Chief Carnivus Review

Articulation is standard for the figure except for the ball-jointed head which is somewhat blocked by the cape and longer hair. Everything else works as expected – ball-jointed shoulders and hips, swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, thighs, and calves, and hinges at the elbows, ab-crunch, knees, and ankles.

I was really happy with the paint on Carnivus. We didn’t have any major issues on any of the IAT batch, something we needed after Whiplash. The details on the head are all painted well, aside from a little slop on the right tooth that was consistently off on all the figures.

There were some minor issues with the armor where the purple on the shoulder pads was thin and was letting the gold show through, and some imperfections in the gold – most notable on the large open area on the chest armor. I probably should’ve mentioned this in the sculpt section, but I do think the front chestplate is a little plain. My brain might just be noting that he’s without his purple sash from the cartoon. I may have to customize one for him.

Carnivus comes with one of my favorite swords in the line, the Sword of Saz. I’m not sure what it is about this sword, but I’ve come to really like it. I can almost see it as a Power Sword from another mother. It has a very unique shape while matching up with Carnivus’ armor at the same time. The only thing that’s missing is a place to stow it. It does sit nicely between the cape and armor and looks good there, but I kinda wish he had something specific to hold the sword at his waist. The sword fits great in his right hand, but, as I said before, it’s not intended for use with his left hand.

Second up is the Shield of… well, the Shield doesn’t get a name. While it’s obviously a homage to the Central Tower in the vintage Eternian playset, there’s been no mention of anything beyond that. It’s a great piece and it clips on to the arm snugly. It kind brings me back to my Lego days and all the different shields for the individual armies. I’d like to see Carnivus get some troops in one of the 2pks someday.

Overall, this is another great figure in what’s easily my favorite line to collect. DC Classics is important to me because I grew up with so many of those characters, but MOTU Classics is just too much fun not to pick up. Carnivus is a lesser-known character, even in MO2K, and took a little over a day to sellout – something Toy Guru has already stated that Mattel is happy with. I’m glad to hear it because I’m excited about the prospect of filling out my Eternian Council from the MO2K series.

Carnivus is a nice addition to the line and he’s another great ally for the Masters of the shelf, even if I don’t understand the cat hierarchy on Eternia…

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Chief Carnivus Review

  1. Noisy, I think the pics turned out just fine myself. Another great review and I’m definitely in agreement with you about this line; it’s a blast to collect! I, too, am very excited at the prospect of seeing an army builder for Carnivus, as well as his contemporaries in the Eternian Council someday! Keep up the great work!

  2. Easily the best looking good guy figure in the line for me and really probably the only one I would consider picking up. Good review.

  3. The cavalcade of great reviews continues (RHYME ALERT!). Some thoughts:

    – I almost typed that the “royal decree” pic was my favorite until I saw the last one. Let’s hope your Man-Bat figure isn’t handy if a Lord Dactus MOTUC is made.

    – Carnivus seems to be a Grune the Destroyer custom begging to happen. And I know that guy used a hammer, but the Sword of Saz has some slight Sword of Omens eyeholes going on.

    – Ah yes, I’ve been waiting for a pic of Grune with a Mynothecean. Let’s just hope he doesn’t ask where Carnivus’ loincloth came from.

  4. I’m still not hype over this figure but I brought him anyway. I wish he had more involvement on 200x cartoon but we know it’s not his fault. I really dig the shield!!

    1. The shield is my favorite part. I think he would’ve had more to do in season three, right? I wish they’d gotten to keep going with the show. Just 12 more episodes would’ve been awesome.

  5. i love the look of carnivus next to the royal guardsmen, but to me, that very much impresses that the aesthetics are not compatible. the look and stylization are quite different side by side, even when viewing similarly themed characters.

    any improvement on the floppy ankle issue?

    1. Mines ankles are okay, I figure it was because the Hero boots get less use and the molds arent as worn.

    2. Yeah, it’s a totally different look.

      I find the 7th Kingdom stuff is designed to look “realistic” (for cows and elephants) and it just shows up how much MOTUC is based on a more cartoony feel used for the classic toys.

      Nothing wrong with that, they look great, it’s just a different direction.

      Oh, and I managed to snag a Guardsman last night on ebay. Cost more than I wanted to pay, but I weighed it against the chance of seeing another one any time soon.

      Hoping not to see anything else he wants until at least next payday.

  6. Another great review. I instantly liked this figure once I had him in hand. Before that I was a little “meh” on him. That certainly is not the case now. I do not agree with fans who think that he doesn’t fit in with the overall look of the line. I understand why others feel that way–and it’s cool if they do–but I don’t. I think both him and Marzo fit in fine with everyone.

    The 200x head picture was hilarious and right on the money too. Bravo sir.

  7. I’ve read three different Carnivus reviews today. One from a vintage fan, one from a 200x (sorry, MO2K) fan, and one from a non-MOTU fan and you know what they all had in common? They all thought the figure was kickass. It’s funny that CC was so divisive on the MBs, but in the review world not so much.

  8. I’ve got a Carnivus up for trade or sale now. I don’t dislike him, but I’m really only looking for my MOTUC collection to be of my favorite guys from my youth. I’m also sitting on a Marzo for trade or sale.

  9. I missed Carnivus due to a CC error… 5 days for the error to be fixed… looks like I’ll have to go against my anti-scalper vows.

    Loved the review, especially the pic where you made fun of Mattel’s anti-200X head rule.

  10. I’m not sure if I’m too keen on the head sculpt… maybe he just doesn’t seem :realistic enough next to the others…? Does thta make any sense at all? :\

  11. Great review, please post pics of that purple sash you intend on making for Carnivus if you get around to it.

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