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ItsAllTrue Review: Iron
Man 2 – Fusion Armor (#15)

Articulation is the standard for the line, but I was surprised to find that next to nothing was blocked! This figures has the best ball-jointed head yet with slight up, swivel, good side tilt, and good down movements. The ball shoulders are slightly blocked by the c-clips, but they do come off if they’re in the way. The arms also have ball elbows and swivel wrists. There’s some good range on the chest pivot while ball hips, double knees, and ball ankles finish out the figure.

The movie figures have play accessories instead of posing accessories like the comics series. This Iron Man includes a blue version of the missile launcher that comes with the Mark II. It attaches snugly to either arm and the color scheme fits in with the figure. A red missile is also included.

The figure comes with the standard base and three “armor” cards to create your own armor. I’ve talked about them already in previous Iron Man reviews. They’re neat, but until IronManCard.com goes live or the Rolling Battle Headquarters is released, they’re just nice window dressing for the figure.

So far, I’ve yet to pick up anything from Iron Man2 that left me cold. Granted, I’m being picky with the line and just grabbing a few, but the ones I’ve picked up were ones I wanted or that looked cool and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The Fusion Armor’s blue color scheme makes him one of the nicer looking figures in the line and, ultimately, I just couldn’t pass him up.

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20 comments to ItsAllTrue Review: Iron
Man 2 – Fusion Armor (#15)

  • JimmieJones

    Love the deleted scene pic! I can see movie accurate toys judging fluff toys as inferior! LOL

  • Wrecker

    You should try sone of the concept armors. They’re some of the best figures! I love the Hypervelocity IM.

    • NoisyDvL5

      I like the Inferno Armor, but I can NOT find a decent paint job of it in the tri-state area. LOL

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Ha, great strips as usual!

    Never really thought about the “implied” muscles thing . . .

    • NoisyDvL5

      I didn’t either until I was staring at the picture trying to sort out some comments. It’s kinda put IM in a different light. LOL

  • 3B

    The pic with the comic version was hilarious! Nice!

  • Toomey

    Great review. I wish I could find anything new from the movie. The pegs here are emptying with nothing new being shipped in.

    • NoisyDvL5

      I’ve seen comic series 2 pop up twice, but no Hulkbuster. This was the first I’d seen new movie figures.

  • Man, even the mind of Reed Richards would be taxed by the likes of Bizarro and Faker

    • NoisyDvL5

      LOL The “wait… what” is always what I say when I’m trying to work the logic of the strip out.

  • Ebonhorn

    Do companies really think every toy has to have a rocket launcher? Seriously why would a guy wearing a suit that is itself a weapon with laser blast, need a giant clip on rocket launcher?

    • NoisyDvL5

      Maybe if the rocket blaster could clip on anywhere? LOL

      It’s just blue Mark II, they didn’t think much more than that. Speaking of… I wish I could find a Mark II. I don’t know about where other folks live, but he’s the one figure here that become suddenly rare when the movie hit.

    • orionpax636

      Ebon, one could just as well ask, “Why does every member of an elite, clandestine, anti-terrorist military unit with a ninja and dudes in space age suits need a ginormously-huge-yet-ineffective rocket launcher?” Yet, after about 20 or so ROC GI Joe figures, I am left with a f@cking box full of said launchers and zero answers.

    • Henry

      They pack in the rocket launchers so beefier figures like the Iron monger and hulkbuster suits can fit in the same price point. Plus with the launchers, they have a bigger budget for the regular sized figures since it won’t matter if the launchers end up with the short end of the stick.

  • Adrian

    Great pics as always.

    I figure the rockets are the offset for the kids. They make them accurate to appeal to us and function to appeal to the kids. Articulation is a plus for both sides.

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