Comikazi Armchair Coverage
& MOTU Classics Reveals

Mattel attended Stan Lee’s Comikazi Expo this weekend and we’ve got a wee bit of Armchair Coverage as a result. Mattel’s attendance is largely due to their “teaming up” with Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment, though I don’t believe we know of anything that’s coming from that partnership other than the SDCC-revealed Standor figure. But, hey, I’m not going to turn down a chance for some early reveals. On the MOTU Classics front, we’re well ahead of the game with reveals up through next August. That means we know 2/3rds of everything in next year’s subscription and it’s not even 2014 yet! Wow!

So the two big reveals were the third quarter, uh… quarterly item, New Adventures Skeletor. I think they’re calling him Intergalactic Skeletor. He’s pictured to the right in Mattel’s promotional shot, but go check out ActionFigureInsider for some amazing close-ups. Skeletor looks to be almost (or is) an entirely new sculpt with tons of fantastic Techno-detail. He includes a bitchin’ (that’s the best word for it, really) new staff and a special easter egg piece, a battle-damaged Faker head! I’m stoked for the accessory, but I think this whole figure just screams cool. I can’t believe it’s at least nine to ten months away!

The other great reveal capitalizes on the tease from NYCC, the pink BG Teela sword. It belongs to Flutterina! Now, Flutterina has gotten some flak online – I don’t want to hear it. While there have been some execution problems with the line’s women (looks like Flutterina will be missing boot swivels, doh), I love that they’re included and subscriber’s shelves are better for them, cooties and all! The wings do a look a little off, but I’m not even going to think twice about them until we see what Mattel morphs them into. After all the back-and-forth about the MOTUC skirts, including the idea that “modern toy technology” can’t replicate the 4H’s work (pay no attention to that Scarabus behind the curtain…), I have no idea what those wings will look once Mattel gets their hands on them.

There was one more tease/reveal in the Mattel Booths at Comikazi on the last day: Broom! Check out Fwoosh‘s coverage for all the Broom pics. If you’re not familiar, She-Ra’s sort-of-Orko analogue, Madame Razz flew around on an animated broom, well named Broom. Hopefully, you can figure out what figure he’s likely teasing as a future reveal.

And, if you’ve been playing along at home the six remaining 2014 Club Eternia reveals are the basic figures for Sep-Dec, a $38 quarterly item (likely a beast), and the mysterious $35 “year-end” item that “we all will want” according to TG. We can guess that one of those remaining six will be headline Snake Man, but will one be Razz or is there maybe some more items outside of the Club Eternia subscription in our future? We’ll have to hunker down through Winter and likely wait til New York Toy Fair to find that out…

Finally, in life outside MOTU, Mattel had a large display of various items that can be see in TNI’s pics. Mattel had a crazy DC display setup that harkened back to the old Super Powers cardbacks from the last year of the line. That was awesome to see! There were also some great shots of all the Watchmen figures together and extreme close-ups of the final five Mattycollecter-only DC Classics figures in 2014. Superboy still looks like junk, but that Aquaman is a thing of beauty! The Containment Suit Doomsday, the 2014 SDCC Exclusive, was also on display as well as the three Mattycollector Exclusive “Total Heroes” figures with their cool gear and alt heads.

Packaging mock-ups of the Ghostbusters 2pk with removable proton packs are also up at TNI amd if you’ve got more appetite for MOTU Classics, there are plenty of pics for that too, including close-ups of the Castle Grayskull instructions and the crazy checklist/poster that will come with the pre-ordered Castles!

Alright, I think that covers it. I also want to point out that IAT’s MOTUClassics.Com Checklist has been updated with all the new reveals and the 2013 page has been updated with the recent reviews from MOTU Classics Week (which was a huge success, thanks to our readers for coming out in droves for all the MOTU reivews!)

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15 thoughts on “Comikazi Armchair Coverage
& MOTU Classics Reveals

  1. Considering Broom is on display with Loo-Kee, who has “no plans for release,” I’m taking that teaser with a grain of salt until he’s officially announced with a release date. ‘Course, if that ends up with us getting Madam Razz with Broom and Loo-Kee all in one set (perhaps SDCC 2014 with Filmation-colours Kowl?), I won’t complain.

    Surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to both those figures from the reveals. 4H have made NA cool, and a break in the sausage fest is always welcome in my book.

  2. I’m fine with the reveals since there is less vintage line material to cover as the years go by. It’s to be expected by now, although I still want a new version of Point Dread and the Talon Fighter. 🙂 I’ve also learned to live with the POP characters being integrated in the MOTUC sub. (If I can’t sell ’em, maybe I can just hand the POP stuff over to my next girlfriend or something.) Whatever makes folks happy. Same goes for NA which I did collect during its brief retail life and the Filmation series, which I grew up with well into my teens.

    Thanks for providing links to the various sites and their respective coverage. It’s always a big help in sorting out convention reveals and info as more and more shows continue to pop up throughout the calendar year.

  3. I await toyfair to see if Razz is coming.

    Flutterina looks all kinds of cool to me. Though in some pics I saw chipped bicep at a swivel area on the display one.

    NA Skeletor has a creep factor that is all awesomesauce. Seriously it is, seriously. (okay I have heard too much Motor Ed as of late) with the release of NA He-man this year ol Bonehead was an easy guess on coming.

    I am hoping a SDCC release for Razz as well. Man already know.have to start saving up for next years toy show.

  4. Madame Razz better be a Club Eternia item with Day of Sale stock available… I mean based on Broom she’ll be a lot shorter than normal figures… She’d be a “small scale beast” Maybe that will make her fit a Normal sized figure SKU… (I don’t wanna WSOD battle to get her…)

    If they go with her as the SDCC Item, she’s going to need:
    Loo-Kee, Filmation Kowl, and a Light Hope Diorama… that way you kill the whole 3 others that share Adora’s secret in a single pack.

    Flutterina reminds me of 80s Psylocke… before she became Psylocke in Kwanon’s body…

  5. Taste the happy!!!

    All these reveals work very nicely for me. Especially Flutterina – I’m a big POP fan, and just generally seem to be drawn more to the female figures in this line for reasons I’m not entirely clear on, despite the occasional fail in their execution as action figures.

    I’m in the minority yet again (used to it now!) in that I rather like the stencil-ish layers to Flutterina’s wings. The lack of boot swivels is something I’ve come to terms with on the POP women – I just hope she retains thigh artic. (On a similar note – artic, not thighs – IG Skelly seems to be missing an ab crunch, unless that’s all just one ma-hoosive armour piece.)

    And, also:



  6. intergalactic planetary, planetary intergalactic skeletor! he makes me happy. flutterina makes me cringe a little, but thanks to some recent experiments, i’m less unhappy w/ the girls than i have been in the past. that said, like you noisy, i’m concerned about her wings once mattel gets done shitting them up. after seeing the botch that was the sorceress’ wings, i have little hope in their design team. fortunately, the motuc buck is strong and solid, so if i need to go to work on her, i know she can take it.

    madame razz will be a nice way for me to recoup some costs. there’s no way in hell that that toy is staying in my collection. i’d save her for toys for tots, but i don’t want to ruin some kid’s christmas.

  7. I also thought I saw a pic of Battle Lion’s headdress and saddle on Battle Cat, who looked quite excellent that way, as well!

  8. Dan’l/AFi said this morning that there’s a “surprise” coming for the DC line, with a random tease.
    “While I was at the Mattel booth yesterday at Comikaze 2013 I was talking to Scott aka Toy Guru and he gave me a little hint that we might still be getting one last unannounced surprise for fans of DCUC and the DC Signature Classics line.”

    Many are guessing something along the lines of the YJ Kon/M’gann 2pk, esp MM since “comic” Kon is one of the last 4 DCIE figures next year. then again, maybe he’s just building hype for Containment Doomsday? I’m not even going to hold my breath for DD Unleashed, which is the version everyone wants. I’ve got a long list, from Legion Ladies to Tempest and, of course, WILL PAYTON STARMAN I’d like to see.

    ah well, with everything else going on here, one less line to collect works better for me. :/

    1. also, at least Battle Lion can sub in for “transformed Changeling” in my DC shelves.

      Flutterina looks cool, and I hope we can get a review of her vs Wasp when the time comes. 😉

      NA Skeletor looks cool, and the inclusion of the BD Faker head is neat, but I have no interest in either, esp as I don’t have a Faker.

    2. Maybe finally doing Vixen. I mean she wqs featured on the packaging for two packaging changes.

      Maybe a nu 52 Dead Superman with Power sword thru chest. Sorry its the best nu52 moment to me.

      What if Matty will be sneaky and make a variant of the unleashed DD and way you know about it.

      1. I was glancing thru the AFi gallery after posting that and noticed they snuck in Damian, albeit back to the camera/audience. He’s not one of the four 2014 figures, is he? (PADiator Orin, Ice, Kon, and ???)

        1. oh, and the “SP Gallery” was only done after the show opened, when someone allegedly pointed out they had brought nearly the entire DCUC versions of the SP figures, so Scott ran around and bought as many of the “missing” figures as he could for the display. I heard they were only missing 1-2 for a complete 6″ SP set?

  9. They said they were intentionally trying to create Battle Lion’s armor so that it would fit on Battle Cat (and apparently they succeeded) so that one could create a 200x Battle Cat.

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