Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus


I’m always a fan of glow-in-the-dark, so this is a pretty easy set for me to love.  But I’m particularly happy with the painted details on the Lifespring Empyreus.  The added teal colors really make the figure pop and sets him nicely apart from his Gohlem brother.


The Lifespring Empyreus, Close Combat Armory, and DX Close Combat Armory are all still available at Spy Monkey Creations store for a very reasonable price.  So if you’re in need of some glowing plastic love, make sure to check them out!



4 thoughts on “Vault Review:
SMC Lifespring Empyreus

  1. That last pic just shows how lacking in the GITD that the outer space men are. Now if they had of done those recent starlight sets in glow in the dark that would have been an easy buy, (or for that matter completely clear,or clear with glitter or pretty much most other options then plain white)

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