Ant-Man Toy Week!
LEGO Marvel Ant-Man
Final Battle Review

The second Ant-Man is where the spoilers come in. We’ve seen Blackout Ant-Man before, Funko has already done two of them and I highly doubt Hasbro & Hot Toys skip the repaint opportunity forever. But what is Blackout Ant-Man? Is he Paul Rudd in a different version of the costume? Is he a different, separate character? If so, who? Well, LEGO answers all that right on the box. They don’t call him Blackout Ant-Man, they just outright tell you who is in the suit. Now, the set does a great thing – it includes an all-black head piece with the minifigure to preserve the surprise, but they also include a regular head sculpt.

This second head includes two expressions as well, a genuine smile and an angry yell. You can see them pictured here, but I warn you – if you managed to avoid the name on the box and look at the face it will undoubtedly spoil part of the movie for you. Despite the spoiler, the Blackout figure looks excellent and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the film.

Finally, we did get a little diorama, set piece with the set. It’s adorable. When I finished putting everything together, I had an extra red 1×1 brick and a yellow 2×1 plate and I couldn’t figure out why – it’s the “normal size” piece for the diorama piece. Once you build everything up you get the same two pieces greatly upsized. It takes some stickers to finish off the look, but it’s cool! Add-in a little fulcrum action and the piece can launch “screws” to fire at the other minifigures. Pretty cool.

Overall, this is a pretty great set at a great price. Had it been more than $20, I would’ve really wanted the minifigs, but been more apt to shy away from purchasing the whole set. I love the enlarged LEGO piece though the ant may find its way to Sam’s eventual LEGO stash. The minifigures are still the best part for me, though I could’ve done without LEGO spoiling things (though maybe they didn’t, I haven’t seen the movie, and I do recall the LEGO Mandarin had a “Final Battle” Tank and that didn’t exactly happen in the movie…)

6 thoughts on “Ant-Man Toy Week!
LEGO Marvel Ant-Man
Final Battle Review

  1. The set doesn’t spoil a thing, honestly. If anyone has seen the movie yet, they’ll know what I mean. The set is exactly like what you mentioned with the Lego Mandarin ‘final battle’ set.

    I do wish they included a hair piece for the set if we want to display Ant-Man without the helmet

  2. I’ve not seen the movie yet, so I can’t speak to the spoiler-ish parts of the set, but I do appreciate your going to such great lengths to shield us. Thankfully, I don’t have a problem with spoilers and I picked up the set a few weeks ago.

    The minifigs are by far the star for me, but I must say that the large versions of the Lego bricks is GENIUS. Very creative and they look great!

  3. The movie was FANTASTIC! And yes, the Lego set doesn’t spoil anything after all…I’m still a little confused why we got black-suit Ant-Man, but it’s a cool minifig!

  4. Yeah, DITM is right about the “spoiler” thing. I’ve seen the movie and I still don’t really get the minifigure.

    1. Oh, isn’t Black Suit Antman Hank Pym from his “glory days”?

      But, yeah, I was thinking about that during the movie–why or whether he had two helmets. It seemed that the silver one was the center of all the attention. Maybe Lego just fantasized a bit. IIRC, Hank Pym’s costume in the flashback scenes was darker than Lang’s.

  5. Oh, is that what the all-black head was for, a sort of joke about keeping the black-costumed Ant-Man’s identity secret? I mistook it for some sort of bomb, but no such thing appeared in the movie.

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