Vault Review: NECA Alien
Xenomorph (Big Chap)


Articulation is pretty much the same as the previous aliens.  Head, waist, and ankles are all ball joints.  His jaw is hinged, and the little mouth can slide in and out.  Shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips are swivel/hinges.  He’s got swivel cuts on his biceps and thighs.  His knees are double hinged, and he has a single hinge for toe joints.  His tail is also on a bendy wire and can pretty much take any pose you need.


No real accessories here.  That spike just behind his head does pop off to allow for more range of movement though.  Since NECA’s been testing out the Kenner waters lately, I wouldn’t mind them taking a cue from the old figures and including a Facehugger with each figure.  But maybe that’s something they’re saving for the first wave of those inspired figures.


All around Big Chap is a pretty good figure.  There are just enough new pieces to make him feel like a different creature than the previous Xenos, but he can also still fit in with the rest of the hive pretty well.  He’s also a great figure to start out with as we wait for the rest of the Nostromo crew to show up.  He can torment them one by one as they join him on the shelf.


17 thoughts on “Vault Review: NECA Alien
Xenomorph (Big Chap)

  1. so, have you contacted NECA about the broken limb on the red one? a follow up on that might be worth a TRUEtorial, no? since you can’t get satisfaction at TRU.

  2. That last picture. Damn. I really need this figure. I have the Hicks, Hudson, and the brown Xeno Warrior. But dang, nothing can top Big Chap.

  3. Awesome review. You’ve convinced me to pick it up when before I didn’t really feel the need. Also love those random accessories you bust out in your reviews. Literally LOL’ed at that pic with him drinking the orange smoothie.

    1. It’s accurate to the source material, in the film the top of the head is transparent, but due to lighting it appears to be black (which is what I always assumed) but there are scenes where you can kind of see the skull.

      Personally I think it looks like he’s got a white mohawk and is pretty jarring actually. I prefer the previous release (the Alien v. Pred 2-pack) which although does include a transparent dome, it’s not white. I don’t think I’ll be picking this guy up.

      1. I picked this guy up from TRU last night, but have just been staring at him in the package. I got the brown xenomorph from series one, but was really wanting the Big Chap because I always preferred his design.
        Anyway, I think I’m going to return him. If they re-release him with a smoke or amber colored lid then I’ll get him, but right now it’s just too…jarring I think was a good word to describe it.

        1. Well, I caved and opened him this afternoon. In-hand, really great figure and the milky dome doesn’t bother me at all. What does bother me is that his left foot twisted clean off at the ankle while trying to straighten it from the package, and his left elbow has almost torn all the way through as well because it doesn’t want to bend.
          So, back to the store I go. If they still have one on the pegs I’ll probably exchange him and give it another shot, this time with hot water near me before I move anything.

          1. There’s a trick for stuck joints:
            Put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
            Then try to move the joints again. The problem is, the plastic is too soft, so it tears apart, when being forced too much.
            If you “freeze” it, the material gets harder, and in that case more durable. Be ceraful, though!!
            This little hint worked EVERYTIME when i was confronted with color-stuck limbs (and i own the whole Predators/Aliens Series from Neca)…
            Even on my 1/4 scale big chap, which is known for broken ankles/sholders, etc – right out of the box…

            1. Sadly, mine had a stuck hip joint that broken when I tried to move it. And of course, TRU had none left to exchange with. I have him on order at BBTS in a Pile of Loot, but I’m waiting for one more item to come in before I trigger the shipment.

        2. perhaps it just does not photograph well. i could be singing a different tune once i get one in hand. otherwise its a fine figure. i have the brown warrior and it’s a stellar figure.

  4. EEK! It’s scary!
    (and HILARIOUS with the juice cup!)

    I had random Kenner variants (probably lost now?), but my cousin had the original, 18″ mofo…until I snapped the rubber band pushing out it’s mouth while checking it out one day oopsie.

    so much cool stuff, soooooo f’g far out now and limited funds to waste that I need to save for GAS. ugh. :/

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