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ItsAllTrue Review: Iron Man 2 - War Machine & Mark V Armor

I haven’t talked much about War Machine’s left shoulder cannon. Instead of having the missile battery, WM has another larger gun that serves as his pack-in missile launcher. It looks okay, but it could be considered distracting. I don’t keep it on my figure when in display. It can fire one of two missiles and also has a spot to plug in the ammo belt. Both guns easily pop off their pylons and can be placed on either side.

Every figure in the line includes a base and three “armor” cards. The bases are standard grey rectangles an extension that goes behind the figure and holds the armor cards. The cards have some play value, but I haven’t really sat down to mix and match them. The chest piece card is printed on white stock while the other two cards are transparent. Basically, if you have several figures you can mix n’ match the cards to create your own armor. As I said in my earlier review, each combination of three cards creates a unique 9-digit string and tells you to go to IronManCard.com. The movie is in its second week, the toys have been out for over a month, and yet that URL still simply redirects to Marvel.com which makes no mention of the cards. I believe the 9-digit string could be used on this proposed website to recreate the armors digitally, but for now they’re just a neat pack-in item.

So far, everything I’ve picked up from the Iron Man 2 movie line has been excellent or almost great. That’s exactly what we have here. War Machine is an excellent figure with a sharp design, ton of detail, great articulation, and plenty of play value. The Mark V armor, if his paint was done a little cleaner and maybe with a better eye for detail, would be equally exciting. As it is, he’s still a good figure. I like the sculpt, the way he moves, and the briefcase as a fun accessory. He just looks a little less cool standing next to War Machine.

For now, I think these will be the only Movie Series figures I pick up. At least until some new figures hit the shelves.

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