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His sculpt? Well, he’s a horse, so… He’s mostly a repaint of Swiftwind with a few new bits – a new head & neck, a new bridle & reins, and new saddle with stirrups. Hope I got all that right, I don’t know anything about horse equipment (& I plan to keep it that way). And it’s all done really well, very style guide accurate with some added texturing here and there.

But there’s nothing really killer. In that, Arrow suffers as some of the POP girls have suffered. For example, where are the magical quivers mentioned in the bio? He’s technically great, but I think there’s nothing here to make him pop. My favorite bit on the sculpt, I kid you not, is the buckle on the saddle. The clasp is neat – the interior of the buckle is the post and the “metal frame” is the catch on the other site. It’s a great engineering bit that adds a layer of realism (see, I can get giddy over silly things).

While he’s not blue, Arrow does includes the wings from the toy version, albeit painted in a way to match the cartoon color scheme. These are cool if you want them (& have the room for them). It does make him look rather resplendent. Here’s the catch though, these wings, and the Swiftwind reuse, causes Arrow to have these two giant sockets over his shoulders. The solution to displaying him without the wings, and to get that seemingly crucial cartoon accurate look, is these extra plugs.

And these plugs are my least favorite thing about Arrow. They’re just there. They kinda faux-connect to the saddle. There’s little studs that make it look like they’re extensions of the saddle, but they don’t line up right. It kinda just looks like Bow just glued or pinned these extra patches on to Arrow for fun. I just don’t see any design genius here, like that buckle!, and it’s disappointing. Weapons storage? Sculpted quivers? Anything that shows some TLC here would’ve been great, but it’s just not here.

Overall, Arrow is a fine addition to the collection. For the most part, I’ve pushed my lack of enthusiasm for Arrow out of my head – he’s a good for a horse figure, the cartoon visuals are good, and the horse buck is well-articulated (edit: check out Swiftwind’s review for the breakdown, I kinda skipped it). So I’ve come to terms. I like the shock of orange hair! He still doesn’t wow me though. I want him to scream “own me” like so much of the rest of the line does. He’s just more or less rank & file, run of the mill, and that’s harder to accept on the higher priced items. Even though it’s from Mattel, MOTUC is a 4H line and I’m happiest when the pieces have a more obvious 4H influence. Heck, if it was 4H-Unleashed? I’d probably be down for eight horses, the sea horse, and that swan. Just sayin’.

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  1. Excellent review, pics, and comics, as ever. I pretty much agree with everything you say here. I suppose I’m fine with having him for a complete collection, and he’d fill out a Great Rebellion display nicely, but I’m not ecstatic, or even very enthusiastic about him. Stridor, Night Stalker, Mantisaur, or any of the Preternian technosaurs . . . those, I’d’ve been ecstatic about!

  2. with that mohawk (manehawk?), he reminds me of Dani Moonstar’s Valkyrie mount.
    (and with a new Val coming that seems to have it’s “new” head repainted from Dani’s hair mold…!!!)

    I like the color and the overall look. maybe they’ll relist him for the holiday clearance?


    also, no Green Arrow jokes? maybe even an Amell nod? :/

  3. This review pretty much sums up my feelings on Arrow. I also haven’t opened him (Second figure to remain unopened after Hurricane Hordak)I have no place to put him, my displays have become hap hazard, over crowded, figures in the back falling down, knocking over others. I just have no place for these. ive got 4 shelves that are 24dx5′ wide and so help me there is no more room!!! I cant even display Grayskull, the Battle Ram, the Sky Sled (Either version) and variants. Its a mess.

  4. I haven’t opened Arrow yet either. I’m just not excited for him. Maybe one day, I’ll get around to it.

  5. Like most I didn’t have much enthsiasm for Arrow at first — and this is coming from someone who enjoys collecting POP. As a fellow Club Eternia subscriber I was getting him regardless of whether or not I wanted him. I decided to sell him to a friend of mine who is still relatively new to collecting MOTUC, and just so happens to almost exclusively collect POP figures. I sold him off and I figured I was done, but then a friend of mine in a toy group that I’m in was selling his off on the cheap, and the completiest bug got hold of me, so I figured I was bound to have him one way or another. After waiting more than a month to get my hands on him (and having wavered in my decision) I finally received Arrow. What immediately struck me was the colors. So vibrant! Overall I’m glad I was able to reaquire him. The price tag may leave a sour taste in your mouth, so I guess if you’re not a fan just try to sell him off or trade him to recoup your loss. Better yet just give it away! Toys For Tots always needs donations!

  6. I actually really like him. I have no particular affinity for POP over anything else MOTU but I get really excited about anything that world-builds for my display. And a second big ass horse definitely adds to the visual variety! That said I don’t necessarily think I need a BUNCH of horses. But I’m definitely excited to have him!

  7. I totally agree with AmericanHyena’s comments. I do enjoy this figure and it adds interesting colors and shapes to my shelves…
    I can’t wait to see Stridor and Night Stalk figures. They will probably be killer action figures.

  8. I only collect POP figures and due to a couple of months of no internet access missed him at the time and now am scouring ebay and he’s going for a pretty penny so people mustn’t mind him too much. Anyway even though the socket covers are very half arsed it would have been a nice piece of fan service if they had of included a second swiftwind set with the figure.

  9. I was just looking over the checklist and realized I haven’t opened ANY 2014 figures and only a scattered few from 2013. Wow. No wonder I have so many boxes in the garage. Anyway…

    I might be in the minority here but I like the beasts (and vehicles) and will take as many as they give us. I have a couple Battle Cats and Panthors still in their boxes and I bought 3 of the Griffon when he came out. I regret not getting a second Arrow because I really like how he looks both with and without the wings. With a simple color change to his mane and tail he could be a different steed. (same deal with Battle Lion, didn’t get a second to customize 🙁 )

    I do think the wing pegs could have been done better. A simple strap connecting the two together and you have a saddle bag type accessory. If I ever get a second to customize I’ll be doing that slight fix for sure.

  10. I LOVE Arrow and Swift Wind! I know they take up a lot of room, but I LOVE that they exist. I seriously would love to see the crystal horses from the vintage second series Crystal Moonbeam and Sundancer… and HOW AWESOME would it be if there was a remake on the vintage Crystal Castle or Castle Brightmoon!?!?!?!?! I mean, C’mon… Castle Grayskull gets rebooted, why not an Etherian playset??? anyway, this girl can keep her fingers crossed.. I really appreciate these reviews… and am definitely jealous that you get to have one of every action figure to open and “pose/play” around with…

    Basically, I love and have loved ALL POP since I was a little girl back in the 80’s… I’m so glad the lesser obscure characters are being recognized.. but to me, a die hard POP fan, I love them all… and I wish I could have 2 of everything so I can have one in the box and one out of the box… My collection is pretty extensive, I have all of the vintage characters, and, slowly but surely, I am trying to get the MOTUC action figures as well…

    So, Mr. Reviewer, if you are trying to make room for other characters, please feel free to send Arrow and Swift Wind my way… I will GLADLY take them off your hands… I would make room for any POP characters…

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