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DC Collectibles Crime
Syndicate Deathstorm

For the rest of the articulation, the arms are rounded out with ball shoulders and wrists. They have good range as long as you’re not too worried about those rubber sleeves. The neck is ball-jointed with great tilt, but minimal up and down movement. Moving downward, we’ve also got an ab crunch, waist swivel, ball hips, thigh swivels, double-hinge knees, and inverted ball ankles. All this adds up to some great poses! That’s been my biggest surprise with these new DCC figures. I love the articulation that they’re finally adding in with these Crime Syndicate and Capullo Batman figures.*

* – Though, I just saw the first batch of Earth 2 figures and was disappointed to see some of this articulation missing on those guys. Sculpts weren’t that great either. DCC is still inconsistent it seems.

The paintwork on Deathstorm is fairly well done with a few problem areas. There was some slop around the mask edges including a chip on the teeth fresh out of the box, but it’s forgivable. Some of the black paint on the gauntlets is too light and the red underneath shows through. These both kinda work with the corpse motif though, so I wasn’t concerned when I bought it. The chest logo is sharp and the skull is painted well, so I was happy to grab him. The pictures make it look sloppier than it is in person. I also should note that I like the color scheme quite a bit. He’s appropriately dark and drab in comparison to his reimagined counterpart.

Deathstorm included no accessories. As such, $25 is still steep for me on these. I wholly blame that on buying these in person though. I joke a lot about how I don’t think I could pick up the Figuarts Rangers in person at $40 a pop, but online? Online money isn’t0 real money, right? It’s the same with MOTU, which is really more of a monthly bill at this point too. Honestly, I don’t think $25 is bad for well-articulated, direct market figures, but I do have to note the hesitancy at the store. I’ve got a really funny story about Owlman if anyone wants to hear it.

Overall, despite being from the New 52, I was excited to find this figure while my wife and I were travelling recently (sorry for the crappy packaged shot, but I couldn’t wait til I got home to open him!). I hadn’t seen it here locally and thought it looked cool enough to own in the online pics. In hand, the figure didn’t disappoint. The sculpting is fantastic and the drab color scheme makes for one of the best looking Deathstorms yet. With DCC stepping up their game on the articulation and not letting up on the sculpt side, they’re truly making some great toys right now. And, yeah, I shouldn’t balk so much at that $25 MSRP, though some accessories or stand would probably make me feel a little bit better.

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14 comments to DC Collectibles Crime
Syndicate Deathstorm

  • Brainlock

    Stormtrooper-esque Ghost Rider?
    nah, he does look good, aside from the rubber sleeves. maybe I’d have to see him in person, too?

    what was the other Deathstorm? Black Lantern, this one, and…? You show two Ronnies, but no Jason or BL Deathstorm? or were you referring to the 80s/90s comic version?

    and now ya GOT ta dish on that Owlman story!!! 😉

    • Snowglare

      Yes! We must know.

      • I shouldn’t say funny, just silly. One of my LCS’ has Owlman & Johnny Quick for $20. I have gone there three times to pick up Owlman for sure, but every time I go, I talk myself out of buying him. Which is fine, it may mean I really shouldn’t buy him.

        The problem is that I then proceed to look around and spend $20 on something else – comics, books, DVDs, etc. I have done this three times, that’s roughly $60. It would be cheaper to just have bought the damn figure!! lol

    • When the New52 started and they were doing that bizarre red/yellow Firestorm thing, they could combine into a skull-faced Firestorm..

      • Brainlock

        ah, one of the fused beings(?) called “Fury”, created when Ronnie and Jason merged. Jason and Firehawk (II) created “Wrath” briefly.

        as I mentioned, the Deathstorm idea was first suggested in the early 90s, when Stein was the “Fire Elemental” Firestorm, pre-Ronnie only in Extreme Justice.

  • He-Mullet

    Ooh! I see a jab at Skeleteen… I LOVE IT! Looks pretty cool, but I worry about the rubber on the arms. (I too blame Mattel for that.)

  • Snowglare

    I’ve only read one New 52 comic, but I recommend it. The short-lived Dial H by China Mieville is really a Vertigo series with token references to the mainstream DCU. Kinda like Hitman. It’s crazy, fun, and a very different take on the genre.

  • dayraven

    Told ya you’d love deathstorm.

  • Y’know, I have the Black Lantern Firestorm–ah, he’s Deathstorm, whatever. I honestly feel if he could make metal, devil fingers, he’d be a better figure.

  • Mikey

    That face look pretty damm cool. I suppose the flaming skull thing has been working for Ghost rider for a while now.