Superdoug: Power Lords
Ggripptogg & Grabbtargg!

Articulation: The have taken the Gylos system joints the Gylos and the Outer Space Men used and did some major upgrades to them. For these guys, it is mainly the elbow and shoulder joints that got the upgrades; the rest are simple plug and spin. Now with this system, you can take all the figures apart and mix and match them or even mix in any other line that uses the Gylos joints. I don’t think I will be doing too much mixing and matching with the original Gylos line, but it opens up lots of potential down the road especially for the humanoid figures since there is going to be some kind of new hip joint.

Paint: This is one of the best parts of these figures. There are all kinds of little details that have paint or shading now. These figures really stand out from the earlier pink and green figures and it might make me hesitate to buy the figures with less paint apps. The pictures do not do them justice at all.

Playability: Now they are somewhat limited in the poses they can hit right now due to limited amount of joints and joint types but you can get some good poses for displays but in my house they are not static for long. The kids love them and they are very durable so far. Right now the only damage the kids and I have done is accidentally pop off the forearms or shoulders but since they are made to be able to do this, all you have to do is pop them right back in and they are not any looser from it.

Price: This is the major down side with these. They just are not made in enough quantity to bring the price down to an army building level. I would like to think that the cost for these guys would drop by 50% if they were at retail and that would be a pretty fair price for them. As they are now, Ggrapptikk is $40 which at first glance seems really high but he comes with a boat load of stuff. He comes with 3 extra heads, 4 extra forearms, 1 extra skirt thingie and a mace with both a short and a long handle. That’s a lot of extras, but he is twice the cost of a standard Ggripptogg which only costs $20. Now a big part of this might be due to quantities. The two Powers and Ggripptogg were made in the largest quantities and that probably lets them keep the price down. Hopefully the line becomes popular enough to make in the quantities they need to keep the fully painted releases at $20 or less but to put this in perspective the G.I. Joe club figures and subscription figures that they sell in their club store are close to $40 so for a pretty small market figure $20 might be considered a steal.

Final Thoughts: I wanted to stay away from them, I really, really did but now they are actually some of my favorite figures. They are like a breath of fresh air in a sense that I do not have any other ties to them and even though they are close in size and can even share accessories and vehicles with other lines like Star Wars and G.I. Joe, they are different and unique. I am happy I got them and I would recommend them to anyone. If you are sitting on the fence I would probably grab a Ggripptogg, Adam Power and Lord Power to try them out. My kids also wanted me to add that they love them too.

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Thanks for reading and if I ever get to do this again I promise I will actually go through the effort to put in some quote bubbles worthy of Maybe I can score my Ravens early if I do some begging!

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6 thoughts on “Superdoug: Power Lords
Ggripptogg & Grabbtargg!

  1. What a great review and pics. I encourage you to do more of these, Superdoug. I quite enjoyed it.

    I was eleven or so when the original Power Lords line was released by the model kit company Revell and remember it well, even though it only had a DC comic book miniseries and a video game to support its short-lived shelf life. I didn’t collect them mostly because the two-sided human figures made no aesthetic sense to me whatsoever, but I have a great fondness for most toy properties of the 70’s and 80’s, so when the 4H announced that they were doing these in 3 3/4 scale, my interest was piqued. I always wished that all the major 80’s lines (such as Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Silverhawks, MASK, and Rambo) would have been done in this size range.

    The actual carded figures look way cooler fully painted and the packaging would indeed look great at retail in this day and age. I hope the line does well enough to merit covering the remaining original characters and perhaps create some new ones, even if there isn’t sufficient demand to army build at Star Wars or G.I. Joe levels.

  2. Good job, Doug! Looking forward to the word balloons in your next review. πŸ˜›

  3. awesome superdoug… it’s great to see these in the hands of real horsemen fans who love toys. well executed on the review, too. the only other thing i would love to see in a review is some actual parts swap with other glyos-compatible lines, just to see how well this cross germination of the joint system works… like putting some axis joints in these hips. πŸ™‚

  4. I hate the whole club concept. The Horsemen can make good enough toys that it’s sad to see them resort to Matty-like hype tactics.

    I really wanted to pick up a Ggrapptikk solider but that price is awfully high. I get that it comes with a bunch of accessories, but it’s not like you can use the extra red arms and head without buying a completely separate figure.

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