Even More NECA
in the News! Predator, Alien, GOTG, POTA!

Just when I thought it was safe to bundle a bunch of NECA news together for one big long post, they go ahead and announce even more! Here’s the latest from the NECA blog:


Predator Series 13 is schedule for March 2015. It will be another Kenner-themed wave (yay!) and is scheduled to include: Renegade Predator, Cracked Tusk Predator, Scavage Predator.

Planet of the Apes

I still haven’t been able to find any classic Planet of the Apes figures, but NECA has announced an awesome set piece: the Lawgiver Statue! This thing will be a foot tall to be in scale with the Classic line. It’s limited to just one run, with pre-orders already available. Check out BBTS for $59.99!

NECA has also posted a few pics of the second wave from the current Dawn of the Planet of the Apes line. Included are Luca and new head sculpts on Caesar & Koba! Look for these out soon!


After a long wait, NECA has finally posted some official pics of Bishop from Aliens! With TRU destroying the NECA section at our store, I probably won’t find him locally, but this is a must own.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Finally, we have a nearly three foot tall foam Raccoon. NECA has created this guy from the same files used in the film, it’s unarticulated other than the detachable tail, and comes out this January. And I think it might be just a tad bigger than the real thing? My real question though is… where’s the life-size foam Groot??

5 thoughts on “Even More NECA
in the News! Predator, Alien, GOTG, POTA!

  1. Can we get some Kenner homage Alien figures all up in this? I love the Kenner inspired Predator figures.

    As far as the fact we’re getting Bishop for Aliens, that’s awesome, but I wish we could get all the characters. At least we’re getting a Ripley out of things. The whole actor likeness thing can be a tricky deal for toy companies to cover.

  2. With a few outfit changes, the Bishop action figure can be turned into a Frank Black (from the MILLENNIUM TV series)figure.

  3. Hey Noisy….you may want to check out fye for this Apes figures. The stores near me have had Cornelius & Dr. Zaire on the pegs since June.

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