Hot Toys Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot Review

So it looks great, but what really sells me on these Iron Man armors is how well they move. The neck is on a triple ball-joint (base of neck, top of neck, & base of skull) and works fantastically. The arms have double-ball joints at the shoulder, bicep swivels, double hinge joints at the elbow and one-piece ball wrists. The legs have ball-hips, thigh swivels, double knees, and ball ankles. There’s a high ab crunch too, but then there are some fun added features that really help the figure to move well. Pulling up on the torso reveals a second, lower ab crunch for deeper poses. Similarly you can pull down on the feet for more range of motion and perhaps the strangest one is a button on the figures lower back that lets the entire hip assembly swing down and forward for heavy crouches. That’s amazing!

That said, the sculpt does block the articulation somewhat. The shoulders can be tricky as they need to have those big honking shoulder pads (which screw up every movie IM figure ever, I think) need to be coaxed out of the way for most poses. The hips and ankles fare better with flip-up panels that are there to get keep the sculpt accurate but to also let it get the hell out of the way. And they work great too. Iron Patriot can kneel down and take a convincing ground punching pose. How often do we see that?

Accessorywise, Iron Patriot felt a little light. The main accessory is really part of the armor, the shoulder-mounted gun. It’s a great piece with tons of detail and little warning decals. Even in its compact-size, it features four swivel joints and a huge meaning that it can be aimed in just about any direction you want. There are also several options on how it can slide into the figure’s back for added range.

In addition to the Cheadle head and the extra two face plates, the figure also came with five alternate hands and one left-arm panel with a deployed weapon. All the extra hands are nice, but we don’t really need all of them. The hands set to “repulsor position” are a must. The saluting hand is a great touch too! But with the standard hands coming articulated (add 28 more points the figure) things like the fist aren’t really necessary anymore. I won’t balk at extra goodies ever, but I’m always cool with getting more stuff than we do.

I also had one QC spotlight on the accessories. This isn’t a big deal, but the extra left arm panel had its own red panel pop off during the photo shoot. It’s not a dealbreaker – I can glue it back on myself, but I wanted to point it out because we sometimes think the more expensive toy the more it should be flawless. I’d like that to be true, but a few little things that will keep it from being perfect. For the price, I think my Patriot is relatively free of concerns and I’m glad the one bigger problem, this panel popping off, is something I can fix easily instead of a bigger problem (which, no doubt Sideshow would’ve helped me to resolve).

Also included was the traditional light-up base. It’s nice and good-sized the little engraved nameplate. It’s a bit hard to display due to its size, but I like having it – the usual pole that functions as the figure stand is made of metal for this release. It does a good job holding the extra weight added by the die-cast. The base does light-up, but I haven’t tried out any batteries in it just yet.

Finally, there is also the light-up feature. This is a fun extra to the armors. The head, chest, and hands light-up. They’re strangely bright (and my camera interpreted them as blue for some reason?), but I love having them in there as they really “complete” the figure. The only thing I didn’t like terribly was that HT has switched installing the batteries to the consumer and a small screw driver is included. I don’t mind doing this myself one bit, but I wish the button covers and switches were a little easier to get too instead of having to hide under something to be accurate. I worry I’m going to break a clip on the helmet every time I have to get out the little included spatula and pop it off.

Overall, I love this figure. The die-cast parts (chest, elbows/knees, lower legs) add some great heft to a sharp looking figure. The Cheadle head sculpt is, as expected, amazing and the innovations that HT has put into articulating prior armors have really shined through on the Iron Patriot release. It’s just a blast to have, particularly when I partner him with an old, paint-flaking Cap shield (it matches his armor!) for a classic look.

The only real drawback was the price: $310. I picked this up using pre-order and flexpay which is a godsend on HT releases, but that’s still a lot of funds for one figure. Now, I’m lucky enough that I wasn’t buying HTs when they were “Cheaper” a few yers ago, but I’m reminded often of how they’ve gotten more expensive. For $300+, I do at least appreciate the die cast and the heft included there, but a few more accessories would be nice. Still though, I can’t deny I’m addicted to HT Marvel now. The handful I’ve bought have all been amazing so far and Iron Patriot is no exception! Too bad Cap is gonna want his shield back…

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14 thoughts on “Hot Toys Iron Man 3
Iron Patriot Review

  1. I’ve been saying it for years, but Hot Toys look so damn amazing, I’m just sorry they’re such a money/space pit. It’s a road I can’t go down just yet. On that fabled “someday” when I have a better job, more money, and a bigger place, I’d love to dip my toe in those waters. There are dozens of 1/6 figures that I’d love to get my hands on, and not just from Hot Toys. The Big Chief Studios Doctor Who and Sherlock figures look great.

    If HT had ever actually followed through with their X-Men First Class figures, I’d probably already have Mystique. I’m a huge Jennifer Lawrence fan, and I really dug the costumes in those movies. Plus, the basic figures (those not Iron Man or Batman, who don’t have tons of armor, gimmicks, extra pieces, etc.) seem to go for a bit less, so she’d be easier on the wallet.

    1. Space hasn’t been too bad – Batmobile not withstand – but money has. I sold nearly 200 figures from my “toy cellar” to save up the money for just 8 Hot Toys. It was totally worth it, but wow the amount of money that flowed between those two gave me pause.

      You’re definitely right on the less gimmicky ones being cheaper. I love the Bruce Banner and the Sideshow Prototype Boba Fett and they were much easier on the wallet than say, the Hulk or these diecast Iron Men!

  2. Hey, it’s really awesome that you gave reviewing Hot Toys a try! It would be really cool if you could continue reviewing some of your other HT figs as well as I really enjoy reading your reviews :). Regarding collecting those figures it was the same with me I watched those beautifully crafted pieces of art for a year or two without buying them but about a year ago I failed and bought the Battle Damage Mark VI. Meanwhile I have the complete Avengers team here on my shelf as well as Keaton Batman and Reeve Superman^^. The fever really got me :). But I digress… SO…keep o reviewing them!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m going to try to work them in going forward! Your collection about sounds like mine 80s DC Movies & Current Marvel! lol How the times have changed…

  3. Yes 🙂 And I found myself totally in your description of capturing the memory of those movies we loved with those figures! I so hope they will finally bring some Batman Returns figures :D.

    1. Me too! I am hoping they haven’t fallen by the wayside. Batman’s more armored look, Catwoman, & Penguin are all must haves!

  4. I was rewatching the movie the other day, and I think I was way too harsh on it. It’s got a lot of good action beats and the actors do a good job overall. So hey, fun to see an Iron Patriot review! 🙂

    I could never afford Hot Toys over here (shipping and customs is bad enough for s 6″ figure) but it looks very slick indeed

    Great review and pics as always.

    1. Unlike the traditional figures, the Armors really are just big articulated Legends! I liked IM3 overall; I’ve been debating getting Mandarin. I didnt like the more gold than red armor though.

  5. I think what you meant to say was “I have to make a larger photography stage” 🙂

    Because I really want a review of your ’89 Batmobile. Seriously. Or did you do that and I’ve completely forgotten?

    I’m also guessing you’ve managed to hold back from those various Iron Man accessory sets, like ‘Hall of Armor’ and stuff.

    I love the Hot Toys stuff. I want all the Avengers in 1/6. I do. but that’s gonna take a lot of Thousands of Dollars at this point.

    Heck, review Hulk and Banner. That would be a groovy compare/contrast.

    1. I do need to put together a big photo space… that Batmobile, I don’t know though! lol

      The Avengers are definitely a pricey team – and I only have half of it!!

  6. man! that thing is awesome!!! Hot Toys not only continues to put out great stuff, but they continue to do damage to my finances!!!!

  7. I just found this site.. excellent review. My Iron Patriot will arrive tomorrow. It’s funny how Hot Toys draws you into their web. I never imagined that I would ever be a collector.. or that I would pay $300 for a toy!

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