Mel Birnkrant’s
“The Colorforms Years”

We brought you our interview with Mel Birnkrant yesterday, but wait… there’s more! Mr. Birnkrant has updated his site with a “brief” history of the two decades (1964-1986) he spent working with/for the Colorforms company. It’s a great read that provides insight into the toy industry that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you haven’t visited MelBirnkrant.Com before, I can tell you, you’re missing out. It’s a treasure trove of stories about past toy lines, some you know and some that never were, all filled with the eloquence that Mel is quickly becoming known for.

In the latest update, the site has been given a new “wing” entirely dedicated to Mel’s time with the Colorforms Company. It details his hiring in the mid-60s and the ups and downs of his relationship with the company and the men and women who worked with him. It’s a fantastic read with tons of pictures and plenty of fun and/or heartbreaking stories. If you’ve got some time to kill, grab a cool drink, kick back, and head over to Mel’s site today.

Mel Birnkrant’s “The Colorforms Years”

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“The Colorforms Years”

  1. It’s like a book on the toy industry over there! I’ll be reading through that for a couple days.

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