Poe Ghostal’s NECA Battle
Armor Lost Predator Review

I’ve got to change things up a little today. After a long shift at work, I was all set to come home and finish putting together our fifth & final NECA review for this week, but fate had other plans: my parent’s WiFi stopped working. As I’m sure many of you can relate, this was a situation of high importance for the Empire and I was immediately recalled to deal with the situation directly. I don’t mind helping out when my parents need it, least I could do really – and my Dad wants/requires so little help that it’s actually particularly important to provide assistance when I can… even if it means I don’t get an IAT review out on time. My bad. But I’m technically not going to leave you hanging.

Now, I know that a large portion of my brilliant readership just so happens to also comprise a portion of Poe’s brilliant readership, so if you’ve already seen this, forgive me. But if you haven’t checked out Poe’s Battle Armor Lost Predator Review you really ought to. Poe is always one of the finest toy reviewers in our little community anyway, but he really stepped up his game in this review by wrapping it around an interview with the sculptors, Jason Frailey & David Silva. It’s a fascinating read. In addition to the sculptor’s commentary, Poe also includes some history of the character, comparison shots to previous figures, and, of course, his own thoughts about the figure. I honestly don’t feel like I even need to review it. Poe did that great a job and I’m happy to send y’all over his way today.

I will try to have a very brief NECA feature tomorrow to round out NECA Week III and make up for my Friday whiff, so check back this weekend!

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Armor Lost Predator Review

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