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Vault Review: Gyaos
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #007)

Gyaos comes with a couple different accessories. There’s the little nameplate and the classic orange box. But, the most important is a stand which allows you to pose him in flight. It’s a basic Revoltech stand, with a Revolver joint at the end to allow for more poseability. One thing I don’t like about the stand is the fact that it’s not clear. It’s hard to assume the illusion of flight when there’s a large black bar sticking out of your torso. Another thing I don’t like about the stand is that it connects between his upper torso and lower body, right where the joint goes. This keeps the joint from sliding all the way in place and makes the body loose. Those really dynamic poses get a little strange when his lower body starts to turn sideways on its own.

Then there’s the strangest accessory I’ve seen in a while: a miniature Gyaos. This tiny Gyaos is posed in flight and is supposed to represent him from far away. He even comes with a tiny clear stand to help pull this off. I have to admit, the little guy is nicely detailed. But, standing next to my Gamera, he looks more like a tiny Gyaos and not so much like he’s in the distance. I don’t really care one way or the other about Lil’ Gy, but I would have liked to see something else. Maybe a sonic laser beam that attaches to his mouth, similar to Gamera’s fireball. If I wanted to make a posed scene, this would have been much more useful and interesting than an optical illusion.

Size wise, Gyaos and Gamera are in scale with each other, but not with Baragon. They don’t look half bad when standing in a group together though, so it doesn’t really bother me too much. We’ll have to see how this pans out when more characters get made. It might start to look a little ridiculous if Mothra or even Godzilla turn out to be a couple inches taller.

You’re going to be paying around $30 for Gyaos since he’s an import. Even though I would have preferred a couple more accessories, he’s definitely still on par with the other kaiju monsters and still worth the price. Especially if you’re a huge Gamera fan, you’ll really enjoy the love and detail this figure was given.


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7 comments to Vault Review: Gyaos
(Sci-Fi Revoltech #007)

  • manekochan

    Gyaos is fun to play with, like all the Revoltech figures. He clicks alot. I enjoy that. 🙂
    As with the jaw on Gamera, if you open his mouth too far (which you will want to do because there is a bunch of sculpting in there as well) his jaw has a tendency to pop off. It goes back in easily but it’s scary. ^^

  • Dorkey

    The 1995 version of Gyaos is asexual, capable of laying eggs and reproducing without a partner. When they hatch, they start out a little larger than humans.
    Gyaos is at the top of the food chain, appearing only when humans over-populate the Earth. Gyaos is supposedly nature’s way of controlling the human population.
    Feeding on humans, Gyaos grows at a fast rate. However, if a Gyaos feeds on anathoer Gyaos, their rate of growth becomes extremely accelerated – leading to “monster” size.

    Anyway, I don’t think the little Gyaos is supposed to be a “distant” version, but is in fact an immature version of the full size monster.

    • AdventureVault

      Oh cool, thanks for the info Dorkey. That makes a little more sense. I learned some of that during my research, but didn’t know about him starting out small and growing huge.

      You should edit the wikipedia article on him, lol.

      • Dorkey

        Just read the English wiki article.

        Overall, they’ve got it right – with a few nuances not quite on the mark.

        Although what I wrote above is based on the movie, some of the details weren’t actually explained. The details were fleshed out during the production meetings and a few pieces that weren’t covered in the film did make their way into a novel which was based on the movie.

        As for editing wiki articles, one edit would make me feel obligated to do another article, then another… I’d feel safer staying out of it all together.

        • AdventureVault

          I didn’t even know there was a novel. It’s those nuances that get you sometimes.

          I know what you mean about editing wikis. Sometimes I see something that should be fixed, but I know it will only lead to more involvement than I originally intended.

  • Yso

    I’ve been interested in getting some of the monster Revoltechs for awhile. I cooled off a bit on these after buying some of the anime robot ones like Mazinger. There just didn’t seem to be too many good ones aside from this first batch I got in late 2008.

    • AdventureVault

      You’ll probably want to keep an eye out for Mothra if you’re still interested in the monsters. He’s going to be out about August, and from all the pics I’ve seen he looks really nice.