Vault Review: Marvel Legends
Captain America 2 A.I.M. Agent

It’s been a while since I’ve actually bought an entire wave of Marvel Legends figures.  While I still haven’t plunked down the money, I’m extremely tempted by the new Captain America Infinite Series.  Starting a small army of Nazis is made pretty easy with Red Skull, Zemo, and their respective soldiers all in wave one, and adding them to the likes of Arnim Zola, Strucker, and MODOK would make for a fantastic looking shelf.  I’ve been able to hold off on that urge so far, but picking up the AIM soldier hasn’t really helped.


I love generic henchmen army builders, and the AIM Agent was right down my alley.  It doesn’t matter if these guys are actually pretty smart and deal with some of the most advanced technology on the planet.  Their real purpose is to look a bit silly standing around in groups and to get beaten up by all the good guys.  Sounds like the perfect job for a guy in a bright yellow bee keepers uniform!


The AIM Agent’s sculpt is pretty perfect.  While I do love comics, I think Hasbro is doing a great job making figures with a more “real world” look to them.  Instead of a muscled beefcake we get a dude with normal proportions in a hazmat-like suit, which is what you’d expect from an army of scientists.


You hardcore Marvel Legends fans will have to tell me if this is a new buck or not.  Some areas of the figure have that wrinkled suit look, which could easily be reassigned to another figure.  But then there are parts like his torso, gloves, and boots that definitely give off a cowboy vibe.  I realize western characters aren’t exactly a hot property at the moment, but it’d be cool to see some of Marvel’s gunslingers get the toy treatment.  At the very least, this removes the necessity for a lot of new tooling.  Continue to page 2…

20 thoughts on “Vault Review: Marvel Legends
Captain America 2 A.I.M. Agent

  1. YAY! I got my set today thanks to the previous reviews!
    (and then spent the rest of the evening in the ER. Only went to Urgentcare to get a Rx to knock this cough/chest cold. yeah, another seizure, ambulance ride, and Dx of bronchitis! fun!)

    so, happy dance I finally got an AIM to go with my previous Hydra soldiers and other MLs, as I only saw the MU version ONCE. Downside is I’m gonna need several (~4? and an extra Zemo for T-bolt look) and have a load of Mandroid arms about…even after my two TB Hulkbuster gold Mandroid customs.

    JUST opened mine for your re-use question:
    torso – thought could be Wrecker, but too skinny for re-use. new
    hands – likely borrowed
    arms/legs – ditto.
    boots – no similar boots come to mind. likely new.
    glove cuffs – new
    head/bits = new. obviously.

    of course, now we need the Hydra guy in yellow for Deadpool’s buddy, Bob. 😉

    my only complaint so far is the fact both Caps do NOT come with the head! realllly tempted to run back to Target and swap Now!Cap with my preferred WW2 Cap for that Horde Trooper-esque head. :/
    (but I won’t.)

    1. btw, playing around with mine last night and found out this guy has a long neck peg, so head swapping doesn’t look too well for him unless you can find a similarly long head to cover that neck better. So no easy head swap/repaint to make Deadpool’s AIM buddy (Bill?). :/

      I still want Hasbro to do this Hydra soldier in yellow. and the “shadow AIM” look mentioned below would make a groovy 2pk set! or re-use the Brood wave Hydra body for Shadow?

  2. i’ve seen pics where they use the same body(which seems all new) for Red Skull and perhaps Ghost Rider down the line. Just look where the Marvel Universe AIM Soldier body has been reused, it’s like they use the same scheme on Marvel Legends… but then the put the Skull on the Fury body…

  3. I have yet to see any villians in this wave. Really just the NOW and WW2 Caps. Spidey line, nada zilch EMPTY PEGS (I.WANT THAT BLACK CAT)

    Really, I think I live in Scalperville, Ohio.

    1. (Hitting post when trying to scroll *.*)

      A great review of a fun looking fig and Troop builder. Hoping (yes wearing a blue ring saying this) can find this.guy along with the Hydra Soldier (as well as Red Skull and Zemo)

      Gonna.have to read some Deapool cause I only know Bill thanks to Merc with a Mouth. (Love a Toilet Paper Zombie Absorbing Man but DOUBT is high there) Bob I have to learn more on.

  4. Am I the only one hoping Hasbro makes a new MODOK that instead of building we can buy outright. The burst for lift and a clear stand for floating around or maybe justva stand for hovering.

  5. I love both MODOK and AIM to death. Easily among Lee and Kirby’s most inspired creations. The “beekeeper scientist” look is such classic, it never goes out of style for some crazy reason. It is iconic.

    I gotta get me one of these although I won’t be likely to army build the suckers like I tried to do with their smaller Marvel Universe brethren. I can see collectors with deeper pockets going nuts with these guys much like they did with the Hydra soldiers.

  6. Hi Vault, are there more pictures?

    I want to see the mandroid arm subplot goes!

    You know… you and Noisy could write picture cartoon sketches… collect sketches into PDF and possibly get people to by the collections… I don’t know whether the usage of an action figure is copyrighted… I guess once it stops being a review, you fall under copyright restrictions?

  7. i am super jealous. DAMMIT!! great review though. he just really is a perfect representation of the AIM scientists we all grew up with. don’t you love it when a toy gets it RIGHT??

    1. well, wait… one small caveat to that… the packout of the mandroid parts is kind of infuriating. ron from AFP made mention of that fact that, if you buy the whole first wave, you have the start of two mandroids. that isn’t right at all, you have the start of one mandroid, and a spare set of arms. there are going to be spare arms littering ebay like fallout debris. the arm scenario is dumb, since no other figs are being packed with spare limbs (so every other fig you need to build mandroid, you have to double buy to have two mandroids.) it’s sneaky, because in the old days, i needed 12 figures to get two whole BAFs, and now, you need…

      never mind.;) i’m going back into my hole until the coffee kicks in…

      1. well, unconfirmed reports via MarvelLegends.Net are the other three are Movie Widow, Movie Winter Soldier, and….mystery figure with running change? I thought we knew everyone who was coming? granted, that post is nearly a month old, but still? I was thinking the Cmdr. Rogers suit featured in Cap2, but we already had the comic version…which having the WW2 version again here does NOT mean we aren’t getting Cmdr again this “fall”.

        btw, HTS is already sold out of Hydra and AIM (and ASM2 Black Cat!), and they’re all $20. >_>

        1. I’m hoping that the mystery figure is a movie Falcon. Seems wrong that he’s been (so far) left out of the line. Also hoping that his costume/armor/flight pack thing gets a red and white version in the film, as well, but that’s a different story…

          1. thanks, I thought I had seen pics of a Hasbro Cmdr Rogers with sculpted torso star/stripes and helmet, instead of the previous tampo chest sigil in Terrax wave.

            and yeah, I thought we could get another Falcon from Hasbro, which movie/Mackie could double for Ultimate Falcon, but it looks like we miss out again. :/
            Maybe Avengers2/Cap3, esp if they do Vulture for ASM3/4?

  8. Okay upon seeing I hope to see the stealth team A.I.M. soldier later on. This in black with yellow lines and the mesh looked cool after seeing some page scans from a Secret Avengers book.

  9. Awesome review Vault as always! And your pics and captions are great as usual! I actually work at a Target and saw these the day they put them out after the reset and thought they looked hella cool. But alas no benjamins to buy :-(. I said if they are there when I got paid that Friday i would grab them (and the ASM figs) but they must have sold out that day. Since then my store has only had the WW2 Cap and thats it. Actually went to another Target and found the NOW Cap and both Spidermen. Hopefully we get some more in soon.

  10. So which BAF do you guys like better, Mandroid or Iron Monger? I know this is purely subjective, so I’m just curious.

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