NECA In The News:
Aliens, POTA, Pacific Rim, & Leatherface

While little Sammy has pretty much assured that I’m out of the loop on toy news (& reviews, we’ll be back on track soon) this last month, it doesn’t feel like I’ve missed a ton… except for NECA! Randy was on an October tear…

Aliens is what NECA seems to most easily tempt me with and that is especially true with this 15″ tall, 30″ long beast:

Check out NECAOnline for a few more packaging angles!

On Twitter, NECA also teased their 1/4th Scale Alien (& note how huge that Queen looks behind it!):

And the last little bit on the Aliens front is the announcement of Kane (sorta):

Since likeness rights for Kare are nigh impossible to obtain, this is a great and accurate workaround!

The next area of interest was Planet of the Apes. I really want to get into this line, but my TRU destroyed their NECA section and not finding them has dampened the excitement. NECA is still churning out really nice figures though. Check out New Images of their Gorilla 2pk:

And Series 2 featuring Zira, Ursus, & Zaius (again):

A quick Twitter Tease for the upcoming 40th Anniversary Ultimate Leatherface:

And finally a quick look at Pacific Rim Series 5 which will feature Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger and Romeo Blue!

I think that’s it! I’m sure I missed something!

14 thoughts on “NECA In The News:
Aliens, POTA, Pacific Rim, & Leatherface

    1. Maybe the guys at Doctor Who were smart enough to include likeness rights in his contract? Sort of like how old TV shows have problems being released on DVD/blu ray because the music rights would be too costly (or they replace the music, like with “Quantum Leap” or “WKRP in Cincinnati.” Yeah, a show about life at a radio station, and they replace the music with cheap covers and/or generic incidental music), but nowadays home video rights are included when licensing music for television (unless you’re a complete knob, like the guys who made “Journeyman.” One of the best TV shows of the last decade, and they won’t release it on DVD/blu ray in America because some dumbass didn’t negotiate home video rights when licensing the music).

      Or maybe Hurt just likes the BBC better?

      1. I watched Journeyman… now he is on Grey’s Anatomy 😛 and his brother is the nazi of Agents of Shield.

        I guess it was on his contract like other Doctor Who actors are portrayed in that scale too… I don’t know about old characters but many are well done in his figures so they should secure the rights for the old ones too… as someone said is ridiculous because you don’t need a perfect figure for voodoo (if that really exists at all), I think is just a matter of money or something personal but now that his Doctor is done I guess he could surrender some day soon (lol)

        1. Who knows. Some actors are finicky. Christian Bale has tons of Batman figures in his likeness, and even at least one American Psycho, but he wouldn’t grant rights to Playmates for his Terminator figure. Of course, many people suspected it was because that line was crap, and that rationale wouldn’t work for NECA. They’re stuff is fantastic.

          Arnold for years wouldn’t grant likeness rights for merchandise, and now he’s handing them out like they were fun size candy bars. Hurt could change his mind. Or, you know, I hate to say it, but Hurt’s getting up there in years. As long as his heirs aren’t jackholes (like the Lugosi estate), they could grant rights for figures posthumously.

          1. The Lugosi too? I own a Lugosi bust of Dracula (from Weta or Sideshow, I don’t remember, it came with the Universal Monsters DVDs). I remember Last Action Hero’s toys from Mattel and it has the Arnold likeness (you know in those years it wasn’t as good as now). I guess is a money problem with those 2… Not sure with Hurt, it won’t hurt him sell it.

            1. McFarlane’s T3 figures had to have a certain percentage of the face missing, because Arnie wouldn’t grant likeness rights. That’s why it was such a huge deal when NECA was finally able to do Conan figures, and later Terminator figures.

              Lugosi’s estate wouldn’t grant Diamond likeness rights for their Universal Monsters line, so Diamond made a Dracula figure that looks nothing like the movie. Kind of a bummer. The Chaney and Karloff estates played ball, but not Lugosi.

              1. They should have done a Dracula from Tim Burton’s Ed Wood movie,,, better a Martin Landau’s Lugosi than nothing 😉

                1. Anyway if they were clever enough in Diamond Select they could have use the Dracula version of the spanish version, same look and costume but different actor… way better technically than the original, it was shoot at the same time for spanish market. It surpases the original to many critics and was included in the Universal Monsters DVD pack. At least it won’t be a total stranger as you said 😉

  1. Really excited for those Pacific Rim Jaegers. From what I understand the plasma cannon on Gipsy is supposed to be interchangeable with the Wave 4 Gipsy 2.0.

    Not sure if they are new news or not but Wave 13 of the Predators is up for preorder. Renegade, Cracked Tusk and Scavage.

  2. That alien queen and the others figures are so tempting now that I have seen the films in full for the first time. Seen bits of them years ago TV but after seeing them in full they are brilliant, especially Aliens.

  3. The Alien Queen is indeed tempting. I had it on “pre-order” (I hate that term) on BBTS for months and months, but recent developments have made me tighten my belt, and a $95 figure of a property I don’t really collect was the first to get the chop. Maybe if it comes down in price after February, I’ll spring. In the meantime, I’ve still got the Kenner Hive Queen, though, and that’s pretty neat.

    1. I never owned any of the Kenner Alien or Predator stuff which is odd as I loved the Predator movies and thought the Aliens were cool looking but it seemed whenever I had cash or my parents were buying me something I always picked something else.

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