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Updates & Additional Reveals

My wife & I are on Spring Break this week, but I wanted to get a few news updates that I’ve been neglecting out of the way. The big one has been the various Club 200X updates since Toy Fair.

The last we heard on the status of the subscription was that it was hovering around 50% as of March 12th. Like all of the previous subscriptions, it will always comes own to the last day, so there’s really no use speculating on the outcome (though some folks can’t help but try!).

More exciting though has been some additional reveals to keep us talking. It hasn’t worked here at IAT with the lack of news, but let’s play catch up real quick!

The first news came in a round about way through a new MOTU Video Walkthrough:

Sharp-eyed viewers were quick to note that, at the time of the video, Grizzlor’s MO2K face plate (I have to call it Club 200X, but it’s still MO2K to me!) was included in the head pack:

And here was the official word on that:

Grizzlor’s Head: Yes, you will receive a Grizzlor head in the sub-only accessory pack. The reason you didn’t see him during Toy Fair is because at the time we were going to only make a face plate available (as you saw in Brandon’s video); we later decided to provide a full head instead. To minimize confusion the face plate was pulled and only five sculpts were shown. Surprise!

A full head is the way to go. While the face plates were supposed to be swappable, the vintage face plate is glued on!

Mattel then ramped things up by revealing Queen Veena:

You can click on that and make it a little bigger. I’m not totally sold on the “ribbon”, she needs it for accuracy and the splash of color, but I’m hoping the final materials (this looks like a pic from the 4H studio) will work out nicer. I love the rest of the figure though! The costume looks great. The staff looks amazing! And I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to fit those damn wings on the shelf…

And then the one that blew me away (Again, click to enlarge), Chooblah was probably my least interesting figure from the list. I was excited to get another representative from one of the cool races shown in the MO2K cartoon (in this case, the Kultaks), but he wasn’t high on my list. I also wasn’t really sure how well the character could look on a normal buck. Well, I forgot rule #1, let the 4H do their thing. Though he did get a healthy dose of new bits, this figure is rocking the basic furry buck underneath. He’s fantastic.

And, no sooner do I post this, does Mattel send a long pic of Prahvus out in their newsletter! I’m hoping those tattoos are glow-in-the-dark!

And there you have it, folks. All six figures named and revealed! Here again are the first three reveals (we really need to get a better pic of Calix).

Calix: 7/15
Evilseed: 8/15
Ceratus: 10/15


25 thoughts on “Mattycollector Club 200X
Updates & Additional Reveals

  1. Prahvus was shown in the “reminder to subscribe” email I just got this morning.

      1. Right after I clicked “Post Comment” your update showed up. Our posts must have crossed over in the cloud.

  2. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to those figures.
    Though space is scarce, more of them will find a way onto my shelves than from the Filmaiton sub …

    And they seem to have revealed Prahvus as well 🙂

  3. I’m signed up. These are some of the most interesting looking figures in the line IMHO. 4H knocked them out of the park.

  4. AHHHHHHHHH I love every one of these figures…and now Prahvus!
    I don’t know anything about that guy, but he looks so amazing — I can’t wait to get him.
    I bought three 200X subs too.

    1. that actually is one of the biggest draws for me, towards prahvus, that he’s simply a visual presence and i can cast him as any character i want him to have. that’s cool. i very much like the chance to cast a figure as a character, i tell stories with my collection and prahvus has a ton of story potential… like right off the bat, if you at all liked pacific rim, pravhus’ bioluminescence could indicate he’s one of the makers of the kaiju. and what was the owner of that skull on his shoulder prior to him whacking that thing? you could paint him viably as a wizard, a fighter, a little of both… what does that weapon do, channel energy or bash a skull? you get to decide, there’s virtually NOTHING about this guy for a backstory!

  5. I really hope matty releases the sub, cuz I’m really big on MO2K or 200X. I wish purists actually gave it a chance before judging it because of it’s stylistic aesthetics. I really enjoyed the writing and thought it brought a much clearer coherency to the series/universe as a whole.

    1. Yeah, I hated the look of the Millennial series, but I loved the writing and all the little nods to previous MOTU incarnations and pop-culture stuff. Blinky!

    1. I was hoping to see him part of the sub too, but going with characters who haven’t had a figure really makes the sub worth it. Hopefully we’ll see King Randor in the normal sub similar to the way Plundor was in the normal sub in 2013.

  6. These aren’t my cup of tea, but boy they look really well done.

    Although remember in the not too distant past how we were told it was impossible to reveal all the details of subs at the time of signing up and how it was even illegal to do so. Funny how that worked out!

    1. The add-on subs are sold much closer to production than the main subscription. The last figure, Prahvus is 8-9 months out, not 16-17 months like the last item in the main sub.

  7. I’m not much excited for the sub now that I’ve seen everything. Was much more excited back when it was all rumor. I just do not care for the execution on Calix. It’s that rare failing of the buck system. He looks like he’s wearing rock shoes. Same kind of problem the Rock Warriors faced. Bummer. Veena looks nice but still wish we were getting Sorceress instead. In fact, I think I’d have preferred variants in this sub, which leaves me in the minority. But Ice Armor He-Man, Sorceress and Randor would have been great. And instead of a head pack, I would have liked to get those actual characters in 200X style. A new Syklone using Roboto limbs similar to how they did Snake Man At Arms would have been cool. Buzz-Off perhaps could have made use of the Dactus build. Still, it will be nice to have Ceratus to make a home for the extra a Whiplash head.

  8. Queen Veena/GS is a must get for me, and you can almost see the resemblance that “nu52 Hawkgirl” “homaged” in there. 😉
    I was worried she would be sub only.

    liking that Chooblah as well. looks like a Creatureplica Bigfoot.

  9. As of 20th March 2015, we have 81% of the target. I know a lot of people wait until the very last second for some perverse reason, but will it be enough? I sure hope so!

  10. I just subbed in yesterday. Had to wait for the credit card cycle to roll over.

  11. Decided to sub, these are pretty much the only toys i am getting this year next to Mythic Legions. ML has great stuff, but I cannot afford to get pulled in there unless I hit lotto soon!

  12. I couldn’t sub, but am glad that it went through. I plan on getting Calix and Ceratus. Chooblah and Veena also look cool, but they’re in the “maybe, depending on funds that month” file.

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