Star Wars Black #04
Chewbacca Review

It’s safe to say that I’ve cooled off on my early Star Wars Black love. I was never going to be all in, but I love 6” figures more than 4” so this was always going to be the Star Wars line for me. And it’s been a good line overall, but it’s just not capturing my attention as much a year later. It’s not you Star Wars Black, it’s me.

I’m just not going to want many Prequel figures. And I like those movies well enough, but I’m just thinking more iconic with this line. I’m just not going to want many multiple versions of the same character. Thought I don’t always know which iconic version stands out to me for every actor. I’m just not going to army build. I will want to do that, but space… space is at a premium.

So with all those self-imposed restrictions, things got quiet on the SWB front for me this year. I did buy all of Wave 1 & Wave 2, but I pretty much skipped Wave 3 & Wave 4. I was almost out of the game until Walgreen’s brought out that fantastic SWB (SWW?) Boba Fett exclusive. Hot on the heels of that release, Wave 5 dropped at Walgreens. And with that came a shot at two figures that fit my picky requirements: Chewie & Vader.

Normally, I don’t care much about packaging, but just quick a note here. The packaging has been changed to better accommodate Chewie’s height. The logo has been moved from the top left of the box and the window extended up so Chewie isn’t hidden. Works great.

The thing that’s been the highlight of SWB, I think, has been the sculpts. Chewie is no exception. I was curious to see how they handled the big guy since fur is never easy at this scale. Well, any scale. I think they nailed it though. The different pieces are realistically shaggy and they layer well. He’s visually really well done. Scale-wise, he may be a hair tall, especially when compared to Han, but not so much that it detracts from the figure. Besides, he was distractingly tall in the movies anyway.

The only thing I’m not a fan of on the sculpt is the open mouth. Again, it’s largely me – I hate screaming heads. They stick out like a sore thumb on a shelf with mostly expressionless figures. And they stick out in a bad way. Smiling? Angry? Mischievous? None of those would be right for Chewie, but those kinds of heads would look good mixed on a shelf – and we almost never get them. But we do get screaming heads. It almost makes sense for Chewie… it’s a little more iconic for him, but I still don’t like it much. Continue to Page 2…

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Chewbacca Review

  1. I haven’t seen Chewie yet, as all my local stores seem to have choked up on peg warmers, but as for selection, I do wonder if they put in a number of prequel versions and army builders over OT as several of the original cast are shooting the new sequel for next year, and we’ll get more versions of them then? Seriously, we’re going on six waves and the lone female is finally getting ‘A’ variant, yet neither figure is one that make her look pretty (gold bikini was another face disaster, but not quite MF-Leia debacle of the 90s).

    Anywho, how are the feet and hand sculpts? and is that layered fur on the torso from joints or what? I might pick one up for a potential custom.

    and that SNL skit was….yeah.

    1. Really nice. Feet look very Bigfootish. Hands are great and have fur sculpted as hanging down.

      There’s artic at the layered fur areas, so torso joint and waste joint.

      He’s beautifully scultped. One thing of interest is the fur underneath the bandolier is sculpted flatter, to simulate an impression of the bandolier. Which is kind of cool if you have no plans to remove the bandolier from him (it’s loose) but probably sucks for those who plan on using these for customising.

      I imagine it was sculpted that way to make the bandolier give a snugger fitting look.

      BTW, Noisy, does your crossbow come apart because of a little notch of plastic stick out of the front section? Mine had it, and at first I thought it was a tab to lock it in place but soon discovered it’s likely superfluous plastic that makes the front section come off as it’s forcing itself to do so. So just shaved it off and the font part stays on.

    2. saw the latest wave at Walgreens yest/today. Chewie looked good. Jedi Luke seems to have same derp face as Bespin, but a new hairstyle? Didn’t really look at Vader or the other figure (Stormy?). No sign of White Fett. (or that Rad-Man/Ms Marvel 3pk at Target!) darn.

  2. Great review and pics, as per usual.

    I know what you mean about cooling on Star Wars. I think I’m winding down on enthusiasm for most collecting (bar MOTUC), actually. Still, I may continue to get the 6″ Black series bounty hunters.

  3. Excellent review. Chewie looks great. I would be tempted to collect these but I can’t justify the scalper prices on eBay and Amazon (£22-£50 each). The distribution in local toy shops here is also awful, the only toy shops in a 60 mile radius only have a few figures on the pegs and they are all Greedo and Leia figures.

  4. Every time I buy a human in this line, I want to quit it. Every time I buy a non-human, I want to continue. One has to win out over the other.

  5. Between the poor distribution in my area (pegwarmers are all from wave 2), the slow release schedule, the poor sculpts on the humans, and my lack of interest in prequel characters, Hasbro is making it easy for me to pass on most of this line. I do appreciate how they thought of me and how they could help reduce my toy spending! Thanks, Hasbro!

  6. Haven’t popped on any since Han & Leia. Chewie maybe a if see and have $$$$$ may buy. I like the big lug and all just ponder if wanna do Star Wars toys like did in youth. (Had an okay set as a kid yet mice killed my Jabba liar) I haven’t seen many of these other than Greedo Leia and Kenobi. A Xwing luke pops up once in awhile but vanishes quick.

  7. I snagged Chewie and RotJ Luke from Nerd Rage Toys when they got them in stock a couple weeks ago. Really wanted Chewie to go with Han and only got Han to display with Funko Legacy’s (hopefully) soon to be released Mal Reynolds. Figure Mal and Jayne will look cool next to Han and Chewie. Anyway…

    My Chewie’s bowcaster went together just fine. I did screw up and remove the sight from the top and had a hell of a time putting it back on. But the bow stays on the front just fine so far.

    I do agree that his articulation, while probably the best of any Chewbacca ever released (first Wookie with balljointed hips?) the sculpt does interfere with a lot of it. But its not like he’s dancing around the Death Star like Spider-man. Just wish I could get his arms in that holding the bowcaster across his torso with his arms crossed pose, like Boba Fett does sometimes. But the fur around the elbows won’t let them bend enough.

    Oh and the Wookie ROAR face bugs me too. I like neutral facial expressions unless they also come with an alternate head. But it wasn’t a deal breaker.

    All in all I think he’s a great figure. The feet look weird (who knew he had Bigfoot feet) and his articulation is hampered by the sculpt. But aside from that I think he turned out about as well as expected.

  8. When SWB was first announced I pretty much knew right away that I would get the inevitable Storm Trooper and Bossk if they got there (lucky me!). I like SW but it’s definitely a lesser obsession for me.

    So far I’ve resisted most of them. I’m not a big R2 fan, there would need to be a Dewback to sell me on a Sandtrooper, and an X-Wing to sell me on pilot Luke. I may break down and get Maul still. Maybe. And probably Greedo. LoL

    I picked up the SDCC Jabba because I was there and I feel like he’d make a pretty decent centerpiece for a display. Which means I’ll probably get ROTJ Luke and Slave Leia. Or I may eventually flip him. Time will tell.

    I have Boba (unopened) and a Storm Trooper and a Clone Trooper. The Storm Trooper is fantastic. One of my favorite 6″ figures ever. I really want to like the Clone Trooper (I’m a sucker for multiples in different colors so the upcoming red and green ones tickle my fancy) but his armor hinders his articulation a surprising amount.

    As for Chewie up there…he looks like a lot of fun. But that means I’d have to buy Han, lol.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had a line where I’ve felt such a strong sense of wanting to cherry pick before.

  9. Argh, still waiting for my Chewie to arrive from Amazon. He looks glorious. Hoping Amazon get Vader in soon.

    I’m a bit torn on this line. I’ll appreciate it more when I’ve got the core characters covered, but only having a few here and there doesn’t look great.

    Having said that, I have stockpiled Stormtroopers. Grabbed 6 Sandtroopers early on and stripped a few down to be dirty Stormies. Now have another 6 regular Stormies and another 2 on the way (with Cheeie). Looking forward to having a display of Vader just surrounded by them.

    Sticking to OT myself and not every character. Skipped Greedo, just no interest. Got Han, Boba, R2, X-Wing Luke and Leia (only got Leia when she went to $10 on Amazon… really want ANH version). Want to grab Bespin Luke (he’s in my Amazon cart but waiting for Vader to show) but a bit meh on Jedi Luke… doesn’t look that good. :/

    Got a couple of Scouts on speeders… the current Amazon price is tempting for more but talk about space eaters… 2 will do.

    Passing Jabba in protest because of Hasblow’s SDCC decision. Give me the fat slug with the lot otherwise what’s the point?

  10. Funny that you feel that way about the line because I thought I would be the only one. I was super-excited when I hear about them, but have only gotten the first 2 waves. Army building is cost-prohibitive as well (a lot of my money will got towards DCC Batman Animated line is they posed decently) and the face sculpts have been only okay. I will see what is in store, but might stick to the original trilogy only.

  11. “He may be a hair tall”? “A little fuzzy on the paint”?

    I can’t tell if these were intended or not…

  12. If I had to save up for just one six-inch Darth Vader figure, should it be the STAR WARS Black Vader or the Play Arts Kai Variant Vader?

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