Star Wars Week! Black Series Imperial Forces 4pk Review (EE Exclusive)

R2-Q5. I feel like every Star Wars collector likes to curate a droid subset, particular an astromech one. In that regard, getting this guy in a big multi-pack is hair-pulling, but at least it’s a great set, particularly thanks to him. R2 just looks slick in black & bronze and then you add in his backstory as Palpatine’s personal droid? Awesome. I kind of view Q5 & R2 playing games for the fate of the universe. Yes, the little guy is still too… well, little in the 6” scale, but he looks sharp. If anything, I would’ve like to see a few more accessories mixed on him. R2 had a lot of custom options that could carry over to Q5 here. Of course, I don’t know where any of those R2 accessories are, so maybe it’s for the best. For more specifics on this figure, check out Vault’s 2013 R2-D2 review.

And that brings us to the Crimson Stormtrooper. The only non-canon guy and yet he’s the one that seems to be pulling fans the most in. The main reason is because the Stormtrooper is iconic and amazing. And he looks so good in white that he’d have to look good in pretty much any other color, right? If you said no, you’re wrong. Just look at this guy in all his cherry goodness! I mentioned before that he appeared on that Star Wars Galaxy magazine cover, but I should also add that he’s been kinda of adapted further as a Magmatrooper. Like this guy could just walk around Mustafar watching Anakin whine an OBI-Warn deal with it with extreme prejudice. I don’t really have much more to add. He’s a freaking red Stormtrooper! If you want to read more about the specifics on this mold check out the initial review.

I hadn’t made this set a priority yet, but having it pass through my hands for just a few days has only made my desire to own one myself that much stronger. It’s a terrific army building set and I just need to get out my wallet and head over to EE and pick it up for myself. It’s currently in stock.

And that’s because this one is going to belong to one of you. As a reminder, I have opened and photographed these figures so this isn’t an MIB giveaway. The figures are in great shape and I’ve handled them as minimally as possible during the shoot though, so you’re in for a treat if you win. Head on over to this post to get all the details!

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Week! Black Series Imperial Forces 4pk Review (EE Exclusive)

  1. Nice review!

    I like this set, although I think the Amazon set released around the same time was superior. The biggest strike against this set for me was that Lt. OXIXO’s helmet doesn’t have the OXIXO on it. I mean, c’mon Hasbro! You had one detail to accomplish in transforming a basic TIE Pilot into Lt. OXIXO and you blew it!

    The Crimson Stormtrooper is awesome, though. Like Daleks, I think I could be happy to collect a wide array of differently colored Stormtroopers.

  2. (*Affects Comic Book Guy voice*) Actually, the TIE pilot colloquially referred to as “Oxixo” was destroyed during the Millennium Falcon’s escape from the Death Star, not at the Battle of Yavin. Wrong AGAIN, Hasblow! (*end CBG voice*)

  3. OK, Project Checkers made me laugh. Also, it strangely makes Vader seem like Nixon….

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