This Week
in the Green Room

  • The Most Requested thread took an interesting turn with talk of a line of action figures from the works of authors like Burroughs, Robert Jordan, Larry Niven, and Robert E. Howard. Hmm. Not only did Solomon Kane receive little to no support in Round One, apparently folks forgot he was even nominated…
  • In the Marvel thread, Ebonhorn regaled us with pictures of his latest MU acquisitions and we learned that Wrecker has recently started wearing boots with laces. Good to know.
  • Have you voted for Dinobot in to the Transformers Hall of Fame yet? Do it now!
  • The MOTU thread saw some debate over extending comic decos to more MOTU figures with some mock-ups courtesy of Lay Ze-Man. I think I’m down for Red Beast Man, but half-naked Trap Jaw scares me a little.
  • We got news of the deep fried rice krispies treats experiment. What food group is that in again?
  • You can now submit your Ask Matty Questions here.
  • Finally, this week saw reviews of Iron Man 2: Comic Series 1, DCUC4, and Shaak Ti while Mr Rant took aim at toy prices, Matty released the first shots of Orko in package, Tekwych gave us a history lesson on Micronauts, and that Green Lantern leak totally didn’t happen. What leak, you ask? Exactly!

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in the Green Room

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