Vault Review: Sea Hawk

This review was originally published on December 17th, 2013.
Sea Hawk has always been pretty high on my Filmation want-list.  He’s been in six episodes of the Princess of Power series, and he has pretty strong feelings towards Adora (not She-Ra).  But it’s his personality that really wins you over.  If you’ve never seen any of his episodes, you’re missing out.  Just imagine a cocky Adam West as a pirate with an occasional bad attitude.


I was really surprised by how much work went into this figure.  Not really expecting more than a fancy repaint, I was surprised by just how many new pieces Hawk received.  There are the blatant ones, like his head and vest, but then you also get a crotch piece with a new belt design.


Looking at his arms you’ll see he has new shoulders with a tattered cutoff shirt look, because long sleeves on the ocean are just uncomfortable.  There are also new gloved forearms with little square armored bits.  Then there’s a brand new left hand that’s been sculpted with his Impact Ring, which increases his hits “a hundred fold”.  They also sculpted Hawk’s Seven League Boots, which allows him to jump great distances.


We don’t get a lot of human male figures from the PoP line, but when we do their head sculpts are pretty fantastic.  While Sea Hawk’s body is buff, he doesn’t have that beefcake head like most of his Eternian counterparts.  I love the face sculpt too.  It has a great mix of determined and arrogant, even if he is wearing a headband.


Sea Hawk’s paint job is pretty standard.  There’s a lot of brown going on in his costume, but it actually looks pretty good juxtaposed with the black and blue bits.  The figure has some nice airbrushing on the brown, for a little contrast.  I was also nicely surprised that they painted the little bolts on his armor with a metallic blue.  Continue to page 2…

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Vault Review: Sea Hawk

  1. I need to see those six POP episodes now to catch up on this dude. You can’t go wrong with an Errol Flynn lookalike in pirate gear armed with futuristic weaponry. That makes for a perfect Master of the Universe, so I’m glad that I got him.

    1. They’re pretty good episodes, but mostly because of Sea Hawk’s personality. I think you can watch them all on youtube.

  2. One of the reviews that shows me that I have alot of catch up to do. I have seen some but memory is vague. Still like the guy. Think stinks he was a subber only deal. Woulda ordered him easily.

    Great review and pics (sorry bow)

    1. Thanks, J!

      Yeah, I do wish he was easier to pick up for people who don’t have a sub. Hopefully his price won’t go up too high on the after market.

  3. Great review and pics, as ever. Is this the first IAT review with the new Castle as the backdrop?

    As much as I like this guy, I don’t remember any of his episodes very well. Better look into ordering some Region 1 DVDs, I guess.

    Also not to keen on his bulky vest. Another eventual soft good project to add to the growing list . . . .

    1. Yeah, I think it is the first review with the new castle. The vest is definitely too bulky, but luckily it doesn’t take much away from the figure.

      I’m pretty sure you can catch those episodes on youtube.

  4. as the #1 Bow fan in my neck of the woods, I LOATHE Sea Hawk with a passion.
    The Toy is OK, but if Filmation hadn’t made an idiot out of Bow, the Pirate wouldn’t be needed.
    I detest the jerk move made by Mattel of making him a sub exclusive. I got him at a fair price through resellers. He’s a decent figure, but I prefer the Normal version of Sea Hawk and not the Anchors Aloft version we got. (Yeah, I wish we had gotten his Rapier as well)

    That last pic hurts, a lot!! Sadly, it tells the truth…

    1. Had my chance to get Bow one year but short on money for the show at the time. Kicking myself for not buying somebody then. (2011) Was working on my DC collection then. Though agree but I picture Bow hooking up with somebody of the rebellion. Perfuma maybe.

    2. Yeah, poor Bow. He’s stuck in the friend zone!

      I definitely like the pirate boots more, but I can understand them going with his “powered up” version.

  5. How wish coulda got sub after hearing of this dirty trick. A great review and yes starting that, hope to find him on the 2nd hand market. A fun character in the show and looks like a fun fig in toy form.

    1. Oops, okay didn’t see the replies looking at 2nd page again and posted this. Didn’t mean to post twice.

  6. Hawk was one of the few releases this year I was looking forward to, so I was disappointed to find out he was limited to the Filmation Club ONLY.

    He does look good, and love that shield, but I’ve seen a few complaints about his vest being too thick and keeping his arms in a wide position?

    and is it just me, or does he remind anyone else of GI Joe’s Outback? both are gingers with beards and headbands, so…?

  7. Look at Robin Hood of the sea lol. I was always a big fan of Sea Hawk and glad he’s finally done in toy form.

  8. As I did not get a Filmation sub I could not get myself a Sea Hawk,. I don’t even know what he’s fetching on the secondary market, but I presume it’s going to be a pretty penny. I have bigger fish to fry, but I’d definitely like to add him to my collection at some point though.

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