Today is the Last Day
to Signup for Club Etheria!

You wouldn’t believe how busy it’s been around here this year, particularly since Toy Fair! As I’m still trying to play catch up on Checklist Updates (you should see how many e-mails I get every day asking for a 2014 page on DC Classics… that line’s dead, right?), I’ve also not been getting all the news out in a timely fashion. One such example would be talking about Mattel’s latest subscription, Club Etheria.

If I’m going to talk at all about the subscription though, today is the day, as the cutoff window for ordering is tonight (March 10th) at 11:59 PST.

That’s 2am for me and 3am for those slightly more easterly folks. Shockingly, there hasn’t been a lot to talk about with Club Etheria. I should probably knock on whispering wood as I say this, but it’s been relatively drama free. The mini-subscription was offered, most of it was lined out, and folks knew what to do. Toy Guru has been his usual legally-bound vague self, but the subscription sign-ups have gone pretty well judging from his few remarks. There were a few days where things were hairy, but at last update the subscription was at 78% heading into the final weekend. We should just need the usual, big last day push (which include yours truly, I almost always sign up on the last day.*) and this little POP sub should be a reality this Summer & Fall.

* – Vault knows I always wait, but he’s texted me every day the last few days about it. He must really want that Light Hope.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Club Etheria news, here’s what we know. Like Club Filmation last year, this sub will kick off in July and feature a second monthly helping of MOTUC for the remainder of the year. We know the first half of the figures already. July: Double Trouble (called Double Mischief for TM reasons), August: Madame Razz & Broom, and September: Entrapta. We also know that one of the remaining three will most likely be Sweet Bee as her helmet was revealed as a tease (though a proper tease would have her helmet come with someone else). And, finally, if you signed up already, or sign up today, you will pay $25 for the Club Exclusive figure, Light Hope. Light Hope is basically an all-new design that gives the former light-entity physical form. I hate to be that guy and say I’m excited for the one dude in the midst of a women subscription, but he’s pretty snazzy.

If you’re keeping count that leaves just two figures unrevealed. I think that’s the best reveal percentage for a Matty sub yet. As for those two? Well, we know that the vintage POP short list is really short: Angella, Mermista, Peakablue, Perfuma, & Spinnerella. And we know that Mermista will not be offered in Club Etheria from Toy Guru himself. But don’t think that makes it easy to guess at the identity of the other two – Toy Guru has revealed that while the other two figures will be ladies, they’re not necessarily based on vintage-POP figures. In other words, who the hell knows?

Finally, there are a couple other important points not related to character selection. Subscriptions can be combined provided you have the same address and payment method selected for both on your Mattycollector My Subscription page. One of the six figures will be $30 instead of $25 and one of the six will essentially be a second club exclusive with no “day of” stock. I have a suspicion the no “Day of” and the $30 figure will be one and the same, but I’m totally just guessing.

So I think that covers it. As for IAT, we’ll be signing up today. I’ve mentioned several times that while I don’t love every figure, I do absolutely love toy subscriptions. The only reservations I had for Club Etheria was that I still feel like we’re waiting for Mattel & the Horsemen to hit a home run on a POP figure (Bow & Light Hope don’t count!). I like my POP shelf quite a bit and I’m sure Mattel’s keystone cop approach to the female buck has not helped, but I haven’t been bowled-over-OMG-this-is-amazing by a POP figure yet and I’m pretty easy to please (seriously, Faker & Scareglow are my favorite characters, I also basically swoon over low-tooling repaints. Have you seen my Batros review?).

I just want a POP figure to force her way into my Top Ten. That’s all I’m asking. While we’ve gotten some good figs, none have come close to doing that yet – and I refuse to blame anything inherent in the designs or concepts. I’m just not feeling the TLC the way I do on Fisto, Vikor, or Bow and I really want to.

Anyway, I’m giving Mattel six (well, five already, Double Trouble’s thumb head! ugh!) more chances with this POP sub. I’ll be one of the last 20% to push this over today. If you want to be too, you’ve only got about a day left to get in on it, so let’s go! Rah! Rah!

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15 thoughts on “Today is the Last Day
to Signup for Club Etheria!

    1. I thought it was Movie Skeletor the first time I saw him LOL looks cool with that armor

  1. That Entrapta is just perfection. Such a gorgeous figure, I hope the production version matches it.

    Ultimate She-Ra (combining BP and V1.0) is a home run figure. Unfortunately, probably doesn’t count as it takes two figures to make. 😛

    Glimmer and Castaspella are probably the best so far, even with the skirt issue.

  2. so….Polaris, Medusa, God aka Horus, the love child of Orko and The Nanny, and one pretty much confirmed character to be seen, and two wild guesses?

    yeah, I’m good.
    (besides, I just dropped some change on MLs this wkd. SCORE!)

  3. I, likewise, will be signing up today. More out of procrastination than anything.

    When / where did he make the announcement about Mermista?

    So far I don’t hate any of the designs. I will say this makes having to hunt Lookie down REALLY annoying.

    On another note, I finally got around to opening my castle. I…did not properly estimate how much real estate this thing needs.

    1. Mermista – there was some offhand comment TG made about new tooling costs, so everyone jumped on the idea it could be Mermista’s fishtail lower half?

  4. I signed up on Day One… (I rarely sub up but I’ve NEVER done a DAY 1 Sign up… Unitl now.)

  5. It’s taken them 5 or so years but matty has finally got me to take out a sub. I noticed when reading the T’s and C’s that we don’t get early access till June with this sub and the only guaranteed sale time of the PoP chase is the April early access X(

    Well done Matty what are the chances that these two things would appeal to the same people.

  6. Regarding character selection, don’t forget that there will still be a couple POP figures in the main Club Eternia sub. Club Etheria is supposed to fill out the POP line in this new shortened “2015 is the end” roadmap thing.

    I signed up on Friday and mostly for Light Hope. That figure just looks amazing. I might have to track down a vintage Crystal Castle to display him in.

    1. try the FROZEN castle? I wasn’t aware they made one, but someone on a FB page scored it and it looks like it might work with POP?

  7. Ultimately I did not sign up, not for lack of want or desire but essentially for budgetary reasons. For the sake of MOTU and the vitality of the Classics line as a whole, and for all the POP fans out there who have subbed in to Club Eternia year after year, I certainly do hope it does get the green light.

  8. Well I wanted to but couldn’t get a way like did for Glimmer. Hoping can get somebody in Fam to do it as a gift deal since starts after my birthday. 🙁 don’t wanna miss out on these. Though after Mermista news I hope she isn’t the old Rebel out. Gotta recreate Sweet Bee’s first ep.

  9. Signed up for two. Sad about Mermista – so many were sure she was a lock, though, so that should have been my first clue it was doomed – no way that Matty would ever do anything that made sense.

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