Who’s Excited for NECA’s
Classic Planet of the Apes Figures?

NECA is really challenging me on my classic Planet of the Apes love. As we’re getting baby-prepped round these parts, I’m trying to think of where I can cut back a little. These packaged shots of Classic Planet of the Apes Series 1 prove that NECA is out to get me. They’re gorgeous! And if the quality of the recent Predators & Aliens figures is any indication, these will be some of the best POTA figures ever. I already feel their fingers in my wallet.

NECA has been revealing these packaged shots on their Twitter account every Monday under the #mondaymonkey hashtah, but last Monday, they upped the ante with our first look at Zira from Series 2! There does appear to be some soft goods mixed in there, which I’m not a fan of, but I’ve got to see the whole figure! How long til SDCC again?


13 thoughts on “Who’s Excited for NECA’s
Classic Planet of the Apes Figures?

  1. I might be more interested IF I could have a chance at finding these without driving an hour and a half… >_>

  2. Yeah these look really great, gonna get em all. And just FYI, you have the tag backwards; it’s #monkeymonday. 🙂

  3. Well, the classic Mego figures relied heavily on soft goods and those still up to time! Granted, I am biased in favor of soft goods but still, I can see NECA scoring yet another huge hit with these.

    Congratulations on the baby-prep!:D

    1. Thanks, we’re at 7 months… getting close…

      Even though my HT shelf is growing, I’m still biased against soft goods on the little guys. It’s a necessary evil in some situations and I think this is one, so there’s that!

  4. I’ve got the Dawn of the PotA figures from Neca, and they’re some of the best monkey figures ever. I’m really looking forward to getting classic Apes figures.

      1. If you do, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. They’re some fantastically made figures. Whether you love the new films or not, they’re very well made primate figures. With weapons. Except Maurice, he’s just got a book that he can’t hold.

        1. I haven’t picked them up either. I’ll probably have to get the Koba with rifle figure when he comes out, though.

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