New Power Lords
Deploying Soon

With the Christmas season running full steam around me, I missed the Slate Zone Power Lords, but the Four Horsemen have released images of the next batch that I dare not miss. The Soldiers look almost as good in red & blue as they did in Black & White!

New Power Lords releases coming SOON!!
Photos are of first paint samples from the factory. Colors and accessories may differ on final product.

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7 thoughts on “New Power Lords
Deploying Soon

  1. I would collect this line so hard if it wasn’t for one thing.

    They use swivel hips, a practice which should have died out in 1999.

    Such a waste.

  2. Sweet figures; would love to collect them. But I can’t be bothered to fight others for limited amounts of stock at inconvenient times. I’ve had enough of that with MOTUC.

  3. I don’t think that after the initial releases (which were then promptly re-released so everyone could get them) that anyone has had any problems getting these. This is nowhere near a MOTUC type situation as far as I can tell.

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