Vault Review: NECA’s
Pacific Rim Coyote Tango

Today I thought we’d get back to semi-normality with a good ol’ action figure review.  Coyote Tango is the last figure in NECA’s third wave of Pacific Rim toys.  While we never really got to see this mech in action, we do know he kicked some kaiju butt from the brief shot of him standing triumphantly over the broken body of Onibaba.  (And yes, NECA, if you’re reading this, I do want a giant crab kaiju.)


Coyote has one of the more interesting looks in the movie.  While all the jaegers have their own style, Tango is probably the one that’s most blatantly inspired by more traditional Japanese mech designs.  But these old Mark I jaegers had to built in a hurry to take on the kaiju threat, and the fancy sci-fi weaponry didn’t show up till later.  So what’s a design team to do?  Strap two battleship cannons to its back!  (So over the top, but in an awesome way.)


Since those two huge guns essentially make Tango a giant walking tank, the rest of the mech’s design focuses heavily on stability.  His he’s been outrigged with a segmented spine and multiple pistons on his back, while the upper torso’s plating is in smaller fitted sections rather than the large pieces of armor that the other jaegers wear.


The legs were also designed with the blastwaves in mind.  At first glance they look like backwards chicken legs, but the knees actually do bend forward like normal.  It’s just that the shins and lower knees were designed to “lock” into place.  Couple that with his long stabilizing feet and you’ve got a mech that hopefully won’t blow himself over when shoots at something.


Along with his design, Coyote’s also got a pretty amazing paint job.  Most of the figure has been molded in a dingy gray color with a slight pearlized sheen, giving him a rough metallic look.  This is enhanced by the dirty wash covering the whole figure, making him look nice and battle-worn.  Like with Cherno, Coyote also has a decent amount of tampos of various call leters/numbers and red detailing stripes.  Continue to page 2…

6 thoughts on “Vault Review: NECA’s
Pacific Rim Coyote Tango

  1. Nice review!

    I have heard of people who end up having bent-mortar cannons on their Coyote because they are made of rubber. Does yours have the same problem? While consensus seems to be that Cherno is overall the best of the Jaegers I personally feel Coyote is the best sculpted and painted, from online photos anyway.

    Otachi and Slattern will probably be deluxe figures. It would be neat if they used translucent blue plastic with brown/black paint for Slattern, like Tamashii’s Burning Godzilla.

  2. Though not my favorite Jaeger design overall, I do love my Coyote Tango figure. Though articulation isn’t fantastic, I love all of the little details, and as the articulation is still better than the early waves, I’m happy.

  3. It may be a mistake to put Domo in the banner instead of the robit. Jus’ sayin’.

  4. I love the design on Coyote Tango but the restrictions on the articulation are exactly x what wrecked me about the previous Jaegers. That sucks.

  5. Do you think Pentecost ever said “Who wants to Tango?” While he was piloting that thing?

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