DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Catwoman Review

Catwoman still shined in the accessory department. She wasn’t as loaded as Batman, but she’s got some goods. There’s the classic whip, a camera and necklace taken directly from The Animated Series, three sets of hands (relaxed, claws, and gripping). And Isis – who features six points of articulation. Isis is a pretty cool addition even if the eyes are a little sloppy on mine. I think I’m most partial to the whip – it is her classic accessory, but it’s also rubbery which is always just silly & neat.

I do appreciate the cartoon prop accessories too though. And I try not to delve in to the “Coulda shoulda”’s too much, I do have to say I really would’ve liked an alternate head here. It could just be that I find the current head a little lacking, but an unmasked Selina head would’ve been awesome. Maybe DCC can refresh the figure that way at some point (And hopefully have the new head sit lower on the neck).

Finally, Catwoman included the cool turnaround art stand. It’s not quite the same as Batman’s because of the apparatus that holds her up. It’s much more complicated and a little too bulky. I love these stands and I appreciate that the designs just don’t stand all that well on their own, but I kinda hate the doll stand idea. That’s easily my least favorite thing about the line so far, they really do need their stands and that just takes up a lot of space.

Overall, I’m still happy with the Catwoman. I’m not as thrilled with her as Batman, but she’s still good. The sculpt is nice, though I’d like the head to be a little better and the added articulation isn’t quite as cool as Batman, but it’s still fun to have a Catwoman that’s not in a mid-step whipping pose (even if I still put her in it!). The accessories are a ton of fun and this is still proving to be a really fun line to collect. After DCUC, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be all-in on a DC line again, but this one is getting to me.

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21 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman
The Animated Series 6″ Catwoman Review

  1. Great review! Thanks for the New Adventures Batman review, as well.

    I have both figures on their way, set to arrive this week. I would’ve liked to pick them out in person, but I have no comic shop in my area. I’m really hoping for some decent paint apps… and no breakage.

    Either way, I plan on being all-in with this line. I currently have all 12 figures on pre-order. And I’m really looking forward to series 4. It’s supposed to have Riddler, Penguin and Batman from B:TAS, and New Adventures Batgirl.

  2. Great review, pics, and comics, as always!

    When this line was announced, I was SO looking forward to it BTAS is one of my favourite series ever, and the thought of being able to get some Art Deco-styled figures appealed immensely. Then, I just lost interest in collecting. Oh, well. More money that can be used elsewhere.

    1. I came a across a Black series Boba Fett on Friday and bought it but I have just lost so much interest in collecting I couldn’t bring myself to open it so I took it back on Sunday.

  3. Well as said only saw Bats at my local store. I think waiting on Joker review. Still on the want list as if does well I can hopefully pray a Superman line happens, and.then dare I say JLU.

    A fun review and yes seen some paint issues at another review with this Cat. Mainly the mask area around her face.

  4. I can’t let myself get into this line. I can’t.

    But man does she look good. Batman for me completely missed the mark, but Catwoman looks great. The only thing, I think, is that the eyes are a bit off. But that probably varies figure to figure.

    Can’t get sucked in, can’t get sucked in…

      1. There are several things, but it just seems…off.

        The proportions, particularly of the New Adventures designs, just look odd in real life. Then there’s the huge line across his chest. The face….I admit it’s been a while since I’ve watched any TNBA episodes so I may be mistaken here, but the face seems way off. The miniscule mouth shoved way up right against the bottom of his nose, with a flat chin stretching on for miles below….it just looks completely off. And I do not like sculpted capes on Batman, at all.

        If (when) they do BTAS Batman, I’ll likely be tempted. But that one was an easy pass. Frankly, the only ones of these I’ve seen so far that I like are Catwoman, Harley, and Joker’s head (I kind of hate everything from the neck down, but man that head is fantastic).

        My wallet breathes a big sigh of relief at this.

  5. I really want to get these but I am extra broke right now I have to wait until February or March before I can pull the trigger on these. My goal is to get them all because they look so freaking good.

  6. I think what might be throwing you off is the eyes. I feel like they’re just a smidge too far apart, and it’s making her look like she’s got lazy eyes.

    I finally broke down and pre-ordered Two-Face and Man-Bat, though if I like them (I want to see how they look on my shelf) I’ll probably go back and get Catwoman and a few other figures as well. That said, I’m very hesitant to get Batman or Joker just yet… my preference has always been the JLU designs for them over either TAS or TNBA, so I’d rather avoid them for now.

    1. Great point on the eyes. It could be that. Funny thing is, my close up pictures usually school me and this is one such case. In the close-up with Isis, the face shape looks great and it does bring me to focus more on the eyes being off.

      I just assume I’ll end up with all of them. I’m weak. lol

      1. I probably will end up getting most of them, it’s just a display issue for me… I have my Batman shelf organized by height (DCC Arkham figures in the back, DCUC, Animated, and finally the 4″ movie figures) so I was worried the new Animated ones would be too close to the DCUC figures. Thankfully, they seem to be a hair shorter (TNBA Batman seems to be just shy of ML height) so I don’t think there will be a conflict.

        Until I’m sure though, I’m sticking to just Two Face and Man-bat (worst case, Man-Bat can be out of scale with the Hasbro/Kenner line, and I’ll have an extra Two Face figure laying around)

  7. The critiques on these BTAS/TNBA are valid, but let’s look at price/value. If you’re thrifty, you can find these for about $22 a pop, which is what a Marvel Legends costs at TRU. Comparing the two, this blows any ML out of the water. More accessories, articulation, unique buck, a stand and probably better paint application. Comparatively, a MOTUC is topping $30 and we already the Rio Blast review. I think the Catwoman Noisy is looking for is a $50-60 Figma/figuarts type of figure with alt. head, increased articulation, ect..

    1. You bring up a great point on price. I rarely factor the cost in – I don’t like paying $25 – but if it came down to it. I just wouldn’t buy it, it wouldn’t get shown here (which is why you rarely see me complain). But your comparisons do make me think!

  8. Looks like you need to get out a black Sharpie to fix batman’s logo and Isis’ eyes. Not sure If I’m in the game for these figures yet. If there was word of a JLU figures, I might bite.

  9. Despite the obvious differences in style, I’ve been waiting for this figure to fit in with my DCUC collection, because frankly I don’t like any of the DCUC Catwomen that we got, with their little T-Rex arms and anorexic bodies. Also, I’ve always been partial to the animated Catwoman design aesthetics.

    Unfortunately I saw this figure in the store this past weekend, and realized she is absolutely tiny, like almost a full head shorter than her DCUC counterparts. So close!

  10. Hey Noisy, are you gonna be doing reviews for the New Adventures Two-Face and Mr. Freeze figures? I hope so!

    And my Batman and Catwoman figures arrived in great condition! I was a little worried about paint issues and possible broken ankles, but they’re pretty darn near perfect, imo. Freeze and Two-Face are on the way, too.

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