Transformers Masterpiece
Bumblebee Scale Images

I haven’t been doing the best job keeping up with my Transformers Masterpiece reviews (I’ve got one more Lamborghini to review if you can believe it), but it is one of my favorite lines to collect right now (and I hate importing things). One of the many releases I’m excited for this year is Bumblebee! New images of his release have been coming out fast & furious thanks largely to Takara Designer Shogo Hasui‘s Twitter feed!

We already knew Bumblebee was looking pretty sharp from previous pictures, that he’ll include Spike in his classic exo-suit, and that his toy face will be included as an extra from (ugh!), but Hasui’s latest tweet revealed something else of particular importance: scale!

If I didn’t before, I suddenly need all the mini-cars…

Between ‘Bee, Wheeljack, and Ultra Magnus it’s going to be a great year for MPs! For even more pics of the latest Transformers releases, be sure to keep an eye on Shogo Hasui’s Twitter feed!


7 thoughts on “Transformers Masterpiece
Bumblebee Scale Images

    1. If I understand correctly, I think it was the Tomy acquisition that helped. They had arrangements with most of these car companies in place and there is no weapon as far as I’ve seen.

      Maybe they were just sick of the upstart Camaro.

  1. People are already starting to complain like crazy that Bee here is too small. Looks right to me, but I guess everyone has their own ideas about size. I myself am actually trying to put together a little Transformers collection that are all in relative scale to each other, and this is apparently a laughable effort in the TF world. But I’m having a fun time and Bumblebee here is gonna go great with my toys.

    Also, we’ve seen this grey prototype shown with a handgun.

    1. I’m fine with Bee’s size. I don’t know that I’ll order the Takara release, but when he’s eventually released here in the US I’m totally down for him as long as he’s about $40.

      1. Anime Export’s initial sale price for MP Bumblebee was $41.
        (30% early pre-order special from his retail price of 6000 yen)
        That came and went pretty fast, but that’s how much this thing should cost.
        I hope Hasbro’s domestic release is about $40 but who knows what TRU will do.

  2. Bee was always small. Perfect size to me. Gonna hopefully hunt this lil guy down. The Spike extra is a nice plus.

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