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Vault NECA Review:
Pacific Rim’s Crimson Typhoon


The paint on this figure is decent, but there are still issues.  Each figure has a light black wash to make them look like they’ve actually been in fights.  This really varies from figure to figure though.  Most of the body has been molded in the color of the maroon armor, while the dark metallic gray has been painted in all the mechanical looking areas.  These darker parts have also been given a light gray wash for the illusion of wear and tear.  There are also various tampos on the figure showing a dragon’s face and various Chinese characters.


Like the other two figures, Typhoon’s weakness is his lack of articulation.  But even so, he’s the best articulated figure out of the three.  His head, shoulders, and hips are all double ball joints, while his left wrist and waist are single ball joints.  His elbows, right wrists knees and ankles are all hinge joints.  These joints definitely give the figure a better range of movement.  Unfortunately the hinges in the legs are a bit too weak.  I was constantly fighting this figure to stay standing while trying to take pictures.


So far, Crimson Typhoon is my favorite figure in the line.  He has a unique and interesting sculpt with decent articulation.  You’ll have to watch out for the paint job, and be gentle when moving the arms for the first time (I’ve heard of some shoulder breakages).  So if you like the design, I’d definitely suggest picking this figure up.


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4 comments to Vault NECA Review:
Pacific Rim’s Crimson Typhoon

  • dayraven

    the balance on those legs is just a killer for me, as was the lack of range in the ankles… thanks to those, you basically have one standing pose he can hit IF you can keep him standing… total fail as a nerd hummel.

    as a play fig, if you’re posing and moving him around, it’s less exhausting cuz you’re holding the figure, but in those cases, the front arm just screams “ball joint my shoulder dammit!” it’s a damned shame that articulation woes, and not omissions, just failures of execution, doom this figure.

    that said, i completely agree he’s the prettiest of the three to look at. can’t wait to see him in the film.

  • Brainlock

    looks cool, even tho I never was a fan of the asymmetrical designs popularized by Spawn’s One Big Ass Boot in the 90s.

    btw, the “continue to p2” link appears broken. the “2” link works, however.

  • Nerd time!

    This reminds me a LOT of the description of the aliens in the novel ‘The Mote in God’s Eye. One thing about that novel, they went into the engineering of the Moties quite a bit, about how you can’t have as flexible a spine and the need for huge muscle attachment area for the ‘big’ arm and so on. So to my mind this robot isn’t asymmetrical ENOUGH to work properly.

    But if it isn’t a ‘normal bi-ped’ in outline it won’t look ‘right’ to most person’s innate pattern recognition coding.

    Neat toys, wish they were cheaper and there were more of them. I’m assuming NECA saw the debacle of the ‘Real Steel’ toys and decided not to go that far.