Marvel Select
Ant-Man Review

The articulation is really solid. I don’t know that it’s fair, but I always feel I have to be a little more careful with MS figures. I’m not sure why because all the joints are tight here and the figure feels sturdy as you move him around. He’s ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; swivels at the waist & thighs, double-hinge knees, & some mid-torso articulation (though it doesn’t do much). Everything works really well, though the ball-elbows don’t compensate for a lack of bicep swivel. The only real issue I had is that the accuracy and articulation create a slight annoyance.

This is the only Ant-Man figure to include the hoses running from the backpack to the helmet. This is great visually, but due to the swappable heads they’re not connected to helmet and pop out on either side as you turn the head. I’m curious to see if the regular version has these hoses glued in as I’d prefer it.

Ant-Man includes three sets of hands: fists, relaxed, and grappling. They swap easily enough and are all appropriately painted. I always like having alternate hands as options for posing, so I’m glad to see these here. The figure also included, as all shrinking figure should, a tiny version of himself. I like this one a lot because it’s not so tiny! It’s an altogether different size than any of the others we’ve seen and that’s enough to sell me right there. He’s a fun little addition to my ever growing (shrinking?) collection.

Overall, I can’t say the exclusive version is notably better than the regular. If they had nailed the Paul Rudd likeness and painted it to be more lifelike, this would be a no-brainer and worth tracking down over the regular version at the same price. But, unless you’re a completist junkie, the regular figure – which features the same great sculpt, tons of painted details, and good articulation is an easy buy at a store near the average Ant-Man fan.

Alright, now that concludes Ant-Man Week! Unless I get crazy and buy some mini-mates…

8 thoughts on “Marvel Select
Ant-Man Review

  1. I’m not seeing Rudd, more of a pastiche of Cruise, Keanu, and Milo Ventimiglia/young Stallone, maybe? (which, since Milo already played Rocky’s son pre-Heroes, the last is kind of a given.)

  2. I used to collect Marvel Selects (just comic figures, not movie figures) but overall I just prefer the Marvel Legends. I still think some of the larger characters are great and work well with Legends.

    1. ^^THIS!
      MS Thanos is best version, imo. plus, certain figures who will never see “regular” retail like Uatu and Mephisto are always a bonus.

      1. My biggest problem with the Selects is how slow they are at making new figures. It’s cool how much their articulation has improved but annoying when compared to older figures that could have really used it. i really liked the Select Hulk, Juggernaut, Abomination and Rhino.

  3. That “Paul Rudd” head is giving me dreadful flashbacks – as a child, my first bout of collector sickness involved Batman Returns figures. As awful as this *cough* “likeness” is, it’s miles more screen-accurate than that BR Penguin…

      1. Yep – for some reason, taking a dapper gent in tails and repainting it black, white and red didn’t really scream DeVito. That was the birthday I learned how cruel the world could be.

        1. You would have think they could have at least gave him a new head sculpt and maybe a fabric coat. I ha BR Arctic Batman, Joker and Catwoman and the Batjet (Silverhawks vehicle repaint).

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