Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian
H.A.C.K.S. Fully Funded!

Earlier today, Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. line met it’s funding goal! Now, it might sound like I’m “late” in the game on not mentioning a Kickstarter until it’s already been fully funded, but just to be clear – the team at Boss Fight has put together such an intriguing line that it met it’s $75,000 funding goal in four days. So, you could say I’m slipping. I just say this has the makings of an epic toy line.

If this is the first you’ve heard about the line, the quick breakdown is that it’s a 4″ line of highly articulated figures with interchangeable parts (that last part is key). Here’s two quick pics of the basic bucks Boss Fight Studio has designed:

The first wave, being introduced through Kickstarter focuses on an Ancient Greek theme with Spartans, Gorgons, & Medusa:

There are even more decos, some already included and others as stretch goals in their Kickstarter so be sure to check that out. And be sure to keep an eye on it too, I’m curious just to see how high this baby can go. The Kicktraq prediction is crazy!

If you’d like to learn more about Boss Fight, here’s a quick news round up:

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11 thoughts on “Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian
H.A.C.K.S. Fully Funded!

  1. Sadly, while these look GREAT, there is no way at 30 bucks a pop, that I, or a lot of other collectors, can afford to army build these guys like it appears the intent was. The Spartan 300 army is the equivalent cost of a used car. I don’t know what market they were shooting for but I think they priced them selves out of it, in my opinion.

    1. I have to disagree. First, that’s $30 including shipping. For a small company that’s not bad– on BBTS if I want one Acid Rain 4″ figure, that’s $20 and the cheapest shipping is $7.39. So that $30 is more like $20-25 range per figure. For a small company, with a brand new line, with brand new molds, I don’t realistically see how it could be cheaper than that.

      I think it’d be a shame if a line like this, made by collectors for collectors, suffered just for that reason alone. I’m not disagreeing in that it would be cost-prohibitive to army build them, but a big reason I’m supporting them is to support these independent company, collector-driven efforts, not just for the figures themselves. I’d much rather get one quality figure over two and a half Dark Knight Rises QuickTek figures, for example.

      1. including shipping or not, they’re pricier than a similar scaled fig would be at mass market certainly, and pricier by a full 10 bucks a fig than the marauder military figs that just ended… and those came with a lot more stuff per figure. what we’re paying for with the hacks is the additional articulation and the disassemble/reassemble figs.

        i’m not saying it’s a deal breaker by any means, but i am saying, it’s cost prohibitive to army building… and that is very much one of the features that was touted very heavily when the horsemen debuted the mythic legion line, that the scale allowed them to be cheap enough to army build… that is just flatly not right.

        i will say, the swapability on these appears superior to that of the glyos system, but they didn’t actually take anything apart on camera… that interchange feature is going to be a big thing, as it justifies some of their price point. i’d have liked to have seen that featured in the video.

        i want a good quality figure too, and if these were a known quantity, i would far more willing to jump in on multiple 30 dollar a pop figures… but they’re not. for a brand new company with new product, these could be crap.

        not to mention it was only in august of last year that i paid $45 bucks for a gothitropolis raven who is literally twice the size, covered in one of the most insanely detailed sculpts anyone has ever seen, great paint aps, several accessories, and from a studio with a track record… you can say a lot of things about the cost of steel and oil (plastics in particular) in the last year… there is no logistical reason for that price hike. again, especially as the marauder task force figs ended 2 months ago, with more than twice the accessories per figure, for 10 bucks less… shipped.

    2. While I won’t deny that the figures are pricier than I’d like, did you notice their are a couple Army Building options? First, hopefully we’ll get to some of the customizable “Blanks” ($15 with multiple heads hands and feet) if we hit those stretch goals.. But more relevantly: literal “Army Builder Sets” are available. 10 Spartans or 10 Gorgons for $165. $16.50 per figure (shipped) with a bunch of accessories is decent. Again, not cheap, I’d be going nuts on buying if these were about 75% of the list price, but far from unreasonable in today’s toy market.

      1. By the way, re-reading my post my phrasing sounds like I represent BossFightStudios in some way. Let me clarify I’m just a supporter of the project, I was using “we” in that sense, not some official capacity.

        1. well said. there are options to mitigate costs, if those stretch goals get hit, which at this point, seems a no-brainer.

          i would like to direct attention to a blog written by a friend of theirs, describing why this person feels these are a smart investment:
          it’s a well written piece, and one whose points i largely understand and agree with… let me be clear here, i intend to support this project as well… but there’s one paragraph, only a couple sentences really, that drives me nuts…
          ” To me, the price and scale issues are part of a collector mindset that seems just a bit short-sighted. It might not be the exact scale you’re looking for, but that doesn’t mean they’re not excellent. They might be more costly than you’d like, but probably so is a coffee and a muffin, or a movie ticket and popcorn, and those things don’t have the excuse of just starting out.”

          this makes me insane because it’s telling me now how to spend my money… make your intellectual case, that’s great, but don’t beg, and don’t try to coerce me into spending my money, it’s my damned money and no one is entitled to it but me. and of course, the comparisons this person uses are just beyond silly… telling a figure collector to disregard scale, can you imagine telling a car collector to disregard model year or manufacturer? of course you can’t, because that party would take a torque wrench to your sack. and the comparison to coffee or the movies is beyond dumb… i have groupon to shop deals on tickets, and we hit cheap showtimes, so i save on tickets, and i can sneak in snacks like a motherflucker cuz no one questions a cripple in a kilt with bulging pockets. i also buy my coffee in bulk, roast and grind my own beans, and enjoy the hell out of it because it’s 4 bucks a pound that way instead of $15 or $25, and i do all this because i live in the REAL WORLD, where i have rent to pay and kids to cloth and feed, and where i don’t consider soul crushing debt for toys a virtue. i refuse to take student loans or get another credit card to buy toys. i refuse to spend time with my toys when i have a family who wants my time… in all areas, i have to budget. so with toys, i have to way out a number out of factors, including how much time is this toy going to be in hand, how well will it survive a trip in my suitcase or my breast pocket, who can i pose it with that will look totally bad assed on the shelf, and how much of the time required to earn it’s cost am i willing to devote to owning that toy? those are fair and decent questions to answer, for each one of us, and anyone so much as implying that that’s not the case has lost my backing. what i stated above, about the cost to army build, those are my feelings, i don’t pretend to nor wish to speak for every collector.

          so like, looking at the price for the army pack, yes, the small army, 10 guys, which is probably a far more realistic number to display than 300, is cheaper per figure, but i look at that and it’s $175 i just flatly won’t be spending on figures. my add-on to my already existing obligations is about 60 or 70 bucks, so i can get two, maybe three pieces depending on how things shake out. i would LOVE to get the 10 man army of stone spartans, but for that, i’d need a kickstarter campaign. 😉

          1. i would lastly like to add, don’t think for a second i haven’t entertained the notion of how insanely cool it would look to pose the 300 spartans swarming all over generations metroplex and kicking his ass… cuz that could be the kind of highlight diorama one builds light boxed around and centers their entire collection around.

          2. That comment about considering scale and price being “short-sighted” is bizarre. Like I originally said, the figures are more expensive than I would ideally want them to be and it is fortunate timing with my finances that’s letting me go all-in on their project. But money is money no matter how good the product, and reasonable fiscal choices have to be made. As for scale, I was through the roof that these are 4″ because that is “my” scale, but I totally get people who want 6″ figures and the advice of buying something that isn’t in the scale you want just because they are good toys seems foolish.
            This also brings up what is to my mind a serious limitation with kickstarter; that the supporters must pay immediately at the end of the fundraising period which is typically a month. I fully understand why it works this way, but it would be great if there was some way to pledge $500, have them get that money and then pay off the $500 over say a year long period. Other than paying with a credit card (which then adds interest to the purchase, which I do not want) most of the time I would be unable to back a project as much as I have in this case. Again I totally get why it isn’t setup with a payment plan and I think Kickstarter is a wonderful thing in general, but man oh man would “put aside $42 each month” be easier than “have $500 bucks right now.”

  2. The price definitely sapped a lot of my enthusiasm for this project. I’m more of a squad builder than an army builder but even that seems prohibitively expensive and some of the alternate decos just aren’t as appealing at $30+. I love the potential of the line but I don’t see how I can get into it enough for it to be truly worthwhile.

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