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Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Iron Man Now Review

That brings us to accessories.

There are none. Again, I get that this guy is a money saver. And there are no obvious accessories for him to come with. His brother in an iron lung? We don’t do energy effects in this line, so there’s no real reason to get near the budget. But! This particular mold has a ton of alternate hands. Fists, open hands, repulsor hands. The hands we did get pop off easily. It’d be nice to get thrown a bone; even just one of those would probably go a long way to sprucing up the figure. Now I really wish I’d gotten the other black/gold figure. I could reuse the hands!

Overall, this isn’t a bad figure. Even though it’s a film-based buck, it looks great with the comic figures. It also happens to blend in as a stealth armor on your movie shelf if you were so inclined. The old, but solid, sculpt shines under the new deco and gets us all one more body for our Halls of Armor. There’s a lot to like here even if he’s on the cheaper side of things. I think the one big commentary I have on this figure, and this kinda echoes my thoughts on Vision yesterday, is that newer costumes change so often anymore, I don’t know why or how the toy companies try to keep up.

I bought and enjoyed Now! Cap & Now! Thor. Now! Iron Man is okay too, but none of those costumes are accurate anymore. Even before Secret Wars & Battleword, all the Now! status quos were long gone. Iron Man was back in white and then missing. Thor lost Mjolnir and his arm. Cap was doubled in age and replaced by Falcon. And I’m not saying toy companies should shy away from these new figures – I want a Sam Wilson Captain America, but if we get it, it’ll probably be around the time that Cap takes his shield back. I love new alternate costume figures, but I wish they’d run a little closer to when they appear. It’d at least feel better.

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7 comments to Marvel Two-A-Day
Hulkbuster Legends
Iron Man Now Review

  • Brainlock

    I think you hit all the major points, esp the already outdated “Now!” looks. I shuddered at the thought of how soon that phase was going to be outdated and I wasn’t too far off the mark. I still say they should just give up and switch the volume numbering to years published (ex: vol2015).

    altho, “NOW!” I’m itching to get out the paints and cover up the gold with blue as kind of a new “stealth” armor. the “classic blue stealth” already has the infrared chest repulsor, which this one doesn’t need too much work to “fix”, aside from shape.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    Actually I believe this figure is a reuse of the IM2 Mark IV. The squared off biceps and thighs are the giveaway.

    • Yeah. The Mark III figure was from the first IM movie line, and the figures were based on Adi Granov’s design work rather than the final movie renders, so they were way too slender. The IM2 figures looked more like the movie suits, as in they look like they could be a suit with a person inside, rather than a skinny robot.

    • T16skyhopp

      This is correct.

  • Affonso Carrasco

    I don´t like any of these new line of Iron mans,
    because they are out of scale.
    How a head with a helmet/mask would be smaller
    than any head.
    It gives the idea Iron Man is a robot, and not a
    man in an armor.

  • Ant

    i think their reason for picking this mold is that the marvel now comic was largely drawn by greg land who often uses stock photos as sources for his art (some say he traces…) and many images from the book, especially the cover, are re-dos of existing MCU ironman photos, so this mold makes sense

  • StrangePlanet

    When the IM 2 movie series came out as a Walmart exclusive, the Mk4 that this is repainted from had a bunch of alternate hands. Too bad those didn’t make it into this release.