Ori Toy’s Acid Rain
Line Debuts at BBTS

I’ve been waiting for this day for a while, and now I can finally announce that our friends over at Ori Toy are debuting their Acid Rain line here in the West!

Ori Toy and SK Ronex have joined forces to bring to life a new 3.75 inch (1/18 scale) toy line.  Acid Rain: The War Under Pollution is set in an alternate history where World War II never ended.  Humans aren’t the only casualties though.  This never-ending war has ravaged the environment, creating a hostile world for those left alive.  The war is less about politics and more about survival now.  Each group and union fights over what few resources are left, using new vehicles and machinery specifically designed for this toxic environment.


The guys from both toy companies have put a lot of work into this line, and it’s visible on the products they produce.  I was pretty much won over with the combination of GI Joe-like soldiers combined with Transforming vehicles, but it’s the attention to detail and design that truly makes this line impressive.  Sure they’re based in a fantasy world, but they still have a very basic utilitarian feel that makes them like viable real world weapons.


Beyond the engineering, these vehicles and figures also employ advanced painting techniques, similar to 3A.  They’re all made out of plastic, but they have the gritty and worn feel of rusted and dirt-caked metal.  Then there are the tiny details like light-up screens, pin-up posters, removable tools, and even little newspapers and letters for the soldiers to read.  This is a toy line created with love and attention to detail.  Hell, just check out this picture of Kit Lau from SK Ronex.  He hand painted and signed every base in the Winged Victory two pack!


The guys were nice enough to send me a product sample of the Stronghold 4 Eyes tank a few months ago, and I was blown away by it.  I’ve also got a review of the their new Speeder coming soon too.


The pre-orders have gone up at BigBadToyStore.  If you’re interested in this line, you may not want to wait to get your order in.  They seem to be selling quick.

And if you want to check out more of the Acid Rain storyline, or upcoming products (check out the Soil Ghosts), then head on over to the Acid Rain Blog.


10 thoughts on “Ori Toy’s Acid Rain
Line Debuts at BBTS

  1. They look nice. Though I feel its been priced out of the impulse buy market. Are the Ori-figs ever coming back? I loved the ones I’ve picked up.

  2. I just saw the BBTS email before coming here.
    nice, but a bit too pricey for me, too.

    It’s the whole mash-up of Joe+TF I grew up with and was fumbled by the last movie line.
    (and I just stumbled across some at a store in Hermann called “Alco”. small chain, think Kmart for the boonies.)

    also, they now products link back to their FB pages?

  3. I think these look amazing. I really want to see what else is coming down the pike for this line, but the pricing is totally out of my budget. I’ve been hoping for years that a third party presence would materialize for G.I. Joe the way it has for Transformers, but there has got to be a way to get the pricing quite a bit lower. I’ve collected third party Transformers for years, and I know that some companies are unreasonably priced (ie Perfect Effect), but there are some really terrific small producers that sell their toys for much lower cost to collectors. That said, I hope in the future, as the Acid Rain line progresses, that sales increase and prices come down.

  4. Just remember kids, this is the power of positive Vault. he gives a toy the IAT bump, it goes global.

  5. I remember your review of Stronghold, so it was a nice surprise to see these on pre-order at BBTS. But as others have said, the price unfortunately puts this out of reach for me.

  6. So cool…so expensive… *whine*

    I’m surprised there’s only a $10 difference between Speeder and Stronghold. Either way, I like my mechs big, bulky, and with non-exposed cockpits, so I’d go with Stronghold if I was going to pick one up.

    Come on, income tax return!

  7. These are totally bad@$$. Wow! As a kid I dreamed of having cool 3.75 mech stuff like this. Would love to have some of these but they are simply more than I am willing to spend.

    Kudos to Ori Toy on making an awesome, innovative product. I sincerely hope they succeed with this.

  8. Man these look great and I wish Hasbro would do a mash up TF/Gi Joe line (they never will since those are handled by 2 teams and they don’t want to cut into profits) but these are way out of my price range. If I hit the lotto, I am on these.

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