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Top Reviews for June
& Updated Review Indexes!

I think IAT hit an all-time low in June with just 9 reviews… not even enough for a proper Top Ten! I’m not happy about it, but thems the breaks when life gets in the way. The good news is that we’ve got some fun stuff planned for July – and I can guarantee that we can at least fill out a Top Ten Reviews list this time next month!

First up, here are links to the updated Review Indexes for IAT & for Battlegrip!

And here are the Top IAT Reviews for May:

Oh look, Batman-related reviews topping the list? That NEVER happens! Dark Knight Rises Batman not only leads last month’s chart, he also crushed it, getting nearly twice as many views as the Red Hood. The “inadvertent” MOTU Batman is such a winner that some big giant toy company really ought to look into making an “inadvertent” MOTU Superman (though tone the hair down a little, will ya 4H!?).

Looking at the list, you can also tell that Vault absolutely clobbered me for the second month in a row. If this keeps up, folks might start thinking he owns the place. His list features a wide range of reviews from that old school Robocop Mez-Its 3pk to the latest new thing, Pacific Rim. His War Machine & King Kong reviews did really well for the site, and on a month with no Batman-related review could’ve easily taken the top spot!

Looking ahead to July, my traveling for work is almost at a temporary end. I’ll be gone the week following SDCC, but we’re going to make sure a backlog is in place before I go – beacuse planning to get ahead on reviews during SDCC is the smartest thing I’ve decided to do lately! The better news is that Vault & I have lined up a theme week on the schedule this month. Vault’s pretty excited, so we might just move it up and to next week. Keep at eye out for that.

And, of course, there’s SDCC Coverage. I’m not sure if I’ll do the full Armchair Coverage this year. When I started it years ago, it was really needed. But the covering sites have upped their game thanks to modern technology. Twitter & CoverItLive get the word out quick and pictures are usually soon to follow. And, as such, Armchair Coverage seems less and less useful (& garners less & less traffic) so we might pull back this year, focus on the lines we collect here at IAT and give our thoughts on what we’re seeing. If you want or think we should do more than that, that’s what the comment section is for!

Let’s put June in the books and get ready for a spectacular July!

In addition to these top IAT Reviews for April discussed here, be sure to check out Battlegrip for their Top Reviews!

2 comments to Top Reviews for June
& Updated Review Indexes!

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  • you_will_forget

    I’m a big fan of Armchair coverage. It’s nice to have all the news and comments in one place, especially as you guys’ opinions tend to be pretty close to my own.

    AFI is my other usual spot, but their separate articles for each bit can be a bit of a pain to keep track of.