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Gygor’s Big Package

This afternoon on Facebook, Matty showed pictures of Gygor in package. We get our first look at the big gorilla along with some comparison photos with a Big Jim Gorilla, Grodd, and we photoshopped one with Tytus and He-Man for good measure. All that and a crazy bio too!

Hey He-Fans!

So one of the big things we wanted to do for the MOTUC line is to introduce figures that never quite made it into the vintage line. Much like He-Ro, Gygor the gorilla made it as a prototype into the vintage line but no toy has been made…until now.

Originally based on the “Big Jim Gorilla” (much like Battlecat or Zoar) Gygor was set to be a large gorilla figure in the 1982 line. While he was cut due to logistics, we are proud to present the first ever MOTU Gygor figure in the new Classics line. Truly, this is what the MOTUC line is all about.

Gygor will be the third oversized beast in the 2010 line and will go on sale September 15th. He will not be part of the subscription (but the beasts will be added to the subs in 2011 per fan demand!)

The final oversized beast/pack for 2010 will be an army builder two pack shown off at our fan panel at SDCC on Friday July 23 at 1:00 in room 29ABC. See you all at Mattypalooza 2010~!


Evil Fighting Gorilla

Real Name: Gygor
Shortly after the Great Unrest, Keldor was driven behind the Mystic Wall and Gygor, Lord of the Vine Jungle, lead an army of beast men in a series of raids against the long forgotten Castle Grayskull, believing the many tales of its great and mysterious power. It was only through the combined powers of Oo-Larr- the jungle He-Man and The Goddess that Gygor was defeated and placed in a state of suspended animation. Eventually, Hordak returned to Eternia and the savage gorilla was freed by Evil-Lyn in her attempt to bolster Skeletor’s forces against the new Horde army. Gygor uses his great strength to fight the Heroic Warriors.

Mattel also shared a few more pics with us to show Gygor’s size:

And if you don’t have the Big Jim gorilla or Grodd handy, we tossed this together in photoshop to show Gygor next to He-Man & Tytus:

Gygor’s Bio has been added to our MOTUClassics.com Bios page.

35 comments to MOTUClassics.Com:
Gygor’s Big Package

  • Let’s see if I have this straight…

    -Evil Lyn releases yet another pre-eternian from captivity. Is there someone else that would like to do that and she’s beating them to the punch?

    -Gygor is evil?!

    -Oo-Larr, the Jungle He-Man! You remember him! He’s like Mo-Larr’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather! 😀

  • Lt. Clutch

    Great comparison pics. I’m betting that despite his lack of street cred with the average fan, Gygor will sell out much like Tytus did. MOTUC has become the crack cocaine of toy collecting for some of us.

    • Thanks! I appreciated Mattel showing him compared to a Big Jim figure and Grodd (to dispel that online thought), but it seemed silly to not show him next to Tytus or another Masters figure!

      And MOTUC is a fun line, it has to be with how they’re sold. LOL

  • Adrian

    I swore Gygor was a good guy. I love that he’s huge!! I kinda wanna buy an extra to turn him into Grodd.

    • Dayraven is correct when he says that He-Man riding him in the old artwork is the likeliest source of that affilation. But he is bright yellow and green and that seems rather villainous in retrospect.

  • Yso

    I’m 50/50 on Gygor. Its just as an ape it screams “look here! dumb monkey!” or something..

  • Trudeau

    Mattel mining the past for this line is ingenious. Wun-Dar, Gygor, Tytus, etc, are all excellent ways to expand the line and keep the vintage fans at bay.

    I’m not convinced Oo-Larr a good name for the mini-comic He-Man though. How did they come up with that? It’s too close to Mo-Larr.

  • RaidersFan

    He’s huge!

  • ProTip

    Um, I’m sorry. Are we supposed to take the name Oo-Larr seriously?

  • Trappys

    Looks like a great sculpt! And I’m relieved there’s no shared parts with Grodd.

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Oo-Larr = BARF

    Anyway, I think it’s a decent assumption that “the jungle He-Man” will be the 2011 sub figure.

    And I also always thought Gygor was supposed to be good. ???

  • Yep…it looks like Oo-Larr will be the incentive figure (they’d better come up with some nice accessories to make that desirable) and Vikor, who’s also trademarked, will be a bonus figure.

    Gygor, however, will be THE GREATEST TOY EVER MADE. Seriously, my excitement for this toy is tempered only by the knowledge that said excitement will inevitably translate to failure to purchase on Mattycollector sale day.

    • I’m kinda hoping it wouldn’t be the Barbarian He-Man, but I do agree that’s really likely. Mattel has kind of shot themselves in the foot in that they’ll allow only certain kinds of characters to be the incentive. It’s good for the non-subbers, but it makes the sub a little less appealing. I don’t know what I’d want them to do instead.

      LOL. I’m still foolishly hoping that MattyC will get better and by some point ordering will be hassle-free.

  • dayraven

    we assumed his alliegance because the proposed character was a secondary mount for he-man… evidently, he got tired of being mounted by he-man for the last 30 years, and so now, he’s back, big, and pissed off.

    won’t he look awesome holding ramathorr’s tusk in one hand and hacking into his neck w/ the other? 🙂

    oo-larr as a name is weak, but as a character, even weaker… the jungle he-man from the mini-comics was a naked he-man, so they’re gonna sell us a 20 dollar blonde he-man minus harness, ax, and sword? FT! anything they give him would have to (logically) come from the millenium jungle attack he-man, but that would show a creativity they’ve lacked thusfar in the line.

    dudes, this does indeed scare me that the 2011 exclusive will again be a cheap he-man repaint… they can’t be that dumb two years in a row, could they?

    • Exactly, but he could’ve been a hero before and things changed.

      “so they’re gonna sell us a 20 dollar blonde he-man with nothing

      I changed it up a bit, but that’s hilarious.

  • dayraven

    BTW… “gygor’s big package?” i deserve royalties for that gag!

  • Grayson

    Noisy that’s an awesome comparison pic thanx a lot. Now we need a pic of Gygor standing next to Kamandi

  • Pat

    Maybe we can get a dark orange repaint, so Vikong (from the 80’s Johnny Quest) can accompany Vikor.

  • dwaltrip

    Nice work on the comparison photo Noisy. I was looking for something like that. You did a nice job, as always.

  • Jor-El

    Will be interesting to see if Gygor’s sculpt is used for anything else. Remember – no unique sculpts, people.

  • Later, they can re-cast Gygor in Light Blue or something and create his heroic counterpart, a la Battle Cat/Panthor. Waste Not Want Not!

  • Sy Branch

    The bios on these characters gets crazy all the time. Evil-lyn always hands her hand in something. Another villian she helps to get freed & another pre-eternia He-Man(Oo-Larr)I know nothing about this character.