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This is going to sound silly, but my favorite arm attachment is the regular hand. I’m very appreciative that Roboto has his three classic attachments (and even more excited about the possibility of TJ attachments coming in Roboto colors), but I’ve been displaying Roboto with his two hands for most of the time he’s been at my house. I’m glad Mattel included it.

If I had to pick a favorite among the actual attachments, it would surely be the gun hand. That was my favorite as a kid too. All three of the attachments are faithful recreations of the original – right down to the fact that most of them look like slightly larger carbon copies.

There are extra paint applications. These are appreciated, the blue really helps bring out the little details, but these apps were some of the sloppiest on all of our figures, particularly on the gun hand.

Like I said, I’m hopeful that we won’t have to wait too long to see Trap Jaw’s attachments show up in Roboto’s colors (Roboto’s pieces for TJ will be in the Weapons Pak next month). I’m also annoyed that I forgot to order Spymonkey Creations’ Tools of the Master Strategist in time for this review. I’ll be placing that order soon and I’ll have some more pics to show you.

Articulation is mostly what you’ve come to expect. Ball head, shoulders, and hips. Swivels at the biceps, mid-forearms, waist (activates gears), thighs, and calves. Hinges at the elbows knees, and ankles. The ankles feel different this time around. They seem tighter, but I think that’s an illusion. I think the internal part of the joint is softer and the tightness is just the piece ‘giving’ instead of turning the ankle. It seems fine now, but that could be a problem with too much play.

The ab crunch is missing for obvious reasons, but the count is the same as normal due to the articulated jaw.

So, did Roboto win me over? Mostly. I probably should’ve expected that I’d be much happier with the figure once I got him in hand (that tends to be the case with MOTUC) and maybe I’m a little more discouraged because he’s one of my favorites and he’s not perfect.

I would’ve like to see a better blend of the different eras with him (but I will take a more modern Roboto as a different/upgraded character later, Toy Guru) and I would’ve liked it if the QC issues were better handled. I may not be that concerned about the shoulders, but there are still reports of cracks in the clear plastic chest (remember the Goddess issues? Uh oh), various paint issues, and, on mine, the melted/marred left hand.

The truth of it is, with the action feature and planning that went into Roboto, he could’ve been one of the best MOTUC’s of the year, if he’d just been executed properly.

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Roboto Review

  1. I got mine today. Biggest complaint I have is that he has some serious bobble head action going on. Outside of that, he is pretty awesome.

  2. The shoulders didn’t bother me either, but that hand would drive me nuts. Is that the same Roboto in all the pics? The top of the hand looks fine in the other pictures.

  3. Great review! Bummer about the melted hand! I don’t know that I’d bother returning it either…like the shoulders, it probably wouldn’t affect me too badly. Still, lots of QC issues with this figure from the looks of things. I like mine, he’s not my favorite reveal from SDCC, nor is he becoming one now that I have him in-hand, but I do like him.

    Count me in as someone that would love to see an “upgraded” version down the line!

    1. A little bit, but I also had to show his three accessories, the two qc pics, and the standard closeups and long shots. I ran out of space somewhat…

  4. I received all 3 of mine on Wednesday & they all look excellent too me. Only problem I have is that they have the “Original” on all 3 of the packages!! I’m like what the F!! Besides that I’m good!!

    1. It’s easier for Mattel to design the regular and reissue packaging all at once, so the original version is always ready to go. Looks like that was just one more mixup on Roboto.

      Glad all yours worked out!

  5. Superd review! I have 200x Roboto and I cant wait to my Motuc Roboto to arrive my home =).I use regular hand to my Roboto

  6. As mad as the fanbase appeared to get I think it’s odd that we haven’t seen much review-hate coming from the reviewers on the shoulder issue.

    1. Its not hate as much as its a QC issue that needs to be addressed. The whole, “we know its out there but sorry you’re SOL thing so just live with it” is getting kind of old.

      And today, there was some pics showing it could be a thing they didn’t catch in design. Meaning the factory isn’t at fault and some guy at Mattel (Bill Benecke or one of his staff) didn’t catch it. I know those guys are super busy on other lines but how they couldn’t catch these and other obvious mistakes in recent months is puzzling.

      1. Reviewing them is a bit different. I don’t know how to explain it. I always feel like I can’t just say “this sucks” and once I elaborate, some of the emotion is drained out of it.

        Yso has a good point too. I would rather focus my energy on Mattel’s lazy stance and saving my ‘loud’ for when something is really unacceptable.

  7. I’m totally down with Roboto! The shoulders don’t bother me. I got lucky and avoided any cracked chest or paint issues! He’s a great figure!

    …and why doesn’t Trap Jaw have a hand…

    1. I’m glad to have skipped a cracked chest, but I’ve been wondering abour durability thinking back to the Goddess.

      And, yes! TJ needs a hand.

  8. This is the first I’ve heard of the melted hand. That’s awful! You should definitely call for a replacement. I did (I had the same paint issues, a hairline crack in the neck, and horribly warped weapons) and I got my replacement two days later. While I haven’t opened my replacement yet, I checked him out in the package and he looks better off than the first one they sent me. These are pricey figures, and I expect quality for what I pay. I understand I won’t get a “perfect” figure where Roboto is concerned, it simply does not exist, but I can demand the best they’ve got if I have to pay over $30 for it!

    1. The annoying thing is we have two melty hands! I’m still iffy on the replacement. I kinda want to try it just for the experience, but I can take my good one and customize this one. I’m just not sure.

  9. I use the regular hand as well. I think I put his gun attachment on one time just to make sure it functions properly, and then his regular hand went back on and hasn’t left yet.

  10. I have a very bizarre observation.

    There’s something in the way you shot Roboto that instantly makes me think of the guy they shot film of to rotoscope for Filmation’s He-Man. I expect Roboto to start walking to stage right, pause, turn his head…ya know?

    And is that Shuki Levi’s music I’m hearing? 🙂

    (come on, everybody! “DA DA DA DADA! ba bumbum ba bumbum DADADADADA ba bumbum ba bum bum”)

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