Whiplash in Package

This afternoon on Facebook, Matty showed pictures of Whiplash in package. We get our first look at the Evil Tail-Thrashing Warrior along with a look into his past with his bio. I think all the evil Masters are goind to end up with Daddy issues…

Evil Tail-Thrashing Warrior

Real Name: Torrant Krazut
Following their father’s untimely death, Torrant grew up bitter under the rule of his older brother Ceratus. After years of brooding in Sub-Ternia, he struck a deal with a surface dweller named Keldor, and helped lead his forces in a raid against Randor’s army during the Great Unrest. Although Keldor’s plan failed, Torrant was banished from Sub-Ternia, for betraying his people. He was taken in by his former employer and quickly rose up through the ranks, staying with Keldor even after his transformation into Skeletor, serving as his chief brute squad enforcer. His thick hide and stubborn intellect have made him more than a match for the Master of the Universe, often leaving only He-Man to defeat him. Whiplash uses his thrashing tail for doom and destruction.

Whiplash’s Bio has been added to our Bios page.

14 thoughts on “MOTUClassics.Com:
Whiplash in Package

  1. Ooooo, gimme.

    I like the redesigned spear, it looks a lot more wicked and threatening than the before. I also prefer the Horsemen’s redesigned head, I was never a fan of the original. In the cartoon, the overemphasized lower jaw gave him that “lovable oaf” quality.

    1. I’ll end up with two, so I’ll probably keep both heads, but if I had to choose one, it’d definitely be the new head first.

  2. though i have to ask… lots of daddy issues/big brother issues in eternia, no?

      1. Well, you know what they say abouy elements that recur in writing. Maybe one or more of the Bio Braintrust has some problems with their father.

  3. MAN E THANKs….sorry that Mantenna 114 guy on the Matty forum really is annoying as hell.

  4. this character just looks incredible. the texturing on his body, the extra head/weapon, i suspect he’ll make the short list for figure of the year.

  5. Can we see him with his 200x head already? I know the line is vintage first, cause those people need to be given preference 😛 , but they could at least show him with the other head on.

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