Friday Five: Links You
Need to Know About

It’s time for Five Links You Need to Know About. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we share those links here with our readers every Friday…

  • Queen Alluxanda and Isadorra Review @ – If you’re aware of the Fantastic Exclusive, it’s time to get excited. If you’re not, it’s time to find out. Why the excitement? The Queen and her Council are almost here. Michael Crawford picked up the first two human 7th Kingdom figures at SDCC and it’s his review that leads off our Friday Five. He’s got some great close-ups of the figures and I’m happy to report they’ve passed Professor Crawford’s exam. Be sure to check out his review and then head over to…

  • Four Horsemen Action Figures @ Store Horsemen – Okay, so we’re cheating a little and giving you multiple links about the Queen and her Council, but, hey, there’s 11 of them! One link can’t contain them! The link above will take you to Store Horsemen where the first three (Alluxundra, Isadorra, and Siliskk) are still available for pre-order. To find out how to get the others, check out the sponsor sites that help make Fantastic Exclusive possible:

  • Public Enemies: Unusual Choices @ ActionFigureInsider.Com – AFI’s Superfriend spent some time examining the figure choices for the Target Exclusive Public Enemies Wave of DC Classics. He looked through the original comic and came up with some names that he would have liked to see in the wave instead of the characters chosen. I do love Brimstone, and want him more than most, but I do support his choice for a better C&C for that wave. And looking at the images he captured from the Public Enemies trailer, I realize now… I might have lost my only chance at a DCUC Kestrel. Seriously.
  • Possible Explanation for the MOTU Art Book Limitation @ Poe Ghostal’s – Poe spends some time examining the constraints Mattel might have been under while producing their infamous MOTU Art Book and offers suggestions at ways toy companies might avoid controversy if they find themselves in similar situations. It definitely sheds some light on what could have been going on behind the scenes.
  • Unveiling The Batman/Doc Savage Special @ – DC’s Source Blog – I have a soft spot for underused characters, whether they be really old or really new. I was already interested in the teaser images DC was putting out showing new Doc Savage stories, so I was even more intrigued when they mentiond Rima, the Jungle Girl. You might not know Rima, she’s quite a bit older than your average comic book character. She first appeared in a 1904 novel, Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest. She was later used by DC in the 70s; ultimately getting shown in three episodes of the Super Friends! It’s silly I know, but I’m excited. Check out the link for more information about the book and for a peak at the awesome J.G. Jones cover.
  • There’s our five to kick off August! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at


    5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Links You
    Need to Know About

    1. I know Rima, the Jungle Girl. It’s bizarre that she’s being used again after what, thirty years?

      What else has Azzarello written? Is he any good or just another comic book writer?

      1. For me, Azzarello is a hit and miss writer. But probably one of the most fun stories I’ve ever read was his “Dr. 13: Architecture & Mortality”. Not only is it a well written story with a ton of very obscure characters, it also pokes fun at itself, comic books, and comic writers. Oh, and Cliff Chiang does the art, which makes it worth owning just for that.

        The entire run is collected in TPB for pretty cheap. Anyone who hasn’t read it should definitely check it out.

        1. Not a big Chiang fan. He can never seem to do that many sequentials before something happens and he taps out.

    2. That Public Enemies waves blows! I wish they would do that stupid robot for the BAF and I could pass the entire wave… but Brimstone? Screws over the non-McGers.

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