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Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Mantenna


Most of Mantenna’s articulation is what you’d expect. His head is on a ball joint. His chest, elbows, and ankles are all hinges. The biceps, waist and thighs are swivels. His shoulders and hips are swivel hinges, and surprisingly so are his knees. It’s nice to see this little bit of articulation show up again. It didn’t add much to the Horde Trooper,but Mantenna’s legs are so close together that it helps to coordinate them a bit better.


Aside from the eyes, Mantenna comes with his standard Horde crossbow. This is an accessory that’s to be expected from all the original vintage figures, but I’m really loving that the 4H and Matty are including specialized versions to accompany the rest of the clan.


All around this is a pretty excellent figure. The eye features are pretty fun, especially when you make them a little wonky. Also, his new body is full of potential for future figures. I really hope Mattel can keep up this amount of new pieces and bodies for a couple of years.



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20 comments to Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Mantenna

  • You forgot “She’s a dude!” there but I’m sure there are others. LMAOF!

    Mantenna and Leech are downright the creepiest, most stomach-churning, hair-rising, characters in the whole MOTUC lineup, although Modulok is bound to give them both a good run for their money.

  • Serji-X

    Brilliant! 🙂

  • J. Lee

    Okay I just love this guy and the Zomtenna pic was too cool. What I call it anyway. I ponder if may be surprised this year at Christmas time.

    Cracking me up with the hard butt contest.

  • He-Mullet

    Still, more expressions than Kristen Stewart…

  • Sandman

    That final pic is gold. Gold! I’m not saying they’re not all great, but that one takes the cake.

    Great review. Wish I hadn’t missed out on this guy. Now my Horde will forever be incomplete. 🙁

  • Dayraven

    Of note, mr tenna here has the best rocker ankles of any male in the line.

  • Bigbot

    I like that pic of Casual Friday with Randor making an appearance.

    This figure really is the best one this year. And those ankles do rock. I know Teela’s feet have the same kind of rocker motion. I wonder why they couldn’t have done this for all male feet as well.

    • Bigbot

      Also, I did the same thing with mine with the eyeball coming out of the mouth and empty eye sockets. It was just too creepy not to try.

  • Ian

    Hilarious capt I ns and pics as usual!

  • Love the pics! Mantenna is definitely a frontrunner for Toy of the Year. I’d say he’s also one of the top ten best figures in the line. I always loved the vintage figure, not even just because of the eye popping feature but just because I liked the colors and the ridiculous look on his face.

    Also, gotta say, that closeup pic of Mantenna on the front page is really kind of hideous. All I could think of was vagina dentata!!!

  • J. Lee

    I just had to look again. I.will hunt him.down at next years show.

  • He-Mullet

    Now that he is in my grubby little hands… I FREAKING LOVE HIM… Screw Ram Man! This guy right here is THE BEST FIGURE OF 2013!! Hordetober was Fantastic!! (dactus is cool, but Mantenna is Fantabulous and Radsome!!

  • Excellent review, pics, and comics.

    One of my favourite vintage figures became one of the best figures in the MOTUC line so far. (And possibly will remain so until the very end.) Just exceptional. Can’t wait to do a Filmation-coloured repaint on his armour.

  • Polo23

    Old poppy eyes has the biggest head on any figure in this line. I love how FH finally separated his legs. Cool review.

  • The Ghost

    He’s very similar in design to the NECA Staction. Which is no surprise. That was an awesome design.

  • dayraven

    my only gripe, if i had to offer one, is the lack of accessories. that horde crossbow is decent, but i never use them, they’re just too rubbery. on the plus side, the troopers came with more gear than they can use, so i allotted mr tenna a stun baton and the craziest fighting style anyone has even seen. mantenna is a practioner of parkour… etherian parkour! it’s like terrestrial parkour, only with more eye lasers and stun batons and less hot topic clothing.

  • Outstanding review. The Rosebud/Vader/eyepopping bit is pure genius. Not being a sub-holder for this year (I was late to the whole MOTUC party), everything stopped minutes before Mantenna went on sale so I could be sure to secure one for myself. An added bonus is that this is an awesome figure that my wife doesn’t wince from (apparently shooting the fists of Soul of Chogokin at my wife’s face have in some way made her reluctant to gaze directly at my new toy).

  • Brainlock

    cool looking dude, that I actually do remember from the cartoon…as a more inept lackey?
    He does look cool, but doesn’t fit in with my (non-tech/monstery) collection.

    I was hoping you would include a pic of the “jawless” Manty, since you did mention it is removable to get at the eyes. (also missing: obvious Pan’s Labyrinthe joke!)*

    had to LOL at Randor crashing the party, but the “expressions meme” wins this round.


    *(I’m starting to wonder if you guys should make a list of “forgotten/overlooked/suggested gags” that you could run every so often? maybe bi-monthly or quarterly?)

  • david karsenty