Vault Review: Star Wars Vintage Collection: MagnaGuard

The MagnaGuard comes with a couple accessories. He has a regular black blaster. It’s one we’ve seen a few hundred times already and is the exact same one Grievous comes with. He also has his electrostaff. Hasbro did a great job here as well. The electrostaff is molded a silver color, but the ends are painted with copper details. Also, the ends are sculpted with small ridges and a coil where the electricity comes out. Speaking of electricity, you get two translucent light-bulb looking pieces that fit over each end. These are supposed to resemble the staff in action and have purple tendrils of energy emanating from them. It’s a pretty nice effect, but I’m glad it’s removable.

Also technically an accessory is the MagnaGuard’s cape. Made of a dingy looking brown material, you get the impression that the cape was originally white but has been dirtied over time. This is backed up by the holes that dot the tattered bottom. At the top, the cape is folded around and fits over the shoulders of the Guard nicely. There are even a few lines of Grievous’ symbol visible for decorative detail. One thing I didn’t like about this cape is that, unlike Grievous’, it is very thin and difficult to pose. The thin fabric keeps rolling up onto itself and leaves you with something that looks more like a scarf tail than a cape.

I’m extremely happy with the MagnaGuard figure. It’s the best articulated Star Wars figure I’ve ever owned. Add in the extreme amounts of detail and superb paint job and you have truly amazing figure all around. This is just a damned good figure any toy collector can appreciate, whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not. In fact, I’m so impressed with this guy that I already know I’m going to be picking up at least one more for my Grievous display. Maybe two…

I found this guy at my local Toys R Us, but over the last couple days the second wave of the Vintage Collection has been showing up at my Wal-Marts too. So if you’re looking for these, I would check those two stores first. You can expect to pay $8 to $10 for the Vintage Collection figures. That’s a decent price, especially when a figure turns out as nice as this one.

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