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Dr. Strange Review

The paintwork comes in and finishes off the look well too. The red paint on black plastic is weak in places, but not sloppy. The sash molded in red and painted black works great to balance everything out. The head is also painted well with the grey temples and the long mustache is handled well too.

Articulation works great since this buck has basically been perfected. This is the basic buck again so ball-joints at the neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and inverted ankles; swivels at the biceps, waist, calves & thighs; double-hinged knees & elbows; and an ab crunch to finish everything off. Everything works well and you can pose Strange fighting off evil forces in a variety of ways.

Strange also comes with two accessories, the spell-cast energy effects included with Scarlet Witch are present again here. And since they were designed with both figures in mind, they work well here too. The only thing I would’ve liked to see is some removable hands. For too long, Spidey suffered from specific hand syndrome until more recent releases gave him the ability to have open hands & fists. Dr. Strange needs the same love. He’s always stuck doing his thing and it’s gotten kinda tiresome. What I really don’t understand is why there’s just not a library of alternate Legends hands at this point. It would make sense and reduce costs. Also having swappable hands would make snapping the spell-casts on that much easier.

Overall, this is definitely a great figure. The more recent look is well captured and the figure details are well executed. There’s no knocking it as far as I’m concerned. I’m just not sure I need it. Maybe it’s because I’m not as hardcore a Marvel fan or that I collect a lot more than Marvel Legends and don’t have room for multiple Stranges? I know there are fans of this costume out there – just as I wanted (& got) an Electric Superman in Classics. I want those folks to get their due, but I also know that the chances of this figure staying in my collection would’ve been vastly improved were Hasbro to have done their usual great job on his classic look.

I’ve gotten old I suppose. At least young me is still in there advocating that this figure should exist instead of turning into one of those old curmudgeons who just want what they want or think they deserve something different than what is. I’ll take my ball home and get some solace in that.

15 thoughts on “Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Dr. Strange Review

  1. I still prefer the blue and wish Strange had come in a “Classic” variant. maybe next year when he gets Cumberbatched? As you noted in another review this week, we’ve hardly gotten any MCU versions compared to the comic versions, even in movie specific waves!

    Yes, I know Strange is a good guy, but that outfit makes me think of a darker intent. actually, he does look like a good start for Black Tom Cassidy:
    and the Hellfire Guards

    which seriously, how crazy would an all goon wave sell? and what happened to the whole “sell full cases of single figures” we were promised by Hasbro??? We almost had them in TB ML13, only to get replaced by Onslaught. What about a wave re-issuing the recent Hydra and AIM, then add in Hellfire, SHIELD, Madrox, Skrull, Kree, maybe MCU Nova Corps? (if not panned for GotG2) and BAF ….Supreme Intelligence? Updated Ronan?
    Granted, only Hellfire, Nova, and Madrox would be “new”, but only the heads. Nova Corps would be more of a SWAT jacket overlay on a buck (re: WWE Roman Reigns). think of the tooling cost savings!!!

    then I look up at the flashing banner with SW Black 6″ and remember all the TIE pilots and other Stormtrooper variants that peg warm, even at $9 clearance….

    1. Clearly, the BAF should be the Mandroid (or something else along those lines), so you can army build it, too.

      But, as you say, it’s not likely that they’d ever actually do an army builder wave, anyway.

  2. Spellcast also looks like a tittytwister. Just saying.

    On my buy list for sure. Agree on the effects and extra hands for different spells easilybwoulda been nice just thinking where would the Hulkbuster piece go? That maybe why. Other thought is some dunno who Dr. Strange is parent would scream he has gangsign hands. Yes sadly can see that happening.

    Anyway, great review and pics now where is this wave at cause wanna buy.

  3. I would disagree that there was no good “Classic” Supes — the one that came in the Superman vs Parasite 2-pack was a nice update of the Super Powers figure, if not perfect.

    1. The s-shield is too small and shaped incorrectly and the blue far too dark to be classic. Despite all their attempts they never got it.

          1. I very nearly bought those Super Powers figs, but in hindsight I’m glad I skipped. Might have been nice as carded displays if they were about half the price, though.

  4. I’m sure my brain is playing tricks, but when I see that head sculpt all I can think of is a young Alex Trebek.

    When I get this figure he’ll be hosting Superhero Jeopardy.

  5. I managed to get the SDCC Book of Vishanti set, but it cost me more than I expected. I mainly wanted Magik and Hela, so the rest went on sale. Dormammu and Brother Voodoo were the first to go, but now I’m wavering on selling Strange because he’s a clear version of this Hulkbuster series figure, and I think it would be cool to have them both.

  6. Look pretty cool. I will probably get him as he reminds me of Mandrake the Magician.

  7. I have absolutely zero tie to Dr Strange. I never got into his comic, and I found his animated movie boring. However, your pics have made me really want this figure (that spellcasting one in particular)! I was going to get him just for the BAF piece, but he really does look good as a toy!

    Has there been confirmation that the Cumberbatch Strange will have his classic comic costume? This darker color scheme kind of fits in the MCU costume style.

    1. No word on Cumber-Strange’s costume yet, but I’d imagine it goes from MD/suit to maybe the blue blouse for “training”, then something like this for Final Battle. Unless they jump right into the already established Sorcerer Supreme, but with the Ancient One in the cast, there has to be at least some flashback training.

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