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Entrapta Review

The articulation is standard for the 2.0 POP buck. The arms work well with ball-jointed shoulders, swivel biceps & wrists, and the hinged elbows. The legs do suffer for the lack of a boot swivel, but the thigh swivel knee hinges, and rocker ankles keep most of the motion. The waist swivel present and the neck is ball-jointed, but… well, that’s the weakness of the figure, at least mine. The neck articulation has no strength to withstand the weight of the hair. You can pose the hair and balance it to get the neck angle you want, but it’s a fidgety process. The good news is that the leg articulation is solid enough for some great poses even with the weight of the hair.

I think the bright colors on all these POP figures makes the paint a little more crucial and luckily Entrapta lives up to that. The hair looks great cast in pink and the ribbons are sharp. The aforementioned face is done particularly well. And the little details work great from there on down. The gold looks sharp and while I’d rather have the old shiny vac-metal, the color chosen here looks good with the overall color scheme.

Entrapta included two accessories. The standard shield in purple (snooooze…) and befitting her status as a member of the Horde a cro- no, wait, no crossbow, you say? Oh. Well, she does comes with a great Filmation relic accessory, the Shaping Staff used by Evil-Lyn. I love that we got it and it looks great with the figure, but it kinda doesn’t belong to her and I know it. Entrapta waited twenty-eight years to get the badge of a Horde symbol. Now it looks like it’ll be quite a few more before she gets her crossbow.

Overall, this Club Etheria has worked our really well so far. Double Trouble’s thumb head will go down as one of the more unfortunate 2014 items, but I’m just going to not think about her and focus on how awesome Flutterina is, and when you pair her with Razz & Entrapta as I have this week, POP is on a roll. Yeah, I’d like boot cuts, I wish Entrapta’s neck artic was tighter, and I definitely feel like “dude, where’s my crossbow”, but the trio reviewed this week has been amazing. And it’s a good time for have high hopes for POP Classics. We’ve got Sweet Bee, Spinnerella, Mermista, NA She-Ra, & Light Hope in the immediate pipeline. It’s a good time to be a POP fan!

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35 comments to MOTUClassics.Com
Entrapta Review

  • Brainlock

    I think the mix of metallic and matte (Mattellic?) pastels bothers me more than the Punky Brewster-ish Medusa pigtails. Is there a chance she had a solid head of hair at some point? I’m thinking “RobotFighter Storm” meets the recent ML Medusa hair-dos. Is it too late for some Tangled crossover jokes?

    Otherwise the character looks good. and yeah, I assumed she was one of She-Ra’s crew until you pointed out the Horde head. (wait, what?)

    Parting shot make me think something that will get censored, if not me outright blocked. A guy named “Fisto” has obviously seen enough Hentai… LOL

  • Brett

    How was your left hand? Most have been crushed

  • Great review and pics, as always. One point of contention, though: pics over on The Dreaded Org show that the figure originally came with the two-toned skirt.


    Still waiting on this one to arrive (probably another three to five weeks, but they seem to be improving lately). At some point, I’m going to see if I can replicate the original’s hair gimmick. Every attempt I’ve made over the last decade-and-a-half to track down vac-metalising services has failed, so when I get around to doing a Vintage Figure repaint, it’ll just have to be plain old gold paint.

  • Clay

    I’m so sorry, I hate that I’m this picky, but I can’t quite get past the “between you’re” error in the Mek pic…

    Beyond that, great review – the pics really show her off well. I also find the lack of crossbow particularly jarring, but am nonetheless very exited for the figure (she’s currently on a tour of Europe before she reaches me in England… I do not understand DR’s postal methods). POP’s always been my favourite part of the whole MOTU universe and I’m feeling so spoiled right now!

  • Sandman

    Great pictures as always, Noisy.

    Personally I’ll have to disagree with you on the vac-metal. The process is prone to flaking and with the softer plastic and lots of articulation joints that Entrapta has it would not last long, I think.

    It’s interesting to me that Entrapta finally got her Horde symbol, but it’s very minor. As you said she was the one villain who never really looked like a villain, with her toy definitely looking like a good guy (girl?) and even her cartoon version looking mostly like a Great rebellion member. The Classics version certainly helps with her “image problem” I think.

    Overall, cool figure!

  • Azereal

    The other accessory option would have been a purple version of Catra’s whip comb since the original figure came with purple shield and comb.

    Another good idea for a weapons pack perhaps?

  • Paul

    I have to say that I have no interest in POP figs at all, but your vibrant pictures and funny comics (as always) have really made me look forward to each of these reviews. Well done! Great theme week.

  • dayraven

    you know, i don’t mind the idea that pretty much everyone literally wears their political alignment on this sleeve (or in front of their decolletage as is the case here) in motu, but it does present a problem for the “spy” type characters. it has been my biggest hitch with the idea of king hiss as a “master of disguise.” i guess in entrapta’s case, she’s hoping the gentlemen of eternia won’t oggle her boobs long enough to notice… and if eternian men bear any resemblance to earth men, she is the wrongest woman in the history of poorly thought out decisions.

    now i just need funko to pick up the license for basilisk so i can pose her fighting mino nenki… that’d be a weird display.

  • Impaler

    Entrapta disappointed me as I was led to believe “Fully articulated hair” would have meant more than a ball joint at the roots and a single swivel at the tips, as for some reason I expected the hair to swivel at a few of the ribbons, so she could actually grip a figure with them. Probably one of the only times I allowed myself a higher expectation than Matty’s usual offerings. But seeing as her hold motif is hair, the catra comb/whip in gold would have been the best weapon for her. I was going to actually give her catra’s whip but the silver clashes with the whole gold motif too much. I suppose I could dig out one of She-Ra’s comb/axes for her.

    • Clay

      That’s a good point about the articulation – I felt the same way about tails on figs like Whiplash and Scorpia. And non-Mattel stuff, like those early Doctor Who figures with swivel shoulders and swivel necks…

      Toy companies bounce “fully articulated” around a lot, and they probably shouldn’t, since it implies “all the articulation it is possible to have”; at this point it’s become a meaningless expression, like “A-list character” or “I love you”.

  • J. Lee

    On my get list. Want to finish a faction. Another great review, pics and comicdom.

    On the pink well isn’t October Breast Cancer awerness month staying pink till Halloween is okay to me.

  • gnollah

    I went in to MOTUC vowing not to get the POP figures. But they seem to keep getting better. I subbed for Etheria and really have no complaints – even with Double Trouble’s chins (The fat suits with the other sub is a bigger issue for me right now) but these ladies are fantastic. So much better than I thought they’d be. This figure is unique, bright, and has a fun gimmick. Perfect for MOTU!

  • Ya know, for only having one giant fist, Fisto is without question a real two-fisted manly man! Go git ’em, Fisto! Show the Horde what’s what! 🙂

    But OK, nobody else is bringing it up. I freely admit I’m pretty dense lately. Picture atop page 2. Why is there a DEVO ‘power hat’ adorning the logo? I’m missing the joke, other than the obvious that there’s a DEVO hat on the logo.