Princess of Power Perfuma Review

Perfuma does have an “Action feature”, like Stinkor & Moss Man before her, she reeks! Out of the three, I actually find her the most stinky. I’m not sure of the exact fragrance used, but even though it’s not as strong as the previous two offerings it just sticks in my nose in an obnoxious way. It’s still a fun thing to do and good for the line, but whew!

I’ve already mentioned the flower-tiara for one accessory, also included is the same-old, same-old shield, and then her toy accessory. It’s probably the one really bad part of the whole deal. On the classic toy, it functioned like a backpack, but it can’t do that here. It’s been given new life as a rifle – which is totally cool, except that it’s just too dense & heavy for her to hold. If you put it in her hand, the shoulder gives up and lets it fall. If you can get the shoulder to hold up, the figure falls over. It’s kinda of a big design flaw (I guess they had to work one into this last POP girl somewhere). The bloom does come out and the rest can be held by the figure if you’re so inclined though.

Overall, I’m kinda rushing through this review (as if you can’t tell). I don’t know why. The sculpt is there, the paint & articulation is there – everything is pretty top notch except for the flowerifle being too heavy. I could nitpick a few other things like the rubbery “spell casting” hand and the dress being a little too long, but the truth is that this is a pretty good figure and a nice addition to the line. Still, I’m just really relieved to be on other side of this one.

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Princess of Power Perfuma Review

  1. Thanks for the review, Noisy.
    I like Perfuma as a figure, but she is really frustating, too.
    She is in the style I would have liked all the other PoPs to be, why she got an upgrade details-wise as the last figure just boggles my mind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. Excellent review and comics, as ever. And I pretty much agree with everything. Nice to have her to complete the set, but the figure itself is a collection of minor flaws which prevent it from being great.

    I dunno if it’s just my Perfuma figure, but I don’t get the whole “she smells too bad” deal a lot of others are complaining about. She smells like my Grandma Pat’s old dressing-table, which housed rose-infused powder puffs for decades. She smells more nostalgic than offensive to me.

  3. Great Review, I agree with almost everything you stated. The Smell doesn’t bother me too much, reminds me of a rose scented car air freshener, which always smelled fake to me, but weren’t necessarily bad smells. But then again I personally can’t stand the smell of febreeze, which smells worse than the smells it is trying to mask. The flower gun was the biggest disappointment to me, which is unnecessarily large and overly heavy. I found a way to balance the gun up against her body petal pointing up without her falling over, similar to a vase, but it also required the aid of a clear rubber band. it looks significantly better

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