Galactic Protector She-Ra Review

I’m at odds with MOTU Classics right now, it seems. Having stopped opening the figures since October, effectively not collecting the line for nearly half a year, my usual reaction to it just isn’t the same. It used to be that the vintage guys would be more of a bore and I’d cling to whatever bit of new, updated, or just non-nostalgic bits were included.

I feel like something must be wrong with me because, looking at the stack of unopened toys, I’m dying to open Ninjor & Gwildor. And since I’m going to do these backed up reviews in order, some of the other figures kinda feel like they’re in the way to that nostalgic goodness (I’m looking at you, Brown Arrow). I mean, my love for the newer stuff is still strong; I want to open MO2K He-Man most of all, I still think Light Hope was pretty damn awesome, and those teeth on Tung Lashor’s tongue were a great addition to a great vintage figure. But some of these guys… it’s feeling more like a chore than blessing.

Before I opened her, I wasn’t sure where to file Galactic Protector She-Ra. I want the POP girls included in the line. They deserve to be there. But I haven’t loved them all like I thought I would. And I desperately want the line to include new characters (newer versions of old characters too), but I haven’t loved all those like I thought I would either. The idea of dreaming up what She-Ra would’ve been doing during the NA Years and getting a new figure for her? It should be awesome! But I wasn’t really joyful when dragging her brown mailer out of the pile today.

Luckily, that melted away in about two seconds. Thank you, window packaging. I think I’d just forgotten what an outstanding visual this figure presented during her months in cardboard captivity. The 4H reached to super-talented artist, friend of IAT, and MOTU Super-Fan, Nate “Baena” Baertsch to design the updated iteration of the character. And he did an amazing job, crafting a sort of space valkyrie that echoed her own past as well as complementing He-Man’s New Adventures garb. The only tragedy here is how briefly this costume appears to last before she confronts Horde Prime that one last time…

Her silver & blue deco mirrors He-Man’s gold & blue deco really well – the two look great together (which is saying something, because NA He-Man ain’t so hot by himself). The patterns on the costume also harken back to the vintage She-Ra figure which is a nice touch as the previous She-Ra’s have kept with her more famous animated look. It all comes together beautifully for a great design. If I had to nitpick, I’m not so hot on her easy strangle cape/collar combo, but it looks good.

My favorite part of the whole design might just be the helmet. It harkens back even further than the 80s with this 50ish future-retro vibe, gets a little POP with the wings, and then tops it off with some smart mold-sharing to get the clip-on clear green visor. The visor is coolly removable, but I’d be okay with it glued on since it looks great. Continue to Page 2…

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Galactic Protector She-Ra Review

  1. One thing that was fun, but didn’t really have a place in the review, were some fun head swaps to see the costume as belonging to a more unique character:

    1. I clearly must have missed something (I’m not too up on the POP characters), but who the heck is that other figure?

  2. She looks good. Just generic enough to be “random fantasy space fighter”, but distinctive enough to still be recognizable as MOTU.
    (Keep this in mind for Boussh review!)

    and your bonus pics remind me to make a list of what I missed out on while waiting on my money. :/
    (checks direct deposit. again.)

  3. First: Excellent review for a very cool figure. While I like the PoPs in the line, the reduced details make them a bit boring overall. Not a problem with this one at all. Love it!

    Second: I’d argue for opening the figures how you feel to. If it startes being a chore, there is just no point. It’s a hobby after all and you should enjoy it. And the more fun you have, the more fun we have with the reviews – EVERYBODY WINS 🙂

    1. You’re definitely right on the reduced details. Some of the girls would benefit from more ornate sculpt work (which we know is possible!). Nate definitely didn’t spare the details on this design and it translated great.

      And I hear you on the opening order, but I want to get to all of them. I feel like if I pick & choose my way to catching up, I may just never get to figures like Arrow.

      1. If it makes you feel any better about Arrow, once you get him out of the package I think you’ll start liking him more. The colors really seem to “pop” (pun intended) and line him up with a few other POP figures he’ll look right at home!

  4. Awesome review! GP She-Ra was definitely my favorite MOTUC release of last year (With Eldor and Modulok closely behind). I’d recommend opening up all of your figures and just deciding which ones speak to you enough to review.

    But yeah, Arrow is really, really boring. I mean really.

  5. I really, really wanted this figure. But money was tight when it came out, and by the time I was able to grab it they had already arbitrarily taken it down because their “business” model makes no goddamn sense. So it’s at the top of the list of figs I hope to be able to go back and get at some point (along with Stan, Ninjor, Marzo, Snout Spout, etc…). Especially after this. I will say their stock photos didn’t do it much justice, looking at them before it came out I was more impressed with the concept rather than the actual execution, but seeing it here looks so much better, and makes it sting that much more (seriously, why in the hell would they bother making product only to turn around and sit on the inventory because they refuse to sell it after a few days?? God damn it Mattel!)

    I do have to disagree about one thing, though. I think NA He-Man is one of the best in the line, which is a real testament to how well they pulled that one off as the original was so terrible. Though I don’t use the football armor.

    I agree with forgetting about the order and just open them as you want. I just got Snake Armor He-Man yesterday and it is super cool, and I’m really looking forward to your Gwildor review (and, not gonna lie, the inevitable debate it will spawn).

    1. I’m not sure what I don’t like on NA He-Man as I’m not opposed to the design. I know the head sculpt isn’t my favorite. It just doesn’t do much for me (the bad thing is that I need a second one for a Faker custom, but like you I don’t like the secondary market prices!).

      Hopefully, as things seem to be changing for the better, pulling product back off the site after just a couple weeks could change to.

  6. Another terrific review of course. 🙂 I think this points out the whole problem with ‘speculating’ on new conceptual figures for the New Adventures line. For some reason I can’t help but think there should be some tubes and pipes involved, because that’s the mental impression that sticks with me, in the same way ‘furry loincloth’ is a key visual with MOTU. I know NA He-Man is smooth as a baby’s bottom but wouldn’t She-Ra have *some* callback to her ‘raised by the bad guys but became a good guy’ origin?

    I dunno.

  7. especially with the visor on, i kind of wish that something more like this helmet had been used on terra firma.

  8. “He-Man has been hanging out as a “different, unnamed character” with his football helmet and bulky armor all this time”

    …this is hilarious; it’s the same here, too. I have him at the back of King He-Man’s shelf like this. Possibly he’s Adam’s son? I imagine he could be a bigger disappointment than a young Adam was to Randor, and without He-powers of his own, the other masters can’t stand to be around him either.

    I haven’t given She-ra here any sad stories to live out, set to Mike + the Mechanics songs, but she’s a great figure! Definitely belongs in a prominent place on the shelf.

  9. I can do nothing but gush about this figure. One of my favorites in the line, and possibly shot up near the top of all time favorite toys in general. I just LOVE that friggin’ space Valkyrie look! Everything about her design is straight up my alley. That, added to the fact that NA He-Man was and is one of my favorites, makes this figure top-shelf, for me.

  10. She has been sitting on my shelf for month and I have been blissfully unaware the visor was removable.

  11. When can know I’ll be getting. Just didn’t have the money at the time 🙁 God I hope.local toy show goes to a place I can get to and not have to take a bus. (My usual quota I’d probably have to buy another seat. )

    A great review for a cool figure and yes funny comics. Yes I did LOL at a few and got funny looks from others.

  12. It seems like I’m the only one here who was not thrilled about this figure. She’s OK in my opinion and she looks nice with the other girls in my shelf, but I would easily prefer another figure to be released instead this one. I’m a Filmation fan, but I believe everyone deserves to have their favorites figures released.
    About Arrow, I do like and wished this figure for a long time and I still want the other horses (I know that won’t happen)…
    PS: I’ve missed those great reviews of yours…

  13. After reading this review, it sounds like collecting these figures is becoming a chore for you. Maybe it’s time to move on to something you can actually enjoy.

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