NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: DC Classics lives as Dark Knight Returns

Back at SDCC, my favorite reveal was that Mattel was “upscaling” their 4″ Multiverse line to 6″. While I’d normally cringe at a scale change mid-way through a toy line, what this effectively was was a continuation of DC Classics! Sure, there were TV figures & artist-specific figures, but my excitement was really focused around the Calvin Harris Superman from Earth-23. It’s a figure I definitely want to buy next year and it also held out hope that future figures could still be coming.

And they are! NYCC revealed another, albeit smaller, Wal-Mart exclusive wave! These three figures will be based on the classic Dark Knight Returns story, and just like their previous Batman Unlimited some figures will use parts of MOTUC bucks to get the bulky aesthetic. For this line, debuting next year, Mattel is taking another crack at Batman this time in a blue/grey deco, a member of the Sons of Batman gang using a new head on the Guy Gardner buck, and – reaching into my deepest collecting desires – Superman! We’re just counting the months until that’s on my shelf.


Son of Batman



11 thoughts on “NYCC 2015 Armchair Coverage: DC Classics lives as Dark Knight Returns

  1. Holy Shit! I gotta’ have that new Batman! I just gotta’. And that Superman’s pretty keen too.
    Smart move using the MOTU bucks to replicate the Frank Miller renditions. Pretty much the only way to go. Definitely getting Black Superman as well.

  2. Cannot wait to own these and the Multiverse characters. Are these being sold as a three-pack? I know the Walmart exclusives in the past were sold that way. If so, that kind of sucks for army-building/customizing with that Sons of Batman guy. Regardless, this is more good news for collectors of the former DCUC.

  3. Want. If it’s a 3-pack I can live with that as having the two ‘looks’ for Batman is OK. But I need need need that Superman. 🙂

  4. I completely missed out on this news. that “Son of Batman” is a winner. not just for “thug”, but also a base for Blue Guy, as well as a new Luthor head.
    S/B I could care less about. already have too many and…having just moved, Marvel got the first set of shelves, with DW close behind. not even looking at the DC boxes, right now.

  5. Is that Batman a different head sculpt from the previous MotU friendly version. It looks like it to me.

    Also, Superman seems great and that’s one mean looking SoB!

    1. The ‘gray’ DKR Batman has a toothy grimace/smile going on. I have mine holding a strawberry ice cream cone. Because Batman. 🙂

  6. COOL! Definitely picking these up! I’m always down for some more MOTUC bodies and the head on this Batman is tons better than the first DKR Bats they did. Read on some boards people bashing the heck out of these and Mattel but they look fine to me.

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