Nickelodeon TMNT July Figs
& Stop Motion Animation

tmnt0July is almost here and that means a new wave of Nickelodeon’s TMNT figures will be hitting the stores soon. So the folks over at Playmates sent along their promotional pics and bios of the upcoming Rat King, and Cockroach Terminator figures.

Along with the new figure pics, we also received a pretty cool promotional video that features the Turtles vs. Shredder in stop motion animation with the action figures.


The figures in this set look pretty good.  All four Turtles are pretty fun with their SWAT-like gear, and Cockroach Terminator is another great mutant villain to pad out the roster.  What really intrigues me is the new Rat King.  With his necrotic and bandaged skin, and the creepy old timey preacher’s clothes, the new Rat King has got to be near the top of the list of most disturbing TMNT figures.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it!  A zealous cult leader that indoctrinates rats is a much more intimidating foe than the 90’s crazy man I grew up with.

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12 thoughts on “Nickelodeon TMNT July Figs
& Stop Motion Animation

  1. The mission impossible Turtles look really fantastic! I absolutely love the Rat King, much better than the cyborg take the 200x series took with him. I’m not sure how I feel about Scum Bug… I’m having second thoughts on him…

  2. I saw that vine dude at WM. looks like Swamp Thing grew some gnarly shrooms and tripped out.

    1. finally saw Baxter and another…Snakeweed? at Target today.
      Bax reminds me of something else? Horde Trooper? those ReBoot lackies? i’unno.

  3. i don’t care for the overhaul on the rat king visually. i like the new persona though, but the street preacher look? i was more intrigued by quentin tarantino in little nicky. i am excited for the new bebop and rocksteady though… those are gonna be (kellogg’s is so gonna sue me) ggggrrrrrrrEAT!

    cockroach terminator will be BACK! every 3 to 4 months for up to a year!

  4. All over the classics figs. The new I haven’t bought. Blame it on the statue that is leatherhead. That fig alone with the joints the earlier had plus an openning/closing mouth woulda been a buy easily.

  5. I HATE the new Rat King Design…if it was a different character that would be fine, but It is just too far from the Rat King to me

  6. I actually like that Rat King design. I don’t know what drew me to it but I think the serial killing preacher look is kinda cool.

  7. …Stealth swords?

    I really like the new designs, pity the articulation on everything but the turtles continues to suck quite dramatically. Though the figures are relatively inexpensive, and I guess the reuse on the individual turtle bodies will be pretty high!

    (Speaking of which… the stealth variants are nice, but with all those bright colours, not really “stealthy” – Donatello in particular looks like he’s off for a sunny afternoon’s rollerblade along Sunset circa 1998.)

  8. I just want that rat. And the upcoming mousers. October’s nearly here…

    The cartoon sold me on this version of the Rat King. Don’t like the design and won’t buy the figure, but the character himself is cool. Hard not to be with Jeffrey Combs voicing him. The old Rat King will stay safe and sound in other continuities.

    Cockroach Terminator’s a weak character from a weak episode, in my opinion. Only the Pulverizer eps were worse.

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