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Dekker Review

The younger head is a cool inclusion, but a bit of an oddity for me. I don’t recall if we ever saw Dekker in flashback in the episode, so it seems strange to include it her. Now, I would love a figure of Dekker-At-Arms right alongside my much demanded King Miro (who needs to be done in his MO2K look, folks, no Filmation need apply), but he presumably didn’t wear his fishing togs back then. I’d also prefer that he didn’t wear Man-At-Arms armor either, as I consider it unique to the character. So for me, that leaves this a head without a body.

It also doesn’t help that the eyes on my young head are painted funny. I’m not sure if he’s meant to be slightly squinting or if it’s bad paint on masquerade, but the young head looks just a bit off. Other than the weird issue with the left eye, the paint on my Dekker was painted particularly well. Since good paint makes for a short paragraph, I’ll also toss in here that Dekker features the standard articulation for the line. Thankfully, none of the new parts ended up with lost articulation like they did for Randor.

While Dekker’s primary weapon in the episode was a stick, I’m not too upset that we didn’t get a stick accessory. What we did get was a more techno-version of the Man-At-Arms mace. At first, I considered giving it to Duncan as a more MO2K-esque version of the mace, but really, it looks nothing like the MO2K version and second, now that the awesome Snake MAA has replaced my original MAA (albeit with a standard Duncan head) the colors no longer match. Instead, Dekker is keeping his mace. Perhaps it’s meant to go with the younger head; that this is his unique accessory he used in his days as Man-At-Arms? It works either way. It’s a nice design with the only drawback being soft plastic that will droop over time.

Overall, Dekker is a pretty good figure of a character that could be great given a little more exposure. He may not have the same demand as other cartoon-only characters appearing in the Filmation series, but I find this his inclusion is no less warranted. I just hope that the now-damaged future of the line doesn’t cut out figures like Dekker. I’m still game for Dactys & Calix in particular, a probably a few others I’m not remembering at the moment.

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Dekker Review