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This week, I had the opportunity to go back and pick up Philip Reed’s two most recent books (Action Figures Sold Separately & Each Sold Separately). I’d been given the opportunity to proofread one last year, but had missed both Kickstarters (December was busy!), so I’d gone without. Luckily, I snagged them before they were all gone. If you’re interested in the books, check out Battlegrip before they’re all sold out!

As I’m waiting for the books to arrive, I remembered there was something else about Battlegrip I needed to do! Update it’s Review Index! If you’ll recall IAT hosts Battlegrip’s Review Index and I have to admit that it has been a rather long time since its laste update. Thankfully, we’re all caught up now with last month’s Battlegrip review of PerfectEffect’s Maxwarden! Check it out on the index:

Updated: 03-05-15


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Review Index Updated

  1. For children of the 80s. For toy collectors. for people that study marketing or media then these books are a must have. Great reads and Phil has more coming.

    1. @Tekwych – Must haves? Thank you! I still want to tackle a book about games I played in the eighties that influenced my life. I’m just not sure if anyone would find that entertaining.

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