her out of the packaging. Her legs and arms are made of a sturdier plastic than previous females. None of the ones we received had bent or warped legs whatsoever. We hope this is a trend that Mattel will continue with all future figures. Katma features a new head and ring hand. Her head sculpt is a great classic representation of the character. Her paint applications aren’t as good as John Stewart’s, but they are crisp on the head and main torso. The lines on the shoulders and boots are a little fuzzy, but not terrible.

Katma also includes two ring constructs, a sword and shield. These are both nice pieces and fit snugly around her fists as John’s do, but that means they’re only reusable on other Green Lantern women. Hopefully, we’ll be getting plenty more of those though. Katma is fully articulated except for the blocked/swivel neck.

Collect & Connect Kilowog

Kilowog is the “newest” Green Lantern in the wave, clocking in at only twenty-three years old. Still, Kilowog too has seen his fair share of life changes. He’s lost his entire race (twice), been dead himself once, been used as angry golem, and been an unpowered mechanic for the Justice League. We bet he’s happy just to be alive and to be a Green Lantern again. If you’ve heard the word Poozer and aren’t sure where it comes from, this is your man. Poozer is Kilowog’s trademark pet name for his rookies. The most important thing about Kilowog is that he’s the big and tough (but lovable) drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps.

‘Wog is built around the Brimstone body. He features a unique head, hands (he’s only got four fingers to Brimstone’s five), and a different upper torso (not that we’ve had a chance to get the rest of Brimstone and compare). The detailing on this figure is excellent despite the massive reuse. The hands (with the giant ring) are great, the neck detailing is well-crafted, and the head is perfect – a vast improvement over DCD’s attempt a few years back. The paint on Kilowog is similarly impressive right down to the high gloss used around his nose and lips. It adds real dimension to his face sculpt.

The collect and connect should be the centerpiece of every wave and Kilowog doesn’t disappoint in that regard. He is a bit too big. To be appropriately scale he should be a shade under eight inches (the figure clocks in at nine inches). We’re not complaining though. The big guy looks great and making him this big certainly doesn’t take away from the figure.

Kilowog has the standard articulation, but in a bigger size leaving some parts a little blocked. The head articulation is excellent (with some tilt) and all the joints work well. The only thing missing is the thigh cut. It’s a pretty significant loss since the bulkier legs and feet can make it difficult for him to get both feet flat on the ground. Hopefully, future C&Cs won’t have articulation removed. If Kilowog had those thigh cuts he’d be a four-star figure for sure.

Overall, DCUC11 is one of the best waves yet and that’s do in no small part to the Green Lantern contingent. All three of these figures should sell very well with the hype Green Lantern is receiving in the comics. John Stewart can be buoyed by his JLU appearances which the DCUC version aimed to mimic. Katma Tui is another welcome female character that fills out your GL shelves. And Kilowog is just a giant chunk of awesome. He’s one articulation point away from setting the standard for what a C&C should be. He’s easily my new favorite of the eleven and half C&C’s so far.

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33 thoughts on “ItsAllTrueReview: DCUC11 Green Lanterns: Kilowog, John Stewart, & Katma Tui

  1. Great review, i really like the kilowog and stewart figures…They look pretty good next to DCD’s blackest night figures too.

    1. I really like building up the lil’ collection even though I usually hate mixing lines. I’m really looking forward to March so I can add Larfleeze!

  2. dammit… wog looks as awesome as i feared he’d be… methinks i’m going to owe some dough on schemebay in the not incredibly distant future….

      1. They just sold out the other day.

        And there’s nothing wrong with eBay. Plenty of stuff I have that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. And it’s also even better when you want to get rid of stuff.

      2. well, cuz i don’t want the characters t, even if they were still available… i just want wog!

  3. Wave 11 is not a very exciting wave for me, but even when my excitement is at a low the figures are good enough to keep me looking for them.

    1. That’s a good point. I have to “suffer” through the next wave since that’s got more than a few figures in there I don’t want beyond building my DCU shelf. And I’m still fully opposed to a giant Darkseid even though the 4H did a good job on it.

      But you’re right, they all look good.

    1. My desk is a sort of weigh station to the shelves. I’ve got the rest of wave 11 up here until their reviews are done, but I didn’t want to remove Kilowog just yet, so he’s still here too!

  4. I’m not a big fan of the other two, but I love the kilowog figure. They are all good though, it’s a good year to be a green lantern fan.

    1. Definitely. I really hope the GL movie (in 2011) does a classics compatible line and they use that opportunity to make a ton of comic-based characters.

  5. All 3 of these figures are great. My John’s legs are a little loose, but he can still stand fine. Kilowog is awe-inspiring. Oh, and HILARIOUS last pic!

  6. I can’t help it. John Stewart just looks better with the shaved head and goatee. I know it’s not comic accurate, but I’d be happer with that than the military fade cut.

    1. That version wouldn’t be any less comic accurate than this one. There’s been a lot better looks for John besides this flashinthepan animated costume.

      1. He does use this one in the comics and I thought that JLA tried it out on him for a bit too. I think the problem for John is that they don’t give him a steady place and he really needs one.

  7. Man, I feel like the only guy that didn’t pick these up already. 🙁

    Great review. I really need to get these.

  8. Don’t give Mattel the idea it’s okay to make Gleekowog.

    Good review as always. I do wonder how often little Green Lanterns get stepped on, by big ones.

    John Stewart’s green armpits are equally amusing.

  9. I saw a pic somewhere…..this one is vastly superior. Also, not that you can’t figure it out yourselves, but ask Ethan Van Sciver once what Poozer means, evidently it mean ‘douchebag.’

    1. The Green Lantern First Flight DVD infers that Poozer means something else. I believe Kilowag says something along the line of “he doesn’t know his butt from his poozer”. I guess it is quite the versatile word 😀

  10. You say John lost his wife and got her back. When was this?
    Kat died in Action Comics Weekly and hasn’t been back alive until Blackest Night.

    The next time John even dated, it was the blue-skinned Merayn AFTER the Darkstar mess. I don’t recall him dating the gal from Mosaic, but I gave up on that title when it went all cosmic and he became a Guardian. Too outre for me.

    Of course, now he has Yrra after him for an entirely different reason in BN.

    I can’t wait to get these either to compare Kilowogs (my WMs are still stuck in w10 and mix/10 waves, so refund = BBTS! I’m about 2s from moving down there by y’all!). If anything, the DCD will now be Brunwilla (sp?) in my mixed Corps shelf.

    LOL at the last pic. Did you photo-swap the heads or just ‘repaint’ them John and Kat like you did “Gleekowog”?

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